How to Change WordPress Author Slug and Base in URL

Change WordPress author slug

When you install the WordPres for the first time on your website then all the settings are default. To configure the settings according to you and for the better security of your WordPress website, you should change the default username and many other things. Do you know about the WordPress author slug?

In this post, I am going to tell how can you change WordPress base URL and WordPress author slug. There is an author archive present for every website in the directory. Many people wish to change the author URL slug.

What is WordPress Author Slug and Base

First of all, you should know about the slug and the base including in any URL. There are post slug and an author slug. Both the slugs are similar. Suppose your website have the URL for any particular post like this:

In this URL the slug for the post is “role-the-game”. In WordPress, the slug is the part of the URL which is viewable by everyone. It’s the public URL of the post.

Now is the turn to make you understand about the base included in a post URL or the author URL. 

In the above-written URL, the “category” is the base and the “postname” is the post slug. The base for any post or author is the prefix of the slug. To set an SEO friendly permalink, you should use the custom post permalinks. The default permalink structure should be changed.

You can Change WordPress Author Permalink using a Plugin.

You can change the WordPress author permalink using a free WordPress plugin. There are many options for all the users with their role on your website. You can change WordPress base URL using “Edit Author Slug” plugin. It’s very simple to create your own author slug and the base for it. Let me show you :-

Step 1:- Install the plugin on your WordPress website using the WordPress admin panel and activate it.

Step 2:- Go to “Users>>All Users” and then select the author or any other user for whom you want to change WordPress author slug.

wordpress author permalink

Step 3:- Scroll down and you can see that after installing the plugin, new options are there to use. To change the author slug, you just have to select the custom option and fill the slug name you want to use for the user and then save the settings.

Step 4:- Now is the turn to change WordPress base URL. Just go to “Settings>>Edit Author Slug” and you can see that the default slug is “author”. You can fill anything here to make the slug for the user you have selected.

Step 5:- If you want to change the URL base for all the other users of your website then you can do that according to the role provided to them. For an administrator, a subscriber, an editor, a contributor, you can change the base for each user, just fill the box with the name you want to use as the base and save the settings.

change author base url

Have You Changed The WordPress Author Slug on Your Website?

Have you ever used this plugin? Well, if you want to change WordPress author permalink and the slug then you can use this plugin. Before doing that, let me tell you that if you have an active website then it may cause some negative effects on the SEO of your website.

But, if you have the brand new website then it’s the best thing to do for you. You can change author base URL and the WordPress author slug to increase the security level of your website. WordPress security is needed for your website.

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