Why Google Penalizes Any Site?

reasons of Google penalty

In the era of online business, websites building is increasing day by day. People are establishing their blog on the web. many websites are facing competition from many other related websites.

Every blogger wants to boost up the ranking of the blog he/she owns. As everyone wants success for their blog. All do work with dedication and devote their time to the blog at which they work. Users try hard to get higher ranking in search engines so that their blog can be well known among other internet users.

People try to get more and more traffic to their blog by using some tricks which can be harmful.

What Is Google Penalty?

Internet usage is the most boosting stuff in today’s modern time. People are using the internet as their daily life tool. Whenever someone wants to know about anything they simply search it on the internet.

And on the internet, there are many blogs set up by which users get information. The blog owners or simply we call them bloggers try many tricks to boost up their blog which can’t resemble Google terms and conditions.

As Google is the queen of the web, so bloggers need to be aware of Google penalty which can harm their website. Whenever any blog is scanned as spam or having unwanted stuff then Google penalizes that blog from the internet. Every blogger should know what is Google penalty?

When Google recognizes any violation act at any blog then it stops is SEO on the web and that particular website will throw into the spam box. As the word penalty signifying itself as unfortunate. There are many reasons of Google penalty. Some of them I am going to explain here.

Reasons Of Google Penalty

There may be many other reasons of Google penalty too but these are some reasons which contribute for Google penalty. You need to know these reasons of Google penalty any site to maintain your website far from Google’s penalty. I don’t claim to be perfect regarding all but here are some I can make you aware about.

  • Duplicate Content:- It’s the most common reason for which Google search in any website. When any website has duplicate content then Google doesn’t prefer that particular site in its search which may later result into Google Penalty. The users must take care of their posts and the content they are providing to the people should not resemble any other blog. As you, all know uniqueness is the sign of people who are independent and doesn’t need anyone’s path to copy. If you want to build the site with quality then don’t ever copy anyone’s content.
  • Buying Links:- Some people say it is safe to buy links but it may be wrong and buying links can be considered as an attempt to manipulate Google. If Google finds lots of bad links at your website then your website may face Google penalty. It’s better not having more links instead of having bad links. You can simply get back links of many popular websites just by commenting on their posts.
  • 404 Error:- If Google finds this error inside your website then it may be considered as unwanted stuff. It may be considered as your website doesn’t contain the content for which people are seeking. Sometimes it can be the reason of Google penalty.
  • High Keyword Density:- People use keywords to get indexed by Google quickly. Some bloggers use keywords in high density just to make Google pick up their website when any users search for the related information. This high keyword density may result into Google penalty for that particular website. It is also a common reason why Google penalizes any site.
  • Sitemap Missing:- Sitemap is used to configure your website by Google. Google search and check data of your website’s sitemap. If Google finds any distortion related to the sitemap then it may create the problem for your website. It can result in Google penalty.
  • Hidden Links:- Some bloggers use the same color of some links as the background of their website which may be considered as spam. Google can penalize your website for these hidden links. You should always remember that your all links should be visible properly.
  • Timeout:- When any website faces the problem of timeout or if the server becomes down then Google will not send any traffic to that particular website. It will not crawl the website to be indexed. Your website may be considered as the dead link that time and if continuous for a long time then your website may face Google penalty.
  • So Much Affiliate Links:- People want to earn more and more money and affiliate marketing is the key for that on the web. Bloggers put many affiliate links to make much money but it may result to Google penalty as Google may not consider them with their terms and conditions. You can put two-three links, these may be fine for Google webmaster.
  • Slow Speed:- Users love speed but if your website is slow then no one would like to open it. Similarly, in the case of Google, it doesn’t index the website with slow speed. Google has the tendency to provide the best facility to its customers and it never prefers websites with slow speed.
  • Fault In Robots.txt:- It is the file which tells search engines about what should not be followed or crawled from your website. When any fault occurs in this file then Google may consider your website suspicious which may result in Google penalty.
  • Over Optimization:- When someone tries to manipulate SEOs by over optimization then it results finally to Google Penalty. It is the stuff the user should always take care about. You don’t need to be tricky, just publish the original content with normality. Don’t take much tension about optimization. You will learn it with the time.
  • Problem In Redirecting:- You use 301 redirect plugin to redirect your website. If you don’t redirect your website then for e.g www.yourwebsite.com and yourwebsite.com are considered as different which can create the problem for your website. It can be the reason for Google penalty.
  • Spam Comments:- Every blogger uses the blocker for spam comments but some pass through it. If your website consists of so much spam comments then Google doesn’t consider that website good and website’s status gradually falls.
  • Footer Links Penalty:- The links of the sites you own with the sites you work with are present in the footer. If you have many footer links in your website then you may face Google penalty. The ranking of your site may fall due to this.

Final Words To Say About Google Penalty

I have explained the reasons why Google penalize any site? You should be careful and don’t do these tricky stuffs to make your website popular. You get to know Google better by learning more. Be original, hard work is the key to success.

You don’t need to manipulate Google to get the higher ranking. You just need to work with dedication. I hope you got sufficient information about Google penalty from here. For any query you can comment, I would love to help you.

Be original, hard work is the key to success. You don’t need to manipulate Google to get the higher ranking. You just need to work with dedication. I hope you got sufficient information about Google penalty from here. For any query you can comment, I would love to help you.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Various reasons you have coined here. I am not sure about all but yes buying and selling links, Duplicate content gives you free Penalization from Google.

    About the affiliate program. I would suggest to make them nofollow in order to stay safe. Good post Ravi.

  2. You can also be penalized by Google manually, penalized because of high bounce rate, too many blocked urls by robots and so on.

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