Reasons Why Bloggers Don’t Make Money From Their Blog

why bloggers don't make money

Why my blog is not making money? Why I am failing to do make money blogging? What’s the reason behind it? How to make money online? What should I suppose to do?

These are some questions arises in bloggers mind when they are not able to make money blogging. They try to figure about the reasons why bloggers don’t make money from their blog.
Though they have enough traffic at their blog but still not making money from that. There may be several reasons why bloggers don’t make money from their blogger.

Why Bloggers Are Not Making Money

Every blogger wants to make money blogging because the one main reason for setting up a blog is to make a living from that blog for many bloggers.

They work hard to build up their blog, try to make it popular so that people can get more attention to it. When any blog becomes famous at world wide web then it’s obvious to get more visitors.

But even after that, bloggers fail to make money. At that time their mind gets active and try to know about the reasons of not making money from their blog.

There are many reasons for that which I am going to explain in this post. For every blogger, it is necessary to have proper ideas related to it.

Few Key Points To Know Why Bloggers Don’t Make Money

Bloggers will like to know these reasons of not making money from their blog. Try to figure out which is the reason for you for not making money from your blog.

  • Not Having a Good Niche:- This is the main mistake which is done by many bloggers. In the beginning phase of the blogging, the blogger starts writing at a niche which interests him/her but sometimes it creates the problem. I don’t deny to choose the niche of your choice but it would be better if you choose your niche according to people resemblance to debate on that particular topic. Suppose you choose to make a blog at ‘mickey mouse’, I hope you all know about it, it’s a cartoon serial then you will not able to get enough visitors and can’t able to do make money blogging with this niche. People don’t have this topic to debate about. There is other money making niche like blogging.
  • Boring Content:- Again it comes to you about the content, as we all know about its leadership on any blog. It is the king. Some bloggers don’t do an effort to provide unique content on their blog which leads them towards failure. Every reader desires to read the content which can make them believe that yes, it is something we were seeking for. Bloggers should try to broaden their way of thinking to bring the influential piece of content which can strike to reader’s mind. Good content always helps a blogger to boost up their blog which will bring that blog to make money blogging.
  • Poor Business Skills:- Business is business, it doesn’t matter whether it is an online or offline business. Not having effective business skills can be the major reasons why your blog is not making money? All the things are interrelated to each other. If you have great content and don’t have business skills then it is not good enough to do make money blogging. Having poor business skills can cause greater harm to your blog indirectly or directly. It would be better to learn essential business skills in the starting so that you don’t need to face this problem in you upcoming time.
  • More Ads Are Not Bearable:- There are many bloggers who become so greedy to make money as they put many ads on their blog. Due to this, the problem occurs as readers aren’t able to see your content. If someone visits your blog then it will hard to configure about the content and ads. If you are not making money then don’t get possessive about it. There is nothing to panic about. Think about yourself, when you visit any blog and find many ads, how you feel? In my opinion, you don’t get the positive mindset for that particular blog.
  • Spelling And Grammar Mistakes Suck:- It is the similar effect like content. Spelling and grammar mistakes make readers feel like they are visiting a blog of 4th standard kid who is trying to figure out about the tenses. To build an amazing personality among visitors then make your goal to provide your content error free.
  • Not Enough Branding:- If you are not able to establish your blog as a brand on the internet then it can break your dream of making money. Try to make your blog a brand by providing better facilities to your clients. Always try to sense what your readers want to read at your blog. Start marketing and publish your blog in the top list of that category. Give you blog an influential push.
  • You Aren’t Real:- Some bloggers are trying to apply tricks with their readers which later on it costs a lot and their blog is not making money. Being real is what every blogger should need to be. Always give your readers as your first priority. Listen to them and satisfy them what they are seeking at your blog. When they ask you for any solution then try to provide them with the better solution which can be implemented.
  • Your Blog Is Not Up To Date:- It will fall your blog if you don’t update it in an essential interval of time. Readers seek for the blogs from which they can learn more and new regularly. But if you don’t update your blog then the number of visitors will fall and you will able to do make money blogging.
  • You Count The Visitors Not Their Demand:- The main reasons why bloggers don’t make money from their blog is that they spend their time in counting the visitors and don’t concentrate at their demands. This kind of activity makes a blogger insane which goes towards a distracted path. For every successful blogger, the main key point is to care about what his/her readers want? What do they want to know from their experience? And a lot more.
  • You Treat Your Visitors Badly:- If you treat your visitors as if they are like your ex then you are going in a negative zone. With this kind of attitude forget to make money because a blogger should always have to make bonds with his/her readers. Build you networking and figure out about the new ideas with which you can help your visitors.
  • Slow Loading:- In the era of speed if you have the slow loading capacity of your blog then it may disappoint you to hear that people don’t like slow loading blogs. They don’t have time to waste. You can make an assumption to you only if you click on any topic to read and it takes more time to open then I don’t think I need to explain about your feelings.
  • Wrong Keywords:- People are supposed to search for their query with different keywords and if you don’t have that particular keyword specified for you post then your post can’t appear in Google search for that query. You should always put three keywords for every particular post.
  • Having Too Much Spam:- If you have too much spam content at your blog then how can you expect to do make money blogging? SEO ignores the blogs which have spam content. There are many bots which do spam comments to harm your blog. To avoid these spam you can try specific plugins.
  • You Ignore Google Rules:- Your blog needs to follow rules which are made by Google. If you are avoiding then it may result in Google penalty to your blog. After that, you will always think why you are not making money? why you have done the mistake? why you forget to care about rules? But later on, you will be left with disappointment only.
  • Making Money Leads At Blogging:- Bloggers always think about making money and why they are not making money? how can they make more money? and more about money which distracts them from their path. They forget that they are here for blogging not to think about money. Learn and then apply to your blog. Drop your idea of making money in your early months.

What’s Your Reason Of Not Making Money

Think before you do anything. Ask yourself about for what you are blogging? For what you have started your blog? Is it original you who is thinking only about making and not making money?

If making money then why so less? How can I get more money? I would like to tell you that for every blogger money is a great concern but it shouldn’t be your first priority.

Always ask yourself about what you are going to write? For whom you have decided to write? Is it all about you or about your readers? Think and take your decision.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Fabulous tips Ravi! I haven’t gotten to the point yet where I want to earn money with my blog, but wouldn’t mind in the future. Passing this great info along!


    1. Hi Bren,

      Welcome to my blog.:)

      Making money from your blog is great stuff but many people fail to do that because they forget to do some things which can give them chances to make money.
      Instead they follow some unfortunate rules with negative outputs.

      It good to see you here.:)

      Enjoy your weekend.


  2. This is a really interesting post Ravi. What you’ve listed here are the “tools of the trade” so to speak. Every type of business has a list of things specific to that business that must happen in order for their to be income produced. If that list isn’t followed, then you have a hobby, not a business.

    Many begin blogging for fun and then realize their might be money to be made. Others use their blog as the means to an end, a hub of activity to attract customers and traffic to their main event.

    Regardless of the reason for the blog’s existence, once you decide it is for business and not just a hobby, you must learn to treat it as a business and learn every step to do it effectively.

    Good list and thought provoking reminders in this post.
    Thank you Ravi.


    1. Hi Deborah,

      While running any blog even in the starting of the blogging journey most of bloggers think to make money which is not a good approach. Many people start their blogging as their hobby but when they become serious and take it as their business then many things are required to work upon.

      I have seen many newbies who ask about getting more visitors at their blog. Initially I think that they may be serious about blogging but you know most of them don’t even maintain consistency in writing their blog post which can’t be taken in a positive way.

      Money is always the concern but if you are thinking only about money then no one can save you from getting ruined.
      Your readers should be your main focus but if you think only about SEO then it will not bring good results to you.

      Thanks for your wonderful input.:)

      Have an amazing day.


  3. According to me the main reason why newbies fail in making money online is they dont have proper planning and they are not aware about blog money making techniques.You should blog on the niche you have most knowledge about.Your content should be useful and according to your sites niche.Some bloggers blog on many topics on same site like one newbie came to me yesterday and said that he is not making money with his blog.When I saw his blog one post was about blogging & other was on gaming…So you should not do that….Target one niche and stick on it and you will achieve your goals…Overall it was a helpful post Ravi 🙂

    1. Hi Haroon,

      Yeah! you may find many blogs with multi niche which is not favorable to search engine.

      Most of beginners fail to make money online because they don’t even know about the proper technique. Newbies think that getting ads at their blog is the only way to make money online.

      They should have proper planning for their blog to boost up so that they can get some traffic which will help them in affiliate marketing.

      Thanks for your wonderful input.

      Enjoy your day.:)


  4. Hi Ravi Sir,
    I am the one who haven’t made a single buck from my blog yet. Although I was never been behind money as I like writing, but later on I realized that I should be paid for my hard work. Therefore, I started reading SEO but nothing has happened until now. The points you have elaborated in the article is very clear to me and I do follow them. I don’t say that I lost the race. I am working hard but, I am still unaware of the mistakes I am doing in blog.

    1. Hey Mohit,

      There are many things to know while working on a blog. When someone starts to write about any particular niche, then there should always be an interesting topic about which you can share your thoughts. We are humans and make mistakes, but we shouldn’t repeat them. Learning about SEO is an important aspect of blogging. You just need to keep your consistency and you will get results.
      Thanks for your sharing your thoughts.
      Have a nice day.

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