What Is WordPress?

 What Is WordPress

What Is WordPress ? Everyone who wishes to be a blogger tries to get some information related to blogging, how can he start it? He tries to gain more and more knowledge about the main things required for blogging.

After searching he will get to know about WordPress a free open source for blogging. It is a tool which provides us the opportunity by through which we can write our views related to any blog in the form of a post.

It was initially just a free blogging tool, but later it has transformed into a widespread CMS ( Content Management System ). In the present time of blogging, it is the most popular tool to be used. Basically, it is based on PHP and MySQL languages. It provides a better way in the blogging system to use on the web. It is of two kinds: fully hosted WordPress.com and self- hosted WordPress.org.

Who Founded WordPress?

As we all know that people like to have some information about the thing they are going to use. They try to get more and more information related to that stuff.

Here we are talking about WordPress and it’s obvious that people will curious to know about  a revolutionary tool,  who founded it? 

There were two freshmen named  Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little who founded WordPress. Their names are enough for the people who have some idea about it.

What Does WordPress Consist?

WordPress have many useful features for the bloggers. It consists of many administration options to modify your  website. You can change the appearance of your website by installing any theme of your choice.

It is really helpful to maintain the kind of appearance of your website can be maintained by your own by selecting any popular theme which you can get from many themes distributing websites.

It consists of many plugins which are the most popular specific feature of it.  It has thousands of plugins by which a blogger can develop and make his website better according to his need.

From SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) to many other widgets. By installing one WordPress it provides control of one blog but  Wordpress with multi-users ( WPMU ) a blogger can maintain many blogs from a single dashboard.

It is available for many mobile operating systems like – Android, iOS ( iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch ), Windows, Blackberry.

Other Features Of WordPress?

WordPress is inbuilt of many other great features which are helpful for the bloggers to fulfill their desire to write in a particular way and font style. There are options of comments administration, Settings, tools, pages etc which plays a major role in maintaining the blog.

It provides standardized formatting of articles and text. You can use your own font style and font color for the text you write for any post. There are many common and useful options like to do bold any line, phrase, paragraph.

Similarly, it consists of more options like doing any word  italic or to do it underline too. Many other options which are commonly used for any text is inbuilt.

History Of WordPress

It was established in 2003 by the joint effort of Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. It was the first and soon became popular free blogging platform for the bloggers.

There was a revolution in the blogging world after the establishment of it. In 2004, it was modified with many different kinds of plugins and widgets. WordPress 1.0 version which was established in 2004.

Now we are using the latest version WordPress 3.8.1. Meanwhile, during many years there were many versions of WordPress were established.

Here are some examples – WordPress 2.8.6, WordPress 2.9.1, WordPress 3.0.1, WordPress 3.0.5 and more which brought many changes in them related to the previous versions.

Future Of WordPress

As you all know it’s the era of blogging and WordPress is the main free platform for blogging. People are crazy for blogging so I don’t need to say anything about its future.

It is already understood by your mind just by analyzing the name of WordPress.

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