What Is Gravatar And Why To Use It For Your Online Branding?

In this new era of online branding, people are trying their best to publicize their brand with many ways. But have you ever thought that how can you make your unique identity? Using the same name at every blog while commenting is necessary but the problem comes when people forget to attach their image with their comment.

Using the same name at every blog while commenting is necessary but the problem comes when people forget to attach their image with their comment.

It’s not possible that people may recognize you only with your name, so in this situation, many people ask for help as how to show their image with their comment?

Now again the problem occurs as it’s not possible to upload your image every time  you comment on any blog. To get rid of this problem you all have Gravatar WordPress service provided by Gravator.com which is handled by WordPress.com.

With the use of Gravatar, you can attach your own image, the logo of your website or any other image you want to show with your comments at other’s blog.

Get to know what is Gravatar used for?

The question – how to show your image with your comment has the answer. Gravatar is the solution but before using this service you should know what is Gravatar and what is Gravatar used for?

As I have mentioned above that Gravatar is used to show your image with your comment at any other blog or at your own blog. Now you should know that Gravatar is the small size image which will be attached

As I have mentioned above that Gravatar is used to show your image with your comment at any other blog or at your own blog. Now you should know that Gravatar is the small size image which will be attached with the e-mail you will use at Gravatar.com while creating your account.

Gravatar is a form of Avatar but not the same. Gravatar is also used as a graphic representation, an identity of users. Avatar is also the same kind of icons or image but the only difference between Gravatar and Avatar is that Gravatar is globally recognized and may be used by non-members but Avatar can be possible if anyone is the member of any online community.

You should know about the working of Gravatar

It’s easy to understand and get the benefits of Gravatar. You just have to register to their website. After registration, you can add any image of your own choice to an e-mail you want to use for comments. You can upload your own image,

You can upload your own image, the logo of your image, any icon and else. After uploading the image is attached to your e-mail and whenever you comment on any blog then your Gravatar is shown with your comment.

This process is somehow technical that your image is attached with your e-mail and when you comment at any blog then Gravatar server check it’s correctness with your e-mail only after that your image is shown with your comment.

Gravatar WordPress is an amazing feature provided by WordPress.com. You can use your same image globally which may help in your online branding.

 Some advantages of using Gravatar

1) Maintain unique identity :- Suppose you are the owner of multiple websites and you want to show your presence with a unique identity then you must use Gravatar. It helps you to maintain your unique identity by publishing your image with your comments.

More the comments you do at many other sites then there is greater chance that people may recognize you if they see your Gravatar at any other website. Maybe they have seen it before at any other website.

2) Helps in branding :- Don’t be so surprised that how can you show your image and lead it to online branding? Have you ever thought of making your business brand? If you do then using Gravatar is the unique and productive way.

You may use the logo of your business brand and drop some effective comment to some website or communities and you may get impressed people to your blog which boosts your business.

3) Remove confusion :- This is the main advantage of using Gravatar WordPress that other people will not get confused that the guy with your name they have seen at any other website is same to their website or different. If you have your image as Gravatar then there will be no hard time of facing this type of situation.

Now it’s up to you

You may have got the real value in your mind about Gravatar and now you can use it to show with your comments so that a unique brand name of you can be achieved.

Now it’s up to you whether you want to use Gravatar or not? Do you want to know what is Gravatar used for? Is your personal branding important to you? How to show your image is not an easy question? Why should not you use Gravatar? I would like to hear from you.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hi Ravi,

    Informative post indeed 🙂

    Yes, all bloggers must use a Gravatar, especially when they leave a comment at any other blog or comment on their own blog. Without it you look like a spammer or people doubt your identity.

    I can understand that it’s not easy for everyone to understand what a Gravatar is so some commenters tend to leave comments without an image, for which I am glad you came up with this post. I think having your own image makes you authentic, and people can easily relate to you.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Ya for sure people need to use Gravatar so that they can seem real.
      Many bloggers don’t accept the comment which doesn’t consist any Gravatar. It is considered as spam.

      Thanks for your comment.

      You to have a wonderful weekend.:)


  2. Gravatar helps you in many ways. There are many bloggers who don’t even bother to check comments from the guy who doesn’t have gravatar, and trash them.

    Rest what you have mentioned is correct. It helps a lot!

    Good post!

    1. Hey Atish,

      It’s good to see you here at my blog.:)
      For beginners it is necessary to know about the importance of Gravatar so that they may not face any problem.

      Thanks for your input.:)

      Enjoy your weekend.:)


  3. Hi Ravi,
    Gravatar is the unique identification for sure. If a person have gravator profile and he/she comments on it the gravatar image can be seen all over the comments one make.But, once I have changed my gravatar image as it was too old pic of mine. And that resulted in the moderation of my comments on the same website where I have commented hundred of times. So, is there any solution for this or why this happened when I changed my picture ?

    1. Hi Aditya,

      You know when you comment at any website then Gravatar server fetch your image attached to your e-mail which is shown with your comment and if you change your picture then your old pic is no longer attached to your e-mail and Gravatar server is not capable to show it with your comments.
      After changing your pic your old pic will be automatically replaced by your new pic.
      Gravatar server shows the image which you have there with your e-mail.

      I hope you are enjoying your day.:)


      1. Ravi, that’s totally fine that Gravatar can’t fetch my image once I change it. But what’s the issue for not approving the comment? Just because I have changed the picture, will it be a difference in approving comments on other blogs?

        1. Aditya,

          There is nothing wrong with the approval. It doesn’t matter whether you have your old image or new one. The only thing matters that bloggers shouldn’t consider you spam. Your image shows that you are real.
          Your comments will be surely approved.
          There may be one reason I have found that the website you fill in the comments doesn’t seem to relate with you. I mean it’s really important to have your image at your blog so that if you comment at any blog then blogger will get the confirmation that you will not place any broken link.


  4. Well, when I was new to blogging I was not knowing the meaning of Gravatar and how to use it what’s the use of it and that time no much information was given about it, but I think now you are doing really well for the community for coming up with such awesome posts.

    1. Hi Anil,

      Welcome to my blog.:)

      In the starting days no one may know how to use Gravatar or what is Gravatar?
      But with the steps to be taken further in the blogosphere beginners have to learn more things.

      Thanks for visiting.

      Have a nice day.:)


  5. Hi Ravi,

    I’m so glad I took the time to visit you this time 🙂

    Having a gravatar is a MUST if you’re a serious blogger. For example, recently as I was so tired of the dozens and dozens of spam comments I was getting each day, I learned from my friend Adrienne Smith that I could deny comments to anyone not having a gravatar. Wow, it worked instantly and I don’t have any more spam at all.

    If you don’t have a gravatar not only people won’t see you as a brand name, but they’ll see you as a spammer who is trying to hide. So this is very important, indeed.
    Thanks for discussing this topic 🙂

    1. Hi Sylviane,

      Adrienne is a well known blogger and she gave you perfect advice.
      We shouldn’t accept the comments which are dropped by people without their Gravatar. It’s really authentic to have this setting to stop spam comments.

      Thanks for being here.:)

      Have a great day.:)


  6. Hi Ravi,

    Very informative post! I like the way you have put together a very detailed post on Gravatar.

    Gravatar is not only important to branding but also to identify you when I as a genuine human being, not a bot.

    There are blogs where your comments will not be accepted if you do not have a Gravatar.

    Essentially what I’m trying to communicate here is that having a Gravatar online is really not an optional thing. You must have it if you like to be considered a genuine and reasonable person.

    Thank you very much for bringing this topic and helping many people through the process of getting their own Gravatars.


    1. Hi Kumar,

      Gravatar for sure is the sign of reality in this blogosphere.
      If people want to look as an original person then they must have Gravatar so that bloggers will not deny their comments.

      Thanks for visiting.

      Have a nice weekend.:)


  7. Ravi,

    You have written about one of my favorite pet peeves! A gravatar is necessary for every blogger! It shows the person and we can see it is an actual human being.

    Many people come to my blog without a gravatar and I won’t approve the comment. Only those who I know are my students and are working on building a blog can come in.

    Gravatars are so important to brand ourselves. Now, I do have a problem with that one because I keep on changing my hair color and style. 🙁 BUT, I need to pull it all together and update mine.

    Thanks so much for bringing this topic up because many people don’t know the importance of it.


    1. Hi Donna,

      It’s really important for a blogger to have a Gravatar to show their online presence realistic.
      If bloggers don’t have Gravatar then their comments will be considered as spam.

      Thanks for being here.

      Enjoy your day.:)


  8. Hey Ravi,

    We oftentimes as bloggers forget that there are new people coming online every single day that do not have a clue what a gravatar is. They are told to start commenting on blogs and then they’re hit with theirs not being approved because they don’t have this in place.

    I appreciate you going back to the basics and sharing with people what it is and why it’s important. I know that if you’re new you can find this confusing but if you’re here to build a business and make connections then it is a necessity.

    I would hope that everyone would feel comfortable having their picture associated with their email address so they can start making those connections and branding themselves. Of course if they are concentrating more on a business then they may want to use their logos. I prefer chatting with individuals though then a company logo but that’s just me.

    Great job with this post and I know that anyone who is new will appreciate this as well. I’ll be sure to share this post to help.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Thanks for appreciating.:)

      I agree with you that its a matter of choice that people like to have a Gravatar as their own pic of any logo . But most of bloggers like to talk with a single person which is quite connection building.

      And the talks about basics is what beginners need.
      For their online branding with an original Gravatar is necessary.

      Have a nice weekend.:)


  9. Hi Ravi

    Great post and yes all bloggers should have a Gravatar. I think some just do not know about it when they start so your post here is a great resource for new bloggers.

    Sometimes I get great comments from people with no face and then I know they are not spammers but just do not know. As Harleena said it makes people appear as spammers without a Gravatar.

    Great post thank you,


    1. Hi Sue,

      Off course we get some great comments from people who don’t have Gravatar but to save from spam comments we need to reject those comments.

      Having a Gravatar is a necessity.

      Thanks for visiting.:)


  10. I agree with all of the reasons that you’ve stated Ravi. Now what about a favicon? I haven’t loaded mine up yet (laziness – and a lack of understanding on my part) – do you think it’s also important? Or can I waste my time a little longer?

    1. Hi Ruth,

      You know Gravatar is important to make your online branding having your image so that people can recognize you.

      A favicon is also an important part for a blog. As you can see if you don’t have your own favicon then default favicon will appear for your blog. It may of WordPress, the web hosting you have or the theme you are using. Having a favicon is an another step to have your own brand symbol like a logo.

      I appreciate you to spend some time here.:)

      Have a great weekend.:)


  11. Hi Ravi,

    One noticeable attribute of spammy blog comments is the absence of gravatar pictures.

    To me, using and introducing the use of gravatar on my blog reduce the daily amount of spams to the lowest level ( can you imagine the number of spams I receive on a blog with Alexa rank of 41k and daily organic traffic of more than 1000?)

    I concur to the three advantages of using gravatar you mentioned ( chief among them is brand perception and retention.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Kunle,

      Most of bloggers face this problem of getting spam comments. Bloggers need to reject the comments of the commenters who don’t have Gravatar with their comments. There is always a motive to build an online brand for bloggers with their name or with their website name.
      If bloggers want to get recognized then it’s necessary to have their Gravatar.

      Thanks you your input.

      Have an amazing day.:)


  12. Hi Ravi
    I think without a gravatar chances are higher to be sent to spam folder of other bloggers where you give your comments.
    Secondly it offers you a universal profile pick which helps to create your brand image.
    All the points you mentioned in this post are very informative and a few of them are quite new to me.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this very informative post on important topic which not all people fully know.

    1. Hi Muba,

      Bloggers need to have an image by which they can get recognized which can be provided only with the help of Gravatar.
      It’s good to see you here again.:)

      Enjoy your day.


  13. Hi Ravi

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend?

    For branding purposes I like to use the same profile picture across all my social media channels, on my about page and for any testimonials I write. Using Gravatar means I can use the same picture for blog comments too.

    Personally, I am terrible at remembering names, but I never forget a face. I’m much more likely to remember someone if I consistently see their face around the web.


    1. Hi Kerry,

      Yes I am great just suffering from fever now a days.:)

      And you are right I am also poor in remembering names but somehow faces can’t be forgotten.
      Gravatar is the key for having same image all over the web.

      Thanks for your input.

      Have a wonderful day.:)


  14. Hey Ravi,

    Very informative post here. I started using Gravatar at the beginning of the year and you’re completely right, it is something that’s needed for branding purposes. But the thing to remember that’s important is to always use the same picture if possible for all that you do online. People tend to forget that and would put up one picture for Facebook, another for Twitter, another for Google+ , etc.

    How is that helping their brand? It obviously isn’t.

    You said one of the advantages is to “Remove confusion “. That’s the truth.

    I happen to share the name of another Andrew Warner who’s famous in the business world and even though I want to be as or more successful than him, I don’t want any confusion between the two of us. So that’s where Gravatar helps as well.

    Great post.

    – Andrew

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Good to see you.:)

      For sure Gravatar helps in brand building. You know there are many bloggers who have their blog with their own name. The main reason for it is that they want to make their name as a brand. Having their picture which can be recognized be everyone.
      Gravatar is the only for it.

      And you are right people should use same picture everywhere.

      Thanks for your comment.:)


  15. Hello Ravi,
    Every blogger needs this. as long as you’re trying to build a business for yourself, you need to have a gravatar to your E-mail.

    Most of the spammers around, are those people who do not use gravatar.
    Sometime back, i stop giving access to faceless bloggers who wants to comment on my blog. Well, doing that will encourage many to go get a gravatar. except they feel its not needed.

    Nice post. DO have a peaceful week ahead,…

    1. Hey Babanature,

      For sure all the bloggers shouldn’t allow people to comment at their blog who don’t have Gravatar with their comment.

      Thanks for your wonderful comment.

      You too have an awesome weekend.:)


  16. Hi Ravi,
    I haven’t seen a blog post about Gravatars in a while. So, thanks for this. I always try to give bloggers the benefit of doubt and not immediately think they’re a spammer because they don’t have a Gravatar. Let’s face it though, it’s a big tip-off that someone is spamming you.

    Rejecting a comment based on the lack of a Gravatar is even a setting in Andy Bailey’s Anti Backlink plugin. So, it’s really something that bloggers need to pay attention to.

    You’ve helped many new blogger understand this better. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sherryl,

      Good to hear from you.:)

      Having a Gravatar for bloggers is necessary because without it their comments can’t be approved as it will consider as spam.

      Thanks for your comment.:)

      Have a great weekend.:)


  17. Hi Ravi,

    Just to be awkward here…. (there’s always one!) I DO accept comments without Gravatars, for two reasons:

    1) My blog is aimed at beginners who may not know what a Gravatar is
    2) More importantly to me, I also blog in the health niche and many very good comments are from real people who just happen to have found my blog looking for an answer to their health problem and have no interest in Gravatars, branding and most don’t even have a website. Denying their comments would deprive me of much interesting and relevant input.

    I do agree, though, that serious bloggers should use a Gravatar.


    1. Hi Joy,

      What is to be awkward? I couldn’t get it.

      The reasons you have are pretty much clear but you know there are many spammers without Gravatar and we can’t take risk.

      Off course beginners may not have knowledge about Gravatar but still we need to have some safety steps.

      Thanks for being here.:)

      Enjoy your day.


  18. Hi Ravi,

    Informative post.
    You know, first I don’t use Gravatar when commenting on other blogs. However, I realized that a Gravatar important for other bloggers to approve my comments. Since that time, I finally made my own Gravatar. And from this article, I know some other meaning of Gravatar. Thanks for sharing this with us, Ravi 🙂

    Hoping you have a nice weekend.


    1. Hey Nanda,

      In the initial phase of blogging no one knows about Gravatar. Even I was not aware of it but after sometime I got it.

      You know having a Gravatar is really important if you want to make your online brand.

      Thanks for your input.

      I am enjoying my week, I hope you too.:)


  19. Gravatar is very important if you are commenting because some bloggers donot allow comments without gravatars and the second thing is that it gives much value to your comment.It helps blog admins to detect whether its a spam comment or not because most of spammers dont use gravatars.It also gives you a professional look.

    1. Welcome back Ashraf:)

      You may find some comments without any image if any blogger has accepted them because most of bloggers don’t like anyone to comment without Gravatar as they are considered as spammers.

      If you want to develop your online branding then then having a Gravatar is really important.

      Good to see you again.:)

      Enjoy your stay.


  20. Nice post bro.

    A gravatar is important for every blogger! It shows the person and we can see it is an actual human being. This also shows our brand logo.

    Thanks for having such an awesome article!.

    1. Hi Subodh,

      Welcome to my blog.:)

      Having a Gravatar shows that you are not fake and you must know that most of bloggers don’t accept the comment which doesn’t have any image with it.

      It’s always recommended that if you want to build your own brand then you should have your own image.

      Have a great week ahead.

  21. If you don’t have gravatar and try to make comments on other blogs, chances are high you’ll get banned by those blogs. Because, without gravatar people will consider you as a spammer and put you on spam list.

  22. I am new to your blog Mr Chahar. My name is Vandefan. I like what you are doing here sir. I didnt know about Gravatar untill recently. I thought comments where just something useless and a way to occupy space on peoples blog.I was so new to internet marketing and therefore made some of these mistakes. I have seen the reason for my failure and I applaud you for sharing such a wonderful informaton Mr Chahar.

    1. Hey Vandefan,

      We are humans and do mistakes while doing any work. And if you are into any business then its obvious that you can handle all the things at once. Learning takes time.

      Having a Gravatar is an important aspect for you if you want to show that you are real here.
      Bloggers don’t accept any comment if you put it without a Gravatar.

      Thanks for stopping by.
      Hope to see you soon.:)


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