Get More LinkedIn Endorsements With These 11 Proven Tips

Get more LinkedIn endorsements

LinkedIn has become one of the best professional networks where people are getting their jobs, freelance projects and what not. There is a unique concept included in every LinkedIn user’s profile termed as endorsements.

Endorsements are one of the ways to check anyone’s creditability. There are millions of users on LinkedIn and it’s really hard to find out anyone to work for you.

Do you want to get more LinkedIn endorsements? But for what you want to get endorsed?

Well, on your profile, you can add the skills you have for what your followers, clients, can endorse you. You may have seen below every profile people with different skills like a blogger, SEO manager, social media management, WordPress etc.

The skill endorsements are like plus point to your profile so that your clients can know that you have proved your skills to many.

What are the Things You Should Do to Improve Your Profile’s Creditability

You may have seen the plus sign for every skill. That plus sign is used to endorse anyone for that particular skill.

Many people even have 99+ besides many skills. What’s that all about?

It means more than 99+ people have endorsed for that skill. It shows how skilled that person is. You can also get more LinkedIn endorsements by following these steps.

#1. Add Only Relevant Skills

One of the biggest mistakes people make to add multiple skills which aren’t even relevant to their work. LinkedIn allows 50 skills to add in a profile.

Just scroll down on your profile and you will see the endorsements’ section. Click on the “Add a new skill” link. A popup will open.

LinkedIn endorsements

You will see the hints for the keywords you use. Suppose you add “social media”. It will show you social media manager, social media management, social media blogging etc.

You can choose the skill you have and click on the “Add” button. From now onwards, people will be able to endorse you for that skill.

#2. Put Your Best Skills at the Top

The best thing is that you can rearrange the order of the skills. It’s always recommended to place your best skills at the top so that people can recognize your skill at its best.

Just click on the edit pencil showing for the endorsements’ section. It will show all of your skills and a button to drag and drop.

Click on that button and rearrange your skills accordingly. It will help you achieve the better results.

If you’re a freelance writer, then add this skill at the top so that people can know about it. It will help you get your clients.

get linkedin endorsements

I am a WordPress professional and that’s why I have added WordPress at the top of all. It gives a signal to my clients how many people I have served.

#3. Filter Your Skills Once in a While

You may get endorsed for the skills you don’t have. It’s important to remove those. While rearranging, you should check if someone has endorsed you for something you don’t even have an idea about.

LinkedIn has revamped the design but earlier, people used to get extra skill endorsements which may still be available to your profile.

Suppose you’re a non-techie person and people have endorsed you for WordPress, web development, technical writing etc.

What if someone asks you about WordPress and you reply in the negative? That wouldn’t be a positive impact.

So it’s better to remove those skills which aren’t related to your work.

#4. Increase Your LinkedIn Connections

To get more LinkedIn endorsements, you should have more people in your list. Build your brand by increasing your circle.

Connect with more and more people. Though LinkedIn isn’t Facebook still, you can connect with many people for your professional career.

LinkedIn has changed a lot of things after it has been revamped. It doesn’t allow you to send many requests as you do on Facebook.

It either requires an email address or a personal message along with your request.

The more people you connect with, the more are chances to get endorsed for your skills.

#5. Endorse Your Connections

Only adding thousands of people wouldn’t do the work. You have to make some efforts. Start endorsing others.

One of my favorites is to endorse whenever someone connects with me. I try to endorse my new connections which make them remember me.

It’s all about making human bonds. As soon as you connect with someone, you endorse him/her, the chances are to get a plus in the return.

Reciprocity is what people believe in.

It’s just like blog commenting. People recommend commenting back whenever someone comments on your blog.

#6. Ask For Endorsements

If you’re an active LinkedIn user then you may have experienced that a few people send you a message asking for the endorsements.

It can be an amazing idea. You can mention that you will reciprocate for sure. But make sure, your message shouldn’t be only about you.

It should more like a professional note with the personal touch. Let me show you an example.

Hey Emily,

How are you today?

We just connected and it would be so awesome of you if you can endorse me for a few skills. We’re here to help each other building an online business.

You can tell me about the skills you want to get endorsed for. I will return the favor for sure. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Enjoy your day.


There are many people who send you a longer message as if they’re advertising something. It appears to be spam.

From my personal experience, I always doubt on those people who randomly send a direct message mentioning their demand of the skills to get endorsed.

Let me show you an example.

how to get more linkedin endorsements

It looks just unprofessional. I mean, come on, at least try to build a human bond so that people can even think about it.

The worst thing is that nowadays, people are using the same message. That’s the reason it appears to come from a fake user.

#7. Provide a Freebie if Possible

It’s kind of risky because not everyone is fond of getting a message to download something just after connecting.

But you can take a smart move. Whenever someone endorses you, wait for at least two days before offering a freebie. It can motivate your connection or may put a little bit of negative impact.

This all depends on the freebie you provide. Who doesn’t like a freebie?

At least they will have a look at it and will appreciate your kind gesture. It’s not about promoting any product or services.

Remember that a freebie should be of others’ interest, not you.

#8. Always Provide a Reason to Get Endorsed

LinkedIn is more like a platform where people look for professionals who can really benefit them. Whether it’s about hiring someone or getting hired.

Always share something which is related to your skills. Let people know what you have what you can do to help them.

I always share about my work, offer free help to my LinkedIn connections. As not everyone is good enough to handle the complications of a WordPress website, I help them for free.

It makes all the difference and people endorse me for that. You can do the same.

#9. Never Break Your Consistency

To get more LinkedIn endorsements, you should never forget about updating your content. It’s all about how active you’re, how consistently you share the qualitative articles.

I always say that consistency is the thing you can adapt to build your dream career. It doesn’t matter how fast you run, the point is that you keep chasing your goal.

I share my articles once in every 2 hours which drive a lot of traffic to BloggingLove.

#10. Say Thanks to the People Who Endorse You

I don’t think I should tell you that whenever someone endorses you for a skill, you should say thanks.

The best thing is whenever you get a notification about skill endorsements, you also get a button to say thanks which automatically sends a message to that person.

Gain more LinkedIn endosements

Don’t you feel good when someone appreciates you? You do, right?

It’s human nature and you should apply this concept to get more LinkedIn endorsements. It will help you grow your personal brand.

#11. Think Like a Human, Not a Robot

I always recommend acting like a human.

You may have experienced many people copy the content and share it on LinkedIn which directly impacts their originality.

I am an active user of LinkedIn with thousands of followers but never shared the content which isn’t worthy.

You can read my journey how I got 15000 LinkedIn followers.

People see what you share, if they get the positive vibes, they will endorse you for sure. It’s sad but true that many people fail in building human bonds with their connections.

I provide free WordPress consultancy which is bringing a lot of work to me. More human attachment, more endorsements, more work.

Ask your connections if they need any help related to the skills you have, update such status on the regular interval of the time. I choose Monday for that. The same way you get more LinkedIn endorsements.

It’s as simple as that.  And people even write the recommendations.

I Don’t Think if it Would be Hard to Get More LinkedIn Endorsements Now

 I am the LinkedIn lover because most of my work projects are the results of this professional platform.

If you want to become a freelance writer, a web developer, a web designer, an Android App developer, etc, you should use the power of endorsements.

It’s because people look for that. I always do that whenever I look for a freelance writer to hire.

Get more LinkedIn endorsements and add some value to your profile to make it look more professional. Get the 99+ endorsement badge for at least three skills.

Is that any other LinkedIn strategy you would suggest? Do you get your skills endorsed? Let me know if you want to know anything else.

You can also connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hi Ravi, I love this one. I just changed my skills and endorsements. I didn’t know you could and it was very easy to do. I also find sometimes when trying to oconnect with others the button goes and you don’t have a chance to write a personal message. Is there a way around that one?
    I’m working on those 99+ for 3 – 2 more to go!
    Thanks again for this informative piece on LinkedIn Ravi, you are really rocking it there!

    1. Hey Lisa,

      You can edit each and every skill, you can also rearrange them. Sometimes, LinkedIn doesn’t let you connect with more people and asks an email address or a personal note.
      It gets disappeared and you aren’t able to send the request. The only reason is that the ratio of the number of requests you send per the requests got accepted isn’t as high as LinkedIn expects.
      So, it’s better to withdraw the old connection requests.
      Thanks for your input.

  2. Hi Ravi,

    I think it has been a year since I changed my LinkedIn profile and this has given me a good push to spruce it up. Over the past year, I have done so many things and created many products. Guess I’ve been taken it for granted Hmmmm….

    You have put together the perfect strategy for LinkedIn and gave me the incentive to be more consistent on it. I never asked for an endorsement nor given away a freebie there.

    Time for me to perk things up and I thank you so much for the help.


    1. Hey Donna,

      It would b good for you if you give the basic trail of any of your products for free. It will enhance your LinkedIn profile’s value and you can get more clients.

      LinkedIn endorsements are the signals to signify how much a person is skilled enough to help others.
      Thanks for your input.

  3. Hey Ravi! What great tips to get more Linkedin Endorsements! I for one had no clue how to add my skills, nor to ask for endorsements! Yeppers I am all over this one!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Chery :))

    1. Hi Chery,

      You can start over with a new strategy to build your personal brand on LinkedIn with the endorsements.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views.
      Enjoy your weekend.

  4. I think these are good tips. The only issue I have with endorsements is reciprocating when someone I don’t know at all endorses me. Maybe they’ve read some of my articles or come across discussions in one of the groups I belong to … I always make a point of sending a thank you note when that happens, but I’m not going to endorse a complete stranger because they endorsed me. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Hey Ravi,

    Great post. Linkedin has ALWAYS been a frustrating platform for me. Never really understood it until I put some time into it for the last 8 months. Now, it’s one of my favorite platforms to connect with professionals. I’ve made serious connections with two A-list marketers there so far.

    That being said, I never put too much stock into my endorcements. But I see how big of a role that can play. I like the tips you laid out here. I never thought of asking for endorcements. But with the script you provided here, I’ll be willing to certainly give it a try.

    Thanks for this.

    – Andrew

    1. Hi Andrew,

      I have always loved LinkedIn because of its professional aura. People aren’t like Facebook there. You can build your network with professionals to spread your work.

      Asking for endorsements is a matter of choice. Some people don’t give a damn about such messages whereas others reciprocate. But still, you can try.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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