Freebie For Everyone : Updated Version of BloggingLove Theme.

updated version of blogginglove theme

A couple of months ago, I made this self-developed custom WordPress theme live to the people.

The theme running on this blog is BloggingLove theme which has accomplished all the goals I was looking for.

Every now and then people are searching for the best theme which can help them to start their new blog. Just in the last one month, 8 people have come to me for a better theme.

People would recommend the premium themes to the newbies, but how can a beginner afford a 60$ theme?

That’s where I brought up with an idea of developing my own theme.

The theme has been distributed for free once. Now is the time to give a freebie again.

I am here again with the updated version of BloggingLove theme.

A few people are eagerly waiting for this theme. I hope this would solve the problem of the starters who want to start their own blog.

What’s So Special About BloggingLove Theme?

I know the first idea you get after reading the word freebie.

People think that free things are not qualitative. They think that if they buy a premium product, they would have the best quality.

Well, you’re wrong here.

#1. The Lightest Theme Ever.

Even the basic WordPress themes like “Twenty Twelve, Twenty Sixteen” are of more than 300 KB in size.

The speed of your website matters a lot. You should consider a theme which is easy to load.

People try hard to reduce HTTP requests, minify their websites using plugins so that the CSS and JavaScript files can be minimized.

Well, no need to do this when you have BloggingLove theme.

It’s only less than 40KB in size.

If you’re looking for the demo, this whole website is the proof. The website original speed is 0.8 sec.

#2. Works On Every Screen Resolution.

new blogginglove theme

You know that mobile phones are the hearts of everyone.

People can’t live without their smartphones. Every time you start thinking about the world, your mobile comes at first.

In this new era of web designing, it’s important to design your website for all the devices.

Whether you open it on an iPhones or an iPad, the website should look perfect.

I have taken care of that. The updated version of BloggingLove theme has the capability to adjust its size according to the size of the device’s screen.

The layout is flexible which can get adjusted itself.

#3. Many Color-Changing Options In The Theme Customizer.

People are fond of colors and it’s important to take care of that.

I have added the features to change the color of the read more button, background-color and many other colors in the customizer.

You won’t need to play with the codes until you like to add anything extra.

Though for this free version, I haven’t added the separate theme page but still, it contains all the basic options which are enough to change the look of the theme.

#4. You Can Upload The Custom Logo.

There are many options including an option to use your own custom logo.

Many themes don’t allow you to upload a logo image. To give more freedom, I have added this option.

You can even upload the custom background image for your whole website. The users need the freedom to change the look of their website.

Well, this theme can fulfill your needs.

#5. SEO-Optimized.

Every time you hear about an SEO-optimized theme, what does that even mean?

Have you ever checked any theme before using it? What are the tags? Are they at the right place?

Well, from the H1 tag to the end, it’s important to have a proper tag formation for an SEO-optimized theme.

updated version of blogginglove theme

BloggingLove theme is for the search engine.

For better SEO, I have enabled an option to add the website name and the tagline from the admin panel but it won’t appear on the website.

As you know, the logo of your website will be there.

But for the SEO, I have hidden it for the users but the Google bots can analyze it.

#6. Elegant Look With Better Spacing.

This isn’t something I can flaunt about.

You have your eyes and you can check the look of this theme on this blog. BloggingLove is the live demo of BloggingLove theme.

You can check each and every page. Whether you look on the category page or the home page, the look is amazing.

The spacing between each post is perfect.

On the special request, I have re-adjusted the spacing of the whole theme.

#7. Inbuilt Related Posts.

Everyone is using the plugins to add related posts under each single post.

When I first developed this theme, I wasn’t sure whether I should add this feature or not, it’s because people have their own choices.

But this updated version of BloggingLove theme has that.

If you want to add related posts in your existing theme with the code.

The original appearance of the themes related posts is better than showing on my blog. I had redesigned it because of my older posts.

#8. It’s Free For BloggingLove Readers.

One of the most important things is that you can have this theme for free.

No worries about finding a better theme for your new blog, just grab a copy of this theme. Just copy and paste the URL in your browser and you will get a copy.

I hope this would help you in following your blogging venture.

Are You Ready To Grab A Copy of Updated Version of BloggingLove Theme?

It’s always good to hear from you all.

If you have anything to ask about this theme, feel free to contact me. I know many people are there who want to know about WordPress and its theme development.

Well, I am here for you all.

Whether you want to know about the problems you face with your WordPress website or the blogging, I am here for you.

WordPres is an amazing CMS and you can alter the appearance of the theme with your own codes.

I have added the simple structure of coding which can be understood by everyone. This updated version of BloggingLove theme is more refined.

You can also connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hi Ravi,

    I trust you are having a nice day. Your blog has been a standard through which other blogs measure their standing. From the body font, to picture and more.

    I’ve ever loved and cherished to have a blog as yours and here is a great opportunity to delve in more. You have done a great job. Continue doing good.

    Have a great day.

    1. Hey Prince,

      I am glad that you found it as good as high standard blogs. Well, you can have it too. Just start your blog with WordPress and install BloggingLove theme.
      Hope, you’re soon going to shift from blogger to the self-hosted version of WordPress.
      Enjoy your stay.

  2. This looks excellent, Ravi
    A beautiful theme ready to be filled with awesome content for a
    successful blogging business. What a generous gift.
    May all users be blessed and prosper
    Thank you

    1. Hey Erika,

      All thanks to you the people who supported me during my blogging career. I hope this theme can help the people who really need to have something for their new blog.
      Thanks for your wishes.
      Have an awesome week ahead.

  3. Hi Ravi,
    I didn’t know this is FREE or even for sale. Thanks buddy can’t thank you enough for this. I always wanted to have this theme since the day you had it here but I thought you did not want to give it away or even sell it. I guess I had missed this post.

    I am downloading and using it now!


    1. Hey Swadhin,

      Well, you missed the first post when I provided for free. And now it’s all updated and free for everyone. You can use it to build a better-looking blog.
      Thanks for your support.
      Have an amazing day.

      1. Hi Ravi,
        I guess I missed the first update and am glad I did not miss this update 😛

        I installed your theme on my blog which has made it faaaast and lightweight. I could not set an ad banner on the right side of the theme.

        Does the theme not support a banner ad? Or I am missing something like in the settings or something like that?


        1. Hey Swadhin,

          This is the basic version of BloggingLove Theme which doesn’t contain any ad space. I have developed an advanced version which has almost 9 places to show ads.

          But that version isn’t avialable to everyone. To add a banner ad, you have to edit the theme files.

          1. Hi Ravi,
            Thanks so much for clarification. I was thinking I messed up with the codes. The free theme is beyond helpful. I’ll reach out to you to purchase the paid theme sometime soon.


  4. Thank you so much Ravi for sharing your hardwork with smile for us. 🙂 A theme is just fantastic and cool. Would love to use it ♥ Thank you again for providing this theme.. 😉

  5. Hey Ravi,

    Most beginners feel overwhelmed when it comes to selecting a theme for their WordPress site. There are thousands of free and paid options. Each theme looks better than the other.

    Many WordPress themes come with tons of customization options. We should always go for theme which is easy to load. Our WordPress theme plays a crucial role in our site’s SEO friendliness so we need to conscious about that. Eventually, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

    1. Hi Amar,

      I am glad that you got the point. People are seeking for the better themes and I am here with one.
      This is one the lightest theme you will ever have. For beginners, it’s really hard to select a better theme.

      BloggingLove theme is for everyone.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Nice theme, Ravi.

    I am going to grab it!

    Congratulations for the theme update, and good luck for the future updates.

    I am glad you are offering a high quality theme for free.

    Good work!

  7. Hi Ravi,

    What a wonderful gift for newbies, yes, but even some of us who have been blogging for quite a while.

    I love the simplicity of the look… so clean and easy to read.

    Add an inbuilt “related posts” feature and I’m sold 🙂

    Of course, you’ve included lots of other great aspects to this theme, and it’s as good as I’ve seen.

    Thanks for this, and I’ll pass this along so all the newbies especially, can get in on it.


    1. Hey Donna,

      Everyone needs someone to start a blog. I though why wouldn’t I become that one person?

      The appearance of the related posts is a way more elegant than showing here. For starters even for the professionals, this theme can be a top-notch product.
      Thanks for supporting me.
      Enjoy your week ahead.

  8. Hey Ravi,

    Congrats and thanks for this sober and clean theme with its updated version….This theme is really useful for newbies or those who just step in this field….!!!

    Thanks again for sharing such a useful theme with valuable installation tips…Have a great weekend…!!!


    1. Hi Gangadhar,

      People need something to start their blog. I am just trying to help them. Hopefully, people who are striving for a better theme can use BloggingLove theme.
      Thanks for your positive words.
      Have a great day.

  9. Oh Ravi,
    Though I have been using this amazing theme from the beginning and its well made and appreciated by all of my visitors. Thanks for the recent update and the General Public License v2.0
    Keep up the good work
    Keep sharing
    Have a great month of February. 🙂
    ~ Phil

  10. Hi Ravi,

    You are doing a great job. Your theme is free for your readers. It’s amazing to share. Your theme included custom logo uploader. Lots of times, I faced this issue with genesis. More specifically space problems. I have seen unnecessary place is creating when I have uploaded my logo. I don’t like this. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hey Taposh,

      Genesis is one the best frameworks in the market right now. But I prefer to be my own boss. I have the freedom to change anything in this theme. And people can use the custom header button for their logo.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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