The Real Truth About Blogging Has Come To The Light.

truth about blogging

So you want to live a laptop life, great. You want to become a professional blogger who is free to write about his/her experience to the whole world.

But have you ever thought the real truth about blogging? What does blogging mean? You read many articles and get the information about many niches.

What do you think about blogging? Is it easy or hard? There are many things which should be revealed to every aspiring blogger.

What Do You Mean By Blogging?

This sounds to be a simple question but there are many definitions of blogging. Some people think that blogging is just writing on the web.

Whereas others are there who think that blogging is sharing the experience and help others. Have you heard about money making blogging?

Yes, it’s also a part of blogging. People do blogging to make a lot of money from their blog. Every person has his own perspective about blogging.

What do you think?

What’s The Happy Truth About Blogging?

For every career, there are two sides. There is a happy side and the worst side. It’s up to you whether you take both as your challenge or just the hurdles to turn your path.

Let Me show you the happy side.

#1. Blogging Is Fun.

There are millions of bloggers who are enjoying their life as a blogger. You can too. Just write about something you like. No one is forcing you to do something you hate.

Blogging is about following your passion, your dreams. You can express yourself through blogging. It would be fun for you.

#2. Blogging Will Improve Your Skills.

the real truth about blogging

It’s not only about the writing skills. You will learn how to think like a marketer, a writer, customer relation expert etc.

You will learn everything from managing your time to handling the people around the world. You will be happy to see the improvement in your writing skills.

You will love the way you think. The thinking capability of your mind will increase. It’s like embracing your personality.

#3. Blogging can bring You Money.

The truth about blogging is that you can make a lot of money. There are many ways to make money while blogging, you can join web hosting affiliate programs.

You can promote your own products. You can use your blog as the platform to sell your own products. Make money blogging is something people like to learn.

#4. Blogging Will Make You famous.

You may have read about many famous bloggers who have achieved the success in the field of blogging and now people from the whole world are looking for their advice.

You can build your own brand through blogging. It would be glorious to have a label of a professional blogger.

Do you Know The Naked Truth About Blogging?

There is another side of blogging. People just look on the positive side of blogging. They don’t think about the other side.

What do you think about blogging? Is it a piece of a cake? Can anyone become a successful blogger? What does it take to become a blogger?

#1. Blogging Requires So Much Time.

what is the real truth about blogging

If you are dreaming about something big then you have to invest your time in blogging. You have to write more to build your authority in your niche.

You should bring more blog post ideas to write the quality content. Blogging includes many things in itself. You have to improve your skills.

#2. Blogging Needs Patience.

You should keep patience. Most of the bloggers fail because of the lack of patience. You just have to learn the ways to grow your blog.

Learn more about SEO and optimize your blog for better results. You have to wait to attain the position in the blogosphere.

#3. The Fear of Losing The Content.

There are millions of blogs and people are creating new. But why are your worried? Though blogging can scare you but still, you should keep going.

You may have the fear to lose the content. A non-techie person always fear about these things. Well, always keep the backup.

#4. You Will Meet Your Enemies.

In the field of blogging, you can’t expect to get support from everyone. People will be there against you. You will have an experience of fighting with the negative things.

It may be any person or any energy. You will learn about how people hack other websites. It may be scary and you have to learn a lot of things about your blog’s security.

#5. Money Making isn’t easy.

truth about blogging

The real truth about blogging is that you can’t just do the stuff and make money. You have to work hard to drive your earning graph from zero to thousand.

You have to learn about the marketing strategies, email marketing strategy, Facebook marketing, affiliate marketing etc. You have to learn how to monetize your blog to get more results.

Do You Know Any Truth About Blogging?

People start a blog and then leave it. The chances of failure are more than success. In the past few years, people have started their blogging journey and left in the middle.

The real truth about blogging is that not everyone is ready to do the hard work. People get a huge success and there are others who fail.

It’s all about your own perspective and how you take blogging. Whether you take blogging as a career or just a hobby.

Do you like money blogging or just blogging? What is the real truth about blogging you want to share?

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. This post is indeed a helpful one. You’ve opened my eyes the more to realities about blogging.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Ravi

    great article I must say. In blogging the thing which I guess the most important is patience. You must have patience to build a successful blog.



    1. Hey Sonali,

      Patience is the key to build a better blog. People leave blogging after trying for a few months. They should know that it requires so much time.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a great day.

  3. Well, I know one truth about blogging.

    Unlike a brick and mortar business, blogging requires less capital to start. You would have to get equipments and a location for your physical business but blogging requires just a laptop and internet connection.

    1. Hey Isaac,

      There are many other things about blogging. You can’t just start blogging with a laptop. You should have the ideas to spread. You should learn about the blogosphere.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  4. Hey Man This write up is cool.

    I grabbed two or more tips from this post.

    Keep writing this wonderful articles Bro.

  5. Hi Ravi, Excellent article about the pros and cons of starting a blog. Too often people see only one side of blogging, the positive or the negative. And almost always people don’t know what they’re getting themselves into when they start a blog.

    People who read this will have a much better idea of what to expect should they choose to start a blog. I would add another benefit: you will learn to read your words through the eyes of others.

    When you write an article and publish it on a blog, many people will read it (hopefully!). Each person who reads the article will have a different perspective, different grasp of the language, different opinions and different interpretation.

    Blog writers have to be very careful to craft their message so it is understood by all. Misunderstandings can completely undermine the message. Bloggers quickly learn that they need to write so they will be understood by all.

    1. Hey Carolyn,

      You can never expect the same response from everyone. Whenever you publish any article, people would have a different opinion. Most of the people read the blog post, but they don’t really grasp the way you want them.

      Blogging has both the sides. A newbie should learn the hard way of blogging which requires the efforts.
      Thanks for sharing your views.
      Have a great week.

    1. Hey Lorraine,

      A blog needs so much than you think. The promotion of the blog posts require so much time. You should build a strategy. Everyone doesn’t have that much of patience.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Enjoy your day.

  6. Well said brother! Blogging is really something adventurous to get into, its just never ending process ! Thank you for this beautiful post:)

  7. Hi Ravi,
    Yet another wonderful guide.
    You dealt with almost everything in blogging.
    Good one, As Lorraine said, Blog Promotion is a vital part of blogging.
    Unless we tell about it or shout about it how others will know and visit or read.
    It is indeed one of the top most function immediately after pressing the PUBLISH Button!
    I have read about it in some of the influencers pages about it! A ration of 80:20 that is 20% time for the creation of the page and 80% time for the promotion of it! LOL
    May sometimes it looks funny, but I feel and experience it that it is true!
    Thanks Ravi for sharing this.
    Keep sharing
    May you have a great time of sharing and caring
    ~ Philip

    1. Hey Philip,

      From the past couple of years, I have experienced that the generation of the content would be useless if you don’t put the efforts to promote it.

      Yeah, that 80/20 rule is for everyone. You must follow the guide and boost your traffic. For a better blog, you should have the best audience.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      Have a great day.


  8. Hi,

    Great article. I am not sure if I am blogger or writer. I create content, a lot of it. I never market it other than sharing through my linked social media pages. I am only beginning to earn some money after writing consistently since 2012. It’s a 24/7 job. I have gone back and rewritten a lot of my earlier work as it often seems sloppy when compared to my recent efforts. Yes, definitely, the more you write, the better you write. I am heading towards 8 million views with approximately 8 thousand views a day from over 200 countries. I write to suit myself, not as per what might sell. People like it or not and am sure most of it would be trashed by a real editor, but I can’t afford one of those. I must stay with free wordpress for the moment as my heavy traffic would require a dedicated server. That costs too much. Maybe next year if it all goes well.

    I never thought I would get this far or stay at it. Patience and diligence is a must. Now I look upon it as my legacy to the world. I cannot die until it is finished. It might kill me first!

    I will keep an eye out for your posts.


    1. Hey Vivien,

      A writer, a blogger, everyone has a sense of crafting the content which can convert. People need something to read which can motivate them. The info you provide should consist the quality.

      It’s good to know that you have been pursuing your blogging career since 2012. The results are showing. can be tricky sometimes. You don’t really have the freedom to alter your blog. I have always preferred as the professional platform.

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

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