25 Million Dollar Tips For A Professional LinkedIn Profile.

tips for a professional linkedin profile

In today’s era of social media and brand building, people are heading towards one of the leading social networking platforms.

Yes, I am talking about LinkedIn. From the past few years, LinkedIn has emerged as a platform to fulfill all the professional needs.

People are getting their dream jobs and connecting with people around the world.

But the thing is how are you going to show your charm among millions of users? Well, you need some tips for a professional LinkedIn profile.

Your profile reflects the aroma of your work.

What Are The Things To Consider While Creating Your LinkedIn Profile?

Just from the starting day of your social media encounter, you must build a strong image which can turn into a brand.

Your profile does that for you.

Here are some mesmerizing tips for a professional LinkedIn profile.

#1. Headline Is The First Thing People Notice.

When someone lands to your LinkedIn profile, the first thing to look on is the headline.

It’s the line where you describe your work, skills. You should know that the headline is shown with your profile in the suggestions section too.

Fill it like blogger, writer, web developer or anything you have. But make sure, you don’t flood it.

#2. Your Original Name.

To build your brand, you must use your original name. I have noticed a few people with the name like 007bond, cutie444.

I mean what is that? LinkedIn is a professional network and you should keep your name like that only. Originality is the key to gain the trust.

#3. The Profile Picture.

Don’t mismatch the concept of Instagram with LinkedIn. People are not here to like or share your photos.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a photogenic person or not. Use a simple picture which shows your face. Don’t be that guy standing 1 KM away from the camera.

People want to know with whom they are going to connect. No need to use any filter or anything. A simple photo would do the work.

#4. Your Current Location.

Don’t you find it like connecting when you meet someone from your area? This is human nature.

From all those millions of users, when you see the same location as yours, you think about connecting with that person.

This is one of the best tips for a professional LinkedIn profile. You can see at my profile. I have used “New Delhi” as my location.

#5. The Background Image.

Though, LinkedIn doesn’t provide a clear view of the background image but still, you should have one. It adds more value to your profile.

It’s great if you prefer an image related to your niche. A blogger can use an image with the people typing on a computer.

A developer can show a few lines of the codes.

#6. A Professional Summary Is Always a Plus Point.

linkedin profile tips and tricks

Along with your headline, you can expand it in the summary section. You can elaborate what you do and what are the skills you have developed during your career.

It would be great if you keep it short so that people can read your rest of the profile.

The main point is to make people aware of your skills, your work and what you are doing right now.

#7. Maintain The Activity Feeds.

The number of posts and your recent activities will be showing below your first section.

Don’t be a lazy person. Share your content on LinkedIn, publish your posts and increase the list. It would be turned as an action of an expert.

This is also one of the most important tips for a professional LinkedIn profile.

#8. Get A Customized LinkedIn Profile URL.

Just like every other social media network, LinkedIn also provides the freedom to choose a custom URL for your profile.

You can also set Google Plus custom URL.

Don’t keep the URL like – http://linkedin.com/jumbo/a2/b3/d4.

When you create a new LinkedIn profile then you get an option to choose your customized URL. But if you haven’t then use the settings.

Get a professional profile URL like- http://www.linkedin.com/in/ravichahar27

#9. Use Keywords To Optimize For The Search Engine.

It’s an interesting fact that you can even optimize your LinkedIn profile for the search engine.

Use the keywords of your skills in the headlines, in your summary. Use the anchor texts when you add any screenshot or image in your summary.

#10. Note Down Your Professional Working Skills.

Such kind of tips for a professional LinkedIn profile is the master key stroking for you.

It’s time to show what you have expertise in. And please, don’t flaunt about the things you don’t have an idea.

Be yourself and mention only the skills you have practiced.

If you are an author then be it. Never mention a web developer in that section. It’s because the technical aspect is a far away from writing.

#11. Your Experience Will Attract The Clients To You.

From your past to your present, you should mention everything. People like to know how you have achieved your goal.

Sharing your accomplishments is the sign of your growth. Experience is for what everyone is seeking.

Tell your story how you have entered in your field and what you are doing now.

# 12. Add Your Old Work.

If you have worked on any project then add its link. People like to see your past work so that they can trust you with their project.

It’s a plus point. If you have just started then nothing to worry about. Use your words to describe how you have help your clients to get the results they wanted.

#13. Your Education Qualification Has A Major Influence.

tips for a professional LinkedIn profile

Though in this online world, it doesn’t matter if you’re an MBA or a drop-out but still, some people analyze the level of intelligence with the education tag.

Sometimes, it’s better so that your clients can relate to you. If you have attended the school and started following your venture then people would know what you got.

Be truthful and mention which degree is in your corner.

#14. Try To Get More Recommendation.

One of the tips for a professional LinkedIn profile is to increase the number of recommendations. It will increase the credibility.

It’s human nature to try someone about whom people are talking so much. It’s the same thing here. More people recommend you, more will come to you.

#15. Mention The Things You Want To Learn.

There is a section to fill the additional info about your interest. It will help your readers to understand about your future goals.

Try to add something you want to learn just like a professional. Don’t add chatting, taking photos etc.

You are not a kid anymore. You have entered the era of a professional world. Mention the skills you want to adapt in your future.

#16. Don’t Underestimate The Power of Endorsements.

I like the feature of endorsing your connections for their skills. The more you get endorsed, more will be the credibility of your account.

There would be more chances of getting seen by many people. LinkedIn chooses the profile with the higher trust factor which is calculated by endorsements.

#17. Add Some Certificates.

To give a proof of your skills, you can add the legal certificate. It can be a great idea.

People would love to see what you have learned and from where you have achieved it. Add the serial number of your certificate and make it live.

#18. Use The Power of LinkedIn Groups.

linkedin profile tips summary

I did a mistake when I started my LinkedIn profile. I thought that joining the groups would be a waste of time.

But I was wrong.

You can really get a good exposure from them. Many people at one place increase the chances to get more followers.

It will help your connections to relate with you.

#19. Connecting Isn’t Enough.

Having the thousands of connections don’t make you a LinkedIn professional. You have to engage in their conversations.

Like, share their content. The best thing about LinkedIn is that you can know when someone publishes any article.

It’s the chance for you to improve your relationships with your connections.

#20. Use The Power of Visual Content.

If you can add the images with the links to your website, it’s really great.

A human eye is more reflective to the visual content than the written words. Embrace the visuals and add some value to your LinkedIn profile.

#21. Please, No Spelling Mistakes.

You won’t like to put an image of an immature person with many spelling mistakes in any of the sections.

I have always followed such tips for a professional LinkedIn profile. Nowadays, most of the people are Grammar Nazi.

And it doesn’t put a professional impact to anyone.

#22. Be Personal While Connecting.

You can send the personal invitation to the unknown people. The personal touch always works the best.

You can use your own words with the invitation. People would appreciate your effort to have them in your network.

#23. Connect To Twitter.

tips for a professional linkedin profile

LinkedIn profile tips and tricks include the connection of your Twitter handle. It would be better for you to get more exposure to your both the social media account.

It increases the trust. As people can know that you’re real and are available on different platforms. Sometimes, people seek for other accounts of the users.

#24. LinkedIn Gives You Freedom To Add Your Website.

If you’re running a blog or a website then you can add the URL in the “contact info” section of your profile.

You know, every single information about you is related to your work and how professional you are. More you provide the info about yourself and your work, people will trust you more.

#25. Build More Business Relationships.

All the tips for a professional LinkedIn profile would be useless if you don’t build the business relationships with your connections.

LinkedIn is a platform for the business owners. It’s not for the personal use. You can drop a flirty message to any beautiful girl.

Control your testosterone level and try to connect professionally.

What Are The LinkedIn Profile Tips And Tricks, You Are Going To Follow?

Are you going to be the person with all the section filled with the proper details or a random one who has nothing to say?

Will you use a random photo or a professional one? The profile photo is one of the first things people notice.

If you want to be a professional then LinkedIn can be your best friend. Use this opportunity and know all the tips for a professional LinkedIn profile.

What are your views? Is there something you would want to add? Everyone would love to hear that.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. There’s even more to LinkedIn than what appears to most of us. If you get a premium account, you can literally search for anyone you want, reach out to them using InMail (But please, no spamming and no pitching).

    You could get new clients, find a new job, just network the heck out the Industry, and more.

    If you so want to, you can also publish on LinkedIn Publishing, participate in LinkedIn groups and have healthy discussions (as Ravi mentioned).

    Go crazy with LinkedIn.


    P.S: Ravi, you’ve been mentioned in the latest blog

    1. Hey Ash,

      I have a major place for the LinkedIn platform in my blog promotion strategy. I have tried a premium account once for a few days. And LinkedIn is really an amazing network than its users think.

      It’s not only about finding the jobs, it’s about spreading your talent. You can get a hell lot of output.
      Thanks for sharing your ideas.

      Have a great week ahead.

  2. Hey There Ravi!! To answer your question–>> What Are The LinkedIn Profile Tips And Tricks, You Are Going To Follow? ALL OF THEM! LinkedIn is by far one the my FAVORITE SM Sites! It has made me more money then all others put together..

    People on LinkedIn are People who are seriously looking for you..

    Awesome Post My Friend.
    Off to spruce up my profile..

    Thanks! Happy Holidays.
    Chery :))

    1. Hi Chery,

      LinkedIn is such an amazing sites. I have met many people who are really good in their work. One of the best parts is the mutual connection. I am sure, you would get more positive results.
      Build your brand with a professional LinkedIn profile.

      Thanks for stopping by.
      Enjoy your day.

  3. Hello Ravi.
    I read your blog just for only entertain but it gives me the best knowledge about LinkedIn profile that how to manage it or create a best professional profile. I have an account on LinkedIn but I’m not using it daily i created it just as normal but i didn’t know about that it gives you full info about your profession, thank you so much Ravi for this valuable article shared with us. it really helps us.

    Thanks you so much
    Carleigh Diesel

  4. Hi Ravi,

    Another great post! When it comes to LinkedIn, our profiles need to be the best we can make it. Following your tips, I see I need some improvement myself. I usually update my profiles in the new year and I’m keeping this post in handy so I won’t forget a thing.

    LinkedIn is a platform that is geared more to the business mindset as well as some engagement. I haven’t tried premium yet, but it is on my to do list. I can tell you I found more people that are serious there than anywhere else. I do get good business from LinkedIn more than any other platform.

    Thanks again!


    1. Hey Donna,

      People are doing their professional job and LinkedIn is the platform to connect them with each other. Everyone knows what they need and what they can do to help others.

      The profile is what people see and decide whether they want to connect with you or not. It’simporant to keep it updated.
      Thanks for stopping by.

      Have a great week ahead.

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