21 Surprising Things To Know Before You Start A Blog

Things to know before you start a blog

Isn’t the idea of starting a new blog exciting? What about the scary side?

There are many things to know before you start a blog. In this era of blogging, people are heading towards a certain growth strategy where your blog might not stand.

Is it scary to you? Well, it should be. But you know the excitement of starting a new blog, taking the first step towards your dream of working from home beats everything.

How about I talk about some interesting stuff about blogging? There are some secrets of blogging which are yet to be revealed.

Before you start your blogging journey, you should know about a few things.

What Are The Things To Know Before You Start A Blog

The blogosphere is full of people with the dreams in their eyes and their blog is the main source. What are you going to do to be the one showing your charm?

Do you know something about blogging? Have you ever tried writing for any blog? Do you know about guest blogging?

Let me put some light on everything you should know.

#1. There Is No Fixed Time For Blogging Success

The first question people ask “how much time would it take to become a successful blogger?”.

I get such emails a lot. People are asking as if they can be the power blogger within a few months. Hell no, why are you even thinking about the time?

Blogging is a long run process which requires many years. There are millions of bloggers and you can’t just jump into the line.

#2. Consistency Is The Master Key

In the past few years, I have learned that the consistency factor is the most effective one. To build a rock-solid blog, you should remain regular.

Try to maintain your blog posts publishing schedule. People are writing and writing more and more. More you publish, more you grow.

If you are thinking about starting your blog then make sure that you have the ability to maintain the posture and regularity.

#3. Professional Blogging Isn’t Free of Cost

Everyone wants to become a professional blogger. Do you?

To start a professional blog, you need to spend some money. In today’s era of blogging, the self-hosted version of WordPress is the best platform to start with.

Buy the domain name for your blog and a few more bucks for the web hosting. There are many reputed web hosting companies like BlueHost, InmotionHosting etc.

And you want to buy a managed web hosting then WP Engine is the best you have.

A few more bucks are required to buy a nice and elegant WordPress theme. These are the things to know before you start a blog.

#4. Google Isn’t Enough To Get The Traffic, Social Media Is Also Important

things you should know before starting a blog

You may read about getting the organic traffic from Google a thousand of times. But do you know the importance of social media?

Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and many other social media platforms are there to spread your blog. During your blogging journey, you will come to know about many new things about social media.

It’s not only about adding your school friends. The professional use of social platforms should be learned.

#5. Blogging Can Bore You

Yes, in every blogger’s life, boring phase comes. When you start your blog then there are chances that the quality of the content would be great.

After some time, you may act like a mediocre.

And if you don’t get any positive results or a huge success then the boring phase will start and so do your content.

You don’t want to be a boring blogger, right?

So always maintain that spark in your content. This is one of the things to know before you start a blog.

#6. Email Marketing Is Still Alive

What’s your email address?

That question would be rolling in your head. It’s because this era is not just about writing. You have to promote your content.

You have to get some email marketing tips. It’s not always about the blog promotion, emails can be used to sell your products.

#7. Easy To Start A Blog But Hard To Keep It Going

One of the most important things to know before you start a blog. Starting a blog is so easy but the main problem comes when you try to maintain it.

Getting new visitors is easy but making them stay on your blog is so hard. You have to learn a few things.

  • making conversation
  • building community
  • analyzing their actions.

It’s a hell lot of work. Blogging isn’t a piece of cake which would melt within a minute. You have to devote, learn, teach.

#8. Are You Smart Enough To Beat Your Competitors

Before you enter in the field, you should know what’s your competitors are doing. What’s their strategy?

Do some market research and then think about starting your own blog. Have you heard a word “competition”?

Does that freak you out? Well, it’s human nature.

But the thing is how are you going to tackle this?

#9. The Content-Length Is Still An Issue

Most of the blogger prefer to write the long posts so that they can get the Google love.

But the truth is that the length of the content should be decided according to the type of the post.

I mean how can you write a post on adding a new file to WordPress in 2000 words if you can finish it in 600 words?

It’s a debatable topic but still, from my experience, you should choose the blog post length according to the niche.

If you’re writing about something technical then write about 600 words because people want the solution, they don’t come to your website about reading the stories.

If you choose any blogging niche then go for bigger posts. Say 1000 to 2000 words.

#10. Take Out Your Money from Your Pocket for Promotion

things to know before you start a blog

Do you know the 80/20 rule?

A blog consists 20% writing skills, the rest is all about its promotion. You should know how to promote your website to get 100000 visitors.

And in today’s digital world, the paid promotions are working great. You can spend some money on Facebook ads or some other paid promotions.

#11. Make The Connections Which Can Last Longer

The blogosphere is like a fair full of people enjoying their own time. You have to make them feel like connecting with you.

Make human bonds with your kind gestures. Share others content, comment on their blog posts. Use social media to influence them.

The number of connection is directly proportional to the possibility of fast success.

#12. You’re Not Alone

Would it scare you if I tell you that every second is a time to start a new blog?

Yes, people are starting their blogs every day, every minute, every second. You really need a killing strategy for your blog.

Every now and then, people are trying to get in this blogosphere. Entering without a strategy is like showing up to fight with no weapons.

#13. The Growth Isn’t Only About The Traffic.

While measuring the growth of your blog, the number of people visiting every day isn’t what you should look for.

  • check the number of comments.
  • number of shares.
  • the growth rate of your connections.

What are the blogging mistakes people made? These are the things to know before you start a blog.

#14. The Blog Design Is Always A Plus Poi

Don’t you like an attractive design?

The look of your blog matters a lot. Before you make your blog live, give it a mesmerizing look. Hire any web designer, buy a WordPress premium theme.

Build your own brand with a perfect logo. Don’t forget to add a favicon.

#15. People Will Attack You

things to know before starting a blog

Whether it’s about getting the negative comments or about the malware attacks, you will get attacked by many.

  • always have the backup.
  • use a security plugin.
  • regular scan.

You would be amazed to know the number of websites getting hacked every year. The percentage is around 70%.

You won’t like to get included on that list. So learn about WordPress security and improve your blog.

#16. SEO Is Your Another Headache

This is one of the most important things to know before you start a blog.

You should learn the basic of SEO.

  • keyword research
  • catchy blog post title
  • the use of visual content

You should know how to write an SEO-friendly article? Grab all the SEO tips and tricks from the blogosphere and apply.

#17. You Don’t Need To Be A Great Writer

Blogging is about expressing yourself through words. You don’t need to be a professional writer. Just go with the flow.

Share your thoughts.

In the starting days, you may get scared of those high authority words people use. But don’t you worry about anything.

Just enjoy blogging.

#18. Money, Money, Money

This is another side of blogging. It’s money making blogging. From all the things to know before you start a blog, this is the one people would love.

Don’t you like those shining currency symbols?

No one can deny it. If you do it right, blogging can make your rich. You can live just with your blog and the blogging skills.

#19. No Compromise With The Quality

SEO is important but it keeps changing with each update of Google algorithms. But the qualitative content always remains in the market.

No one can eliminate the best content from the search engine. You should always try to maintain the quality of the content.

Don’t focus on the quantity, just go with the best content.

#20. Every Single Post Requires The Visual Content

things to know before you start a blog

Everyone loves the effective images and videos. Nowadays, people are using the infographics, GIFs etc.

You should never forget to add the images to your each blog post. Know the need for the visual content and attract more people.

#21. Don’t Forget To Have Fun

I have experienced the sense of losing the fun while blogging. Don’t take everything so serious. Blogging is fun, just enjoy every moment.

Whenever you start writing a blog post, just think about the day you used to dream about being a blogger and the day you will be the one in a million bloggers.

Are You Ready With All The Things To Know Before You Start A Blog

What do you think now? Are you going to start your own blog this year? Are you waiting for the right time when the blogosphere will have space for you?

Well, the whole blogosphere can’t come down just to pick you up. You have to do something to show your charm.

In this new era of blogging, there are many things to before you start a blog as mentioned above. The thing is how are you going to take each point?

What are your blogging goals, strategies? Can you stand in this competitive world? Look around you and get ready to play a one on one match.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Good stuff Ravi,

    First, I totally agree with you about consistency. No matter what the pattern is, no blog can be successful without that.

    Second, you mentioned out of pocket cost but I’m going to add that there’s a cost involved in writing and maintaining a blog. Whether the person is doing one or the other or paying someone to handle either of these, there’s always a cost… hopefully overcome if the blog becomes successful.

    I also like #12. It can feel like a lonely process but there are lots of other bloggers out there who are willing to help or possibly have content on their blogs that’s helpful. We can also connect on social media… which didn’t exist when I started all those years ago. 🙂

    1. Hey Mitch,

      I agree with your point. There is always a cost. If you’re the only one writing then the cost of your time should be calculated. People need to invest something.

      The maintenance of a blog consists a few buck whether it’s only about the writing stuff or about the promotion of the content.

      Many bloggers get disappointed when they don’t meet the other bloggers. It’s a solo journey but people are out there in the blogosphere to connect with.
      Thanks for your wonderful comment.
      Have a great day.

  2. Oh, I have to agree. Each of your points can actually make for a post by itself.

    Easy to start blogging but hard to continue
    SEO, Security, networking with others, staying consistent (for years), writing better stuff all the time.

    It’s actually like any other business (except that blogging is easier to start) — it takes years before you break even and even longer to actually make a profit and sustain the business that way.

    No one said it’s going to be easy 🙂

    But I guess the journey becomes a lot easier with a wee bit of planning, making friends online, and staying grounded while still being passionate.


    1. Hey Ash,

      From the past decade of blogging, people are trying hard to understand the concept of blogging success. Only time can show what you achieve.

      The SEO factor should be maintained to get the love from Google and other search engines.

      People should know that starting a blog seems a pie but to keep up with it, you should know the procedure to cook a cake.

      Thanks for sharing your words.
      Have a great week ahead.

  3. Hey Ravi,

    Different social media platforms are highly responsible to get huge traffic to our blog. Now-a-days, almost people spends approx. 1/2 hour on social platforms to aware with world’s atmosphere so, it good opportunity to promote with these social platform for better result. Eventually, thanks for sharing your worthy facts with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

    1. Hi Amar,

      No doubt that social media platforms are the source of traffic and you should learn their proper use. Before you start your blog, there are many other things should be known.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a nice day.

    1. Hey Brandon,

      Blogging takes much time than you expect. You should stick with your projects. Always try to maintain the consistency because people are out there with the same pace.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Accepting the fixed time point made all the difference for me Ravi. Like I had images in mind, and tied to outcomes and deadlines, then gradually learned; all happens on its own time. This freed me. Frees other bloggers too. Be patient, and persistent, and helpful, and willing to serve. Dive into fears daily. Keep meeting new bloggers. Bond with old bloggers. Follow your fun. Success finds you.

    Rocking tips bro.


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