How to Start Your Online Store Using WordPress in 2018

start your online store using WordPress

No doubt that people are more into selling things these days. Everyone is fond of online shopping. Have you ever thought to start your online store using WordPress?

Yes, WordPress is the platform you can use to build your new brand where you can sell your digital products or anything you like.

Most of the people get scared because of the technical aspects of doing so, but in this guide, you will learn to do it yourself without any technical knowledge.

You can easily start your online store using WordPress within a few minutes.

The Things Required to Start Your Online Store

Let me walk you through the basic things about which, you should be known. It’s same as you start a WordPress blog.

The only difference is that here you have to integrate your simple WordPress installation with Woocommerce platform.

Basically, there are two platforms to start an online store. Either you use Shopify or Woocommerce.

Though Shopify is a bit costly so we recommend WordPress integrated with Woocommerce. Let me mention the necessary points.

  • A Domain Name
  • A Web Hosting Plan
  • An SSL Certificate
  • Setting up your online store
  • Do Necessary WordPress Settings
  • Setting up Woocommerce
  • Adding the products

These are the steps needed to start your online store using WordPress.

#1. Setting Up Your Online Store

You may be wondering as if why did I skip first three steps. Well, you would be happy to know that all the things will be covered in this one step.

To start your own blog or an online store, you need a domain name (e.g and the web hosting ( the space for your website).

We recommend Bluehost which provides one free domain name and the free SSL certificate for one year.

With your web hosting plan, you will get all the things integrated. And the best part is that it’s specially provided for the people who want to use Woocommerce platform with WordPress.

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It will take you to the official website of Bluehost from which, you can buy a web hosting and setup your online store.

You will see WordPress+Woocommerce and the button to “Get Started Now”. Click on that and a new page will get opened.

You will see different plans of the web hosting. Depending on your needs, you can choose any. But for better performance, it’s always recommended to choose the top most plan.

Start your online store

Now is the time to buy your domain name for free.

You can either use your old domain name or buy a new one. Depending on your choice, fill it and continue finishing the whole process.

how to start your own online store

Then you will be asked to fill your account details. These will consist your personal details regarding your name and address.

And you will be shown the plan you have chosen, it would be different depending on the time period you choose.

Take your decision and finalize the plan duration. There will also be some extra features related to the website security and the domain privacy.

If you don’t want these extra features, no need to click the radio button for those.

Fill the payment details and pay the money. You will get the confirmation email and congrats, you have successfully bought a domain name, a web hosting plan, and the SSL certificate.

You will get your login credentials and when you login to your WordPress dashboard, you will see that Bluehost has already installed WordPress and Woocommerce together.

NOTE: If you’re buying any other web hosting then you can also install the Woocommerce plugin.

#2. WordPress Settings

Just after installing WordPress, there are a few settings which need to be done. You have just bought the SSL certificate.

Now you need to implement it. First of all, you have to add the proper site URL.

NOTE: You have to activate the SSL from your Bluehost account if haven’t done it.

Go to Settings>>General and you will see the WordPress URL and Site URL. Both should be the same. Add the HTTPS to use the SSL.

start your own online store on wordpress

You also need to add the name and the tagline of your online store.

Save the settings and you’re all set you toย start your online store using WordPress.

#3. Setting up Woocommerce

On the WordPress dashboard, you will see a notification to check the guide. You don’t need that, just dismiss it and later on, you will see a button to run the Woocommerce setup.

NOTE: If you have used any other web hosting and used the Woocommerce plugin then just click on the Woocommerce option.

In both the cases, you will reach to the Woocommerce setting page.

Start your online store with Woocommerce

You will see a message “Welcome to the Woocommerce World” on this page. Just click on the “Let’s Go” button.

To start your online store using WordPress and Woocommerce, you would require a few basic pages like Shop, Cart, Check out, and My account.

start a woocommerce online store

Click on the Continue button and Woocommerce will automatically add these pages.

Your store requires a location. Whether you’re in the USA or in any other country, you have to mention it for the payment purpose.

The payment will be made depending on the currency you select here.

Online store

Add the location and the currency of your country. Click on the continue button for more.

Just like that, you have to enable the shipping. Later on, you need to setup the payment method. We recommend you to use PayPal Standard which works smoothly.

Woocommerce store

There are many people who want to use Stripe, well, it’s up to you.

You have successfully setup the Woocommerce platform. Now either you start adding your first product from here or click on the return to the WordPress Dashboard link shown below at this page.

#4. Adding the Products to Your Online Store

Well, now is the time. To start your online store using WordPress, you have to add the products to get displayed on your website.

It can be easily done. Just go to Products>>Add New from the WordPress dashboard and you will see the same editor as you see for adding a new post.

start your online store using wordpress

The only difference will be for the details of the products, you will see many extra options to add the price, the photos and lot more for your product.

Once you fill all the details, click on the publish button and your product will get added to the page you have created for shopping.

You can add as many products you want just by following the same process.

#5. Choose the WordPress Theme

Now you have to choose the theme for your online store. Not every WordPress theme is compatible with Woocommerce.

Either you buy a new theme which Woocommerce compatible or make it work with Woocommerce by adding some extra files.

Bluehost will automatically install a theme which can work perfectly fine. Either you customize it your own or hire a web designer.

Though there are many other theme providers which can provide you a ready-made Woocommerce theme. It’s up to you what you choose.

I Hope You Can Easily Start Your Online Store Using WordPress Now

If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you can start your online store using WordPress within few minutes.

We have recommended Bluehost because it will make easy for you setup Woocommerce because everything comes built-in.

And to receive the payments, it’s very important to enable SSL certificateย on your store. Bluehost is providing it for free.

Woocommerce is the call for you. Right now, nothing is better than Woocommerce. I hope now you can start your online store using WordPress. If face any problem, feel free to reach us.

You can also connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hello Ravi,

    Great tips over here ๐Ÿ™‚

    In this era of digitization every body is going online. People love to shop online and catchy products do attract them.

    I never knew that we can go for an online store even on WordPress.

    The screen shots have made it so easier to get feed in mind how to deal with this easily.

    Thanks for sharing this among us.


  2. Hi Ravi,

    Woo Commerce is an easy way to sell products online. I’ve actually set up it up before for a client of mine. Once it’s set up it’s easy to go in and set up products.

    Your tutorial definitely makes it easy for anyone to understand who hasn’t worked with it before.

    It’s nice to know that hosting companies like BlueHost make it extremely easy to get it set up on WordPress.

    Thanks for taking the time to share this tutorial with us. No doubt it will help anyone who wants to start selling products on their website.

    Have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Hey Susan,

      I have used it many times and the company like Bluehost makes it easy. In the past few years, people have turned more into e-commerce market because people feel comfortable choosing the products from their homes.

      I am glad that you have also experienced this.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Hello Ravi,

    Awesome on starting a new online store. I still remember my early days when I just enter the freelancer world and have installed 100’s of the script for my client. I had installed woocommerce for some of my clients as in Majority I install CMS like Opencart, Prestashop etc. Like other e-commerce platform woocommerce is easy to manage and setup. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips to setup a store with WordPress and Woocommerce.

    Have a Great Day ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi Ravi,

    Thanks for putting this post together. This is going to make it easy for anyone who wants to set up an online store using WordPress themselves. I always use WooCommerce when setting up an online store for a client – it’s certainly user-friendly and so easy to install and set up.

    I’m definitely passing this along! Have a great day and week!


    1. Hey Cori,

      WordPress+WooCommerce makes it so easy to start an online shopping website. I have seen people struggling with Shopify and other platforms. WordPress is the ultimate solution to every problem.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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