Some Deadly Mistakes of Entrepreneurs Which Can Ruin Their Business

deadly mistakes of entrepreneurs

While handling a business you may find many common mistakes of Entrepreneurs which may be dangerous for their business.

As you all know that online business is at its peak in this new era of the Internet and many people are adding them in Entrepreneur’s list.

But do they know about Entrepreneurs mistakes? Are they aware as there are some things they need to know before starting their online business?

It’s always a mysterious question for the people who are going to enter this new world of online business. How about having a look at some deadly mistakes of Entrepreneurs?

In this, you will come to know about some amazing facts about Entrepreneurs.

Though we all are humans and mistakes are the part of our life but still it’s better to know about them so that we can take care while doing our business.

10 Common mistakes of Entrepreneurs you should know

While running a business it’s hard to run it perfectly and there are many things which go wrong in between. As people are thinking to become Entrepreneur to make some dollars by promoting their product and services they should have some idea about some stuff to keep in their mind.

You may have read about Entrepreneurs habits now it’s time to know their mistakes.

1). Hiring wrong people for their work.

Successful Entrepreneurs have a special quality to do the perfect selection of the employees for their business but some Entrepreneur forget to do it correctly. They forget to focus at their business need while hiring anyone.

For an Entrepreneur his/her business is the main concern but when it comes to choose, anyone to do work for them then they should concentrate so that they can hire accurate one.

It’s of no use to hire a person who knows about technology and you hire him/her for your promotion services. Go for the one who has some knowledge about the work you are going to provide him/her.

2). Are you waiting for long?

Many Entrepreneurs wait too long to launch their product because they feel like time is not in favor of them. They don’t have enough visitors to their blog.

They wait for months, years and finally there come a time when they feel like they have lost the original value of their product.

It’s recommended that people should focus on their work but don’t need to wait too long. Go ahead and show your product, service and else to the world.

3). You try to handle alone.

This is one of the deadly mistakes of Entrepreneurs. Many people think that they have their own business and don’t need any help from others. Is it really so? I mean it’s nearly impossible to grow your online business without hiring proper employees.

Try to engage with the people which can help you to boost up your business. If you are already making some money then you can hire any social media manager, promotion consultant and else. It’s up to you and your business.

4). You don’t listen to your clients.

Think about your customer’s demand. How can you come to know about their need? You are not an astrologer who can do it within few minutes.

If you know what your customers want then you need to listen to them. You can use social media to connect with them.

You can lose your online reputation if you don’t have time to know about your client’s need. Try to build a reputation by which your customers give positive reviews about you and your product.

5). Don’t stick to your topic.

 While doing a business it’s important sticking to your topic or product. I don’t mean to say that you shouldn’t spread up no one can say that but the important thing is while going with the topic which is your passion and work will be beneficial to provide better service to your customers.

If you continue to work with your topic then you will be able to build a competitive business online.

6). Afraid to take risks.

This is also added in the common mistakes of Entrepreneurs. Many people get afraid to take risks in their online business. An Entrepreneur should try their new ideas to implement, their products to launch so that they can take their business to the next level.

Taking risks is the part of any business whether it’s online or offline. People can’t get the success until they dare to reach to the next level.

7). Mismatched of your aim.

If you don’t have any idea about the aim you have set up your business then how can you accept it to know from your customers, employees, partners and else?

First, make it clear that for what you are working? Make your vision clear and you will reach a new peak of success. Great things happen only when clarity is maintained.

8). You give up easily.

In every business ups and downs come then it doesn’t mean that you will give up. This is one of the deadly mistakes of Entrepreneurs.

How can you give up so easily with your business? Many new Entrepreneurs try hard in the starting days but when they face downs in their business and don’t see any hope then they feel like giving up.

Giving up is not a solution for anything. Entrepreneurs should have faith at their hard work. They will surely get positive output.

There is nothing which lasts longer and there come a good time to you which will bring a revolutionary change.

9). You are not ready to distribute.

For every business, there exist many business owners who have their reputation. You will meet many competitors in online business.

You must know that to beat those people you have to take some help from brokers, marketers and else.

Ask them to sell your product. You will know the real value of your product by approaching them. They will help you to promote your product and increasing your online value.

10). Don’t know the real cost.

Many new Entrepreneurs don’t know the real cost of their business. They don’t have any idea how to pay to the people they hire.

What about other partners? Money always has it’s great concern and Entrepreneurs should know the real cost what they need to pay for running their business.

No one can make money in his/her starting days. Entrepreneurs should make a schedule for work and have some knowledge about money management so that they can run their business profitably.

Entrepreneurs mistakes can be corrected

You have heard that if you do any mistake then you can correct it. But in my opinion, it’s better to know about those mistakes before starting your business.

You can avoid these deadly mistakes of Entrepreneurs only when you try to have a look at every step you take while boosting up your business.

It’s up to you whether you want to face the failure or success. Choose is yours. Always try to maintain dignity in your work and you will get positive results. Maybe not so faster but for sure. If you still have some issue then I would like to hear from you.:)

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hey Ravi,

    This post won my heart, this completely resonates with my journey. I hired the wrong people, i waited too long and i tried to handle it alone but i didn’t give up. I’m still working but now i’m converting my ideas into products and i have a team of like minded people who are ready to work for my business.

    I liked #8 as a lot of people aren’t ready to distribute, they don’t know that their tough competitors are their prime helpers.

    Thanks for the wonderful write-up.


    1. Hi Siraj,

      In the journey of becoming en Entrepreneur there are many obstacles you should cross.
      But there are many people just give up in midway and get afraid to invest more. Risks are always there in every field then why not here in your online business.

      Many Entrepreneurs hire wrong people to do their work which can be their biggest mistake.
      Try to find someone who can work for you the way you want.

      Off course people should take some help from their competitors so that they can have some boost in their business. Distribution is always important.

      Thanks for your wonderful comment. Good to hear from you.:)

      Have a peaceful week.:)


  2. Hi Ravi,
    These are the major challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Some entrepreneurs also lack passion, they seem not to like what they are actually doing, some also give up easily perhaps due to unforseen circumstances. Well, thanks for sharing and do have a nice weekend..

    1. Hi Victor,

      Good to see you at my blog.:)

      Well challenges are faced by everyone in his/her life but does it mean to quit? I don’t think so.
      If people want to achieve something then it’s necessary to have focus at their work with patience.

      Thanks for your input.

      Hope to see you soon.:)


  3. Hi Ravi, i quite agree with you, your 10 points are awesome i must say, in life when a man does not know where he is actually going, anywhere he gets to looks like it.

    1. Hi Emebu,

      We are humans and do many mistakes while handling any business.

      But people need to know about some common mistakes so that they can avoid these mistakes in future.

      Thanks for visiting.:)

      Enjoy your stay.


  4. Excellent tips Ravi!

    Unfortunately you reveal ten all too commonly and some what avoidable mistakes, that far too many otherwise extremely savvy entrepreneurs make!

    Sadly, over the years, especially in the beginning, I made several of these as well! But as you so wisely pointed out, the key is to constantly grow from our inevitable mistakes!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Mark,

      Welcome to my blog.:)

      Mistakes are always unfortunate but we you can’t deny that these common mistakes are repeated my many Entrepreneurs.
      People want o grow faster but they forget to focus at their path. It’s always recommended that people should focus at their work and have a clear vision.

      In the starting phase of any business most of people do such common mistakes as we all learn from our mistakes.

      Thanks for your wonderful input.
      Hope to see you soon.:)

      Have a good week ahead.


  5. Hi Ravi This is Great Your Article And Really Wonderfull Work Ammezing Your Blog I like It Your Post And Awesome Content Thanks For Sharing Me And Keep it Up

  6. Ravi, you’re right that thesedays there is a great increase in the number of people who want to be online entrepreneurs. Online or offline, the mistake that entrepreneurs make and the solutions for success can be the same.

    We’ve never hired anybody, but all we know is that if we have an empolyee, that person should be able to do the work as we do, or even in a better way. So yes, hiring the right person is very important.

    I’d say timing of launch of any product is cruicial, but you need to also work on your instincts and have an undercurrent to act, act fast! Too much of thnking and planning also can bog you down, so one needs to be careful with that. And its not only about business but just about anything, if you want to be successful in managing, you need to delegate and have team work. Taking it all on yourself does more harm than good.

    Read the tips from any successful person, and they all say they took risks, sometimes calculated risks. So having a purpose, good commujnicaiton, management, determination, etc are truly the way to go to be successful in anything, including business.

    That’s really a good round up of all the deadly mistake of entreprenerus and also the secret of success can be easily decoded from these points. Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Vinay

    1. Hi Vinay,

      It’s my honor to welcome you at my blog.:)

      Yeah! now a day more and more are adding in the Entrepreneurs race and people want to build their online business. As money is the concern for everyone.
      While pursuing to any business there are greater chances to make mistakes.

      Many people try to handle their blog/business as their own but it may lead to stress and finally to the failure. You have never hired anyone but you have mentioned as “we”, it means you are not alone. You, Harleena and may be some other people are there to handle your business.
      But still if any business owner wants to hire any employee then he/she must make sure that employee should know about the work.

      Timing always matters. If you wait too long you will never know when will your competitors beat you. Entrepreneurs should have a team to make plans for launching, for promotion, communicating to others and much more. It can’t be done alone.
      A perfect team always works good.:)

      Taking risks is a part of our life and in online business it is a must to do thing because without risk you can’t reach to your goal.

      Thanks a lot for your remarkable comment.:)

      Hope to see you soon.

      Have a successful week ahead.:)


  7. Hi Ravi,

    Excellent post! 🙂

    I think the toughest part of being an entrepreneur is dealing with money. Whether this how much to charge a particular client or how much to pay your colleague and helpers.

    I think it’s always good to outsource. We all need help in our business. We can’t be everything and wear too many hats. Other people can do a better job in editing, designing, writing, optimizing, coding, etc.

    Networking and Relationship are so important in a business. Because one day you’ll need help and if you only have that good of a relationship with someone, your greatest client is right in front of your nose.

    For instance, when I was trying to look for a new hosting service, my friend Susan came to the rescue. She and I are both Graphic Designers. We first engaged at Google+. We had correspondence back and forth for a loooooong time, a year before I became their client. She didn’t try to sell anything to me. One day I asked her if she could recommend me to a new hosting service, and I didn’t even know that her husband own a hosting service and it’s been pretty successful. At the time they were only hosting their own clients (the one they designed website for) and now they extended to me because she trusts me. They gained a client which is me and I gained a reliable hosting partner who I can really rely on, sleep at night without worry. Have we not have THAT relationship in the past, have she ignored me in the past, we would have not connected at all.

    So never assume that your engagement online is a waste of time because that person you’re talking now may be your client tomorrow, or someone who would rescue you from a very horrible situation.

    Anyway, I wish you a happy weekend.


    1. Hey Angela,

      Relationship building is always a great stuff to work up on.
      There are millions of websites and their millions of owner who try to sell their product but in actual sense they can get succeed until they have any bond with their customers.

      When I entered in this wide spread are of blogosphere I didn’t have any idea that one day I will come to know about some amazing personalities like you, Harleena, Adrienne, Donna and many more. Making human bonds is always helpful.
      If we help others then only they will come forward to help us.

      Managing money in an online business is one of the biggest headache for Entrepreneurs. How much to pay? Whom to pay? Do they need to hire any social media manager and much more?

      But you know no one is perfect and do some silly mistakes. There are some common mistakes which may should be avoided if you don’t want to get disappointed in future.

      Thanks for you extraordinary comment.:)

      You too have an amazing weekend.


  8. Hi Ravi

    I can relate to many of your “mistakes” – having made them in the past.

    One I am getting better at is “not getting help” because I felt that no-one else would do it as well as I would. I have now out-sourced a few jobs, choosing ones I disliked myself and “wanted rid of”. Having been pleased with the results and the time saved, I am encouraged to do more.

    My other problem (related) is being a perfectionist and never knowing when to stop and hit publish! Still working on that one 🙂


    1. Hi Joy,

      Not getting any help from others is good because you become better with the time.
      But still it takes a lot of efforts to handle any business alone. Running any business alone is not a good selection but there always comes a stuff, it’s the matter of choice.

      We all want perfection in our work and it’s not a mistake, it’s the quality. 😉

      Thanks for taking time to say your words.

      Have a great week ahead.:)


  9. Hey Ravi bro,

    hahahah!! you are right hiring wrong people is most common and main mistake of Entrepreneurs that’s why now they are not giving much projects for any new companies.

    By the way you post is really Nice.

    Thanks for Share 🙂

    1. Hi Siddharth,

      Yeah! Entrepreneurs hire wrong people to work for them while lead to disaster for them.
      How can you any employee who don’t even know about the work you are asking him/his to do? If you want to hire anyone then first know his/her experience, talent and then say yes to him/her.

      Thanks for taking time to visit my blog.:)

      Enjoy your stay.


  10. Hi Ravi,
    Wonderful post no doubt most of the newbies did these silly mistakes in begging but with the passage of time they overcome. Thanks for sharing such an excellent post in which you share some great tips about mistakes which destroys online business.

  11. Excellent post Ravi 🙂

    Hiring wrong people, waiting for a long time and not taking risk are the mistakes done by many.

    Mistakes will be there… failures and success are part and parcel. You need to have an attitude of NEVER giving up and clear vision.
    Have a great week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Shabnam,

      You will meet many people who start their business with full confidence but after some time they lag behind due to falling in their level of confidence.
      They lose their patience and finally give up.

      Many Entrepreneurs hire wrong people for their business to help them which may become the reason of their failure.
      Thanks for appreciating and taking time to comment.

      You also have a remarkable weekend.:)


  12. Hi Ravi,

    Wow, what a captivating headline – it piqued my interest. Yes, it is very challenging to run an online business, so the points you make are excellent help for this.

    Hiring the wrong people for the work at hand is a critical mistake that can have devastating and detrimental long term effects. I do have a small team, but they were hand chosen from dozens of applicants, and have worked out quite well.

    I can definitely relate to number two. I did wait too long to put anything out of m own because I was not confident enough, I suppose. Experience is gained by doing, and that takes time.

    Listening is half the equation of communication – so very important, as you point out. Reputation is very important, and if only for that, it’s wise to heed these words of wisdom.

    Staying on track with regard to niche is important, and venturing off topic once in a while to show more personality is fun, however, so I think that can be afforded.

    I’ve seen so many entrepreneurs give up all too easily, and I try to encourage folks as much as I can.

    You’re right, it’s better to know about the potential pitfalls before starting an online business, so your list is a good resource for anyone thinking about it.

    Ultimately success is up to us, I agree – will be sharing these deadly mistakes of entrepreneurs so my friends will know what to avoid.

    Thanks for sharing.
    – Carol 🙂

    1. Hi Carol,

      It has always experienced that people who try to expand their business face problem in hiring employees for their business. They hire wrong employees and their business has turned to the pit.

      No one is perfect until they try to show their interest in any stuff. Entrepreneurs wait for long to launch their product as they fear that something will go wrong.
      Life is full of risks and people need to take risks if they want to get some positive output from their business.

      Giving up is the main deadly mistake done by many new Entrepreneurs. How can they do that? I every business us and downs come but it doesn’t mean that they give up so easily. Having patience is the key of success.

      Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts.

      Have a great weekend.:)


  13. Great.. you have shared nice tips on entrepreneurship. yes i do agree hiring right people is one of the most essential factor as if you don’t get a nice set of people it can ruin your business much more earlier than it could have been otherwise.

  14. Hi Ravi,
    Your 2nd point really caught my attention. Many new entrepreneurs think they have to wait for their traffic to grow substantially before launching.

    I believe it’s better to launch your product right from the beginning.
    In the beginning I used to be scared of taking risks for the fear of losing money but nowadays I’m more confident to try out new ventures.

    Thanks for the write up!

    1. Hi Norbert,

      Welcome to my blog.:)

      There are many things which matter while launching any product. Waiting for long time is not good but waiting for the perfect time is the key.;)

      When you don’t have enough traffic then it wouldn’t be possible to sell your product because you wouldn’t have any audience to promote your product.
      Risks are the part of our life and we should take few to increase our business level.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your input.

      Hope to see you again.
      Have a wonderful weekend.:)


  15. Hey Ravi,

    One of the worst mistakes you can do is not know what your customers want. I had this experience with a salesman when I went on vacation a couple of weeks ago. And I do have to say that it was pretty irritating for me, and what’s worse is that he was trying to convince me to look into and possible purchase something I wasn’t really interested in. I just wanted to relax LOL

    Another mistake that you mention is that people try to run their business alone… you will drive yourself crazy trying to do this. This is where leverage can help! You definitely want to learn how to work smarter, getting more done using less of your energy. This is key to entrepreneurship!

    And in point 8, we all get that feeling of giving up. This when you turn your focus on why you’re doing this and figure out if this is your passion or if something else is…. When you have passion then the obstacles that gets in your way will have a hard time sway you away from what you’re doing! It’s why it’s so important to figure out what you love to do and follow through!

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great week!

    1. Hi Sherman,

      You will many Entrepreneurs who will try to convince you to buy their product if after you gave negative reviews to them. Don’t know but there are many people who just want to sell their product but they forget to choose correct customer. One of the salesman came to me for selling his own written book. I mean how could he?

      I guess there are many people who try to handle their business their own because they don’t like to share their business. But after some time they feel like something is missing and that particular thing is the support of other people. A team always do good work.

      We can’t say anything to the people who give up while doing their job or running any business. How can they go back and see their work to flow like waste? They should get some motivation to work hard.

      Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment.

      Have a nice weekend.:)


  16. Hello Ravi,

    I am totally agreed with your tips. Entrepreneurship is another name for taking risk up to certain level. You have to take care of each and every point to become successful entrepreneur.

    1. Hi Archana,

      Welcome to my blog.:)
      Off course if you want to become an Entrepreneur then you have to take risks.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your input.

      Thanks for visiting.
      Hope to see you again.


  17. Hi Ravi,

    Informative article. I loved every point you put forward, you present it very well. 🙂

    Indeed, these are deadly mistakes we need to know. Entrepreneurs must be willing to take risks even though it’s a big risk. If something had a big risk, then usually there is a diamond in it.

    If you are afraid of the risk, then you better stop being entrepreneurs. So also easily give up.

    Thanks for sharing this, Ravi.
    Nice share!


    1. Hi Nanda,

      Entrepreneurship is a business which is full of joy and risks too. Without any risk no one can lead in forward.
      There comes many chances which are diplomatic and people need to go for their choice which can be proved as a revolutionary change in their business.

      Fear is the enemy of success and if you are afraid to take risks or to launch your product then it’s hard to say that you can get success in your business.

      Thanks for putting your input.:)

      Have a great week ahead.:)


  18. Hi Ravi,

    In ten years as an entrepreneur I’ve learned that sometimes the only way to learn is to make the mistakes.

    They may feel deadly in the moment, but in reality they are far from it. It just takes perseverance and endurance to get through it and learn your lessons.

    That’s the real key! I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met who don’t have a clue and keep making the same mistakes over-and-over again. At some point when do they turn from mistakes and bad decisions to intentional idiocy?

    At different points along the way I’ve made a number of these mistakes. I hired the wrong people, I went at it alone, I didn’t feel ready to launch a product or service because I wanted a bigger audience…

    You learn. The reason most make these mistakes is because of fear and insecurity. We all have it and none of us are immune to it. That’s why we need a business coach or mentor who has been there and done that.

    I have always felt and known that I will make mistakes. But if I can learn from someone else how to avoid them that would be better.

    Great post Ravi!!! I appreciate you sharing this much needed article!

    ~ Don Purdum

    1. Hi Don,

      First of all I would like to welcome you at my blog.:)

      I am glad to have you here at my blog.
      You have a great point in your words. We learn from our mistakes. There is no one perfect who never done any mistake in his/her life. While running any business Entrepreneurs face many ups and downs.
      They do many mistake in their journey. Though I don’t have much experience like you but still I have experienced that a person who try to build up his/her business alone they the only thing he/she has is stress.

      Failure follow business owners and Entrepreneurs and if they take any vulnerable step then it may tend to ruin their business.
      People should be ready to distribute and should take help of others. They need to hire right people to support their business.

      Success has the path full of mistakes and we all should be ready to learn from our mistakes.:)

      Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful thoughts.

      Have a great successful week ahead.:)


  19. Hey Ravi,

    You’re definitely talking to me here my friend.

    Number two really stuck out to me since that’s exactly what I’m going through right now. Granted, most people don’t know this but the product I’m creating is actually my third one. Yep, I had two before that and the first one bombed big time but I admit not knowing what I was doing but took the advice of people around me that I needed to get something out there.

    The second one did pretty well but ran it’s course. This one I’m a nervous wreck over because I just want it to be good enough. I want it to be what my audience has asked for and I’m just scared that I’ll fall short some how.

    Not hiring enough people or hiring the wrong ones, I’ve done both. I like to do a lot of the work myself because I like to learn how it’s done. Could I be doing other things instead? Of course I could but I’m not made of money so I do it in my “spare” time which is why I’m always behind doing things. I’ve had to hire some people to do things for me I didn’t know how to do and some didn’t turn out so well but I think that’s just the way it goes.

    I “think” I’m good with everything else and you are pretty spot on with these tips. Great job and sorry I’m so late getting by. Well, you know I’ll eventually get here. 😉

    Have a great rest of your week Ravi.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      You don’t need to worry about anything. You are an amazing blogger with multi-talent.:)

      Launching any product requires many steps. You need to check whether your product is compatible with your audience or not? Do it fulfill all the requirements your customers asked for? But in my opinion you have enough traffic to make them aware about your new launch.

      I agree that we should work as our own but you know when it comes about spreading our business then we need to take some help from others. We should hire other people to do the work we are not aware of.

      Many Entrepreneur do the mistake of hiring wrong employee to work for them. It may lead to falling in their business.

      You are never late in the party, nothing to sorry about. You rock like always.:)

      You too enjoy your week ahead


  20. Hello Ravi,
    Right now most of the people are now turning Entrepreneurs and those who are already into this business make mistakes and get busted. These are some really good points shared by you very clearly. And the mistakes are themselves the solution. And Entrepreneurship is taking risks so one should not be afraid of taking steps that can bring a lot of positive feedback. Also if one fails at first then he/she should keep on trying to get on top. That is the success mantra for every business.

    1. Hi Aditya,

      Business is full of ups and downs and Entrepreneurs shouldn’t be afraid to try new things.
      Consistency always adds some extra value to any business. There are many people who start their business with a blast but after sometime they face problem in handling their business and finally they quit. I mean how can they see their business to go through this phase? They need to work hard to build it again.

      Great to see you again.:)

      Enjoy your stay.


  21. Hey Ravi,

    Great post.

    “Many Entrepreneurs wait too long to launch their product because they feel like time is not in favor of them. They don’t have enough visitors to their blog”

    That’s a problem alot of people have, even myself at times when it comes to certain products, but entrepreneurs have to realize that there never is going to be a special time to DO something. You just have to do it. Take that risk.

    Last point I want to touch on is giving up too easily. This is mainly caused by the fact that they were given false information that what they’re trying to do would be easy. And when they realized that it actually entailed “work” they didn’t want to do it.

    Happens all too often.

    Great post. Hope you have a great weekend.

    – Andrew

    1. Hi Andrew,

      You know time is very precious but waiting a long for perfect time to anything is not good.
      If Entrepreneurs want to get success then they have to make their in the favor not just to wait.

      Risk are the boosting secret of success. People should take risks and show their audience that they can do it better.

      Giving up is the not solution. People should work hard and maintain consistency.

      Great to hear from you.:)

      You too have a rocking weekend.


  22. Hello Ravi, I was visiting Don;s blog tonight and he stated that your were one of his top bloggers of the week so I decided it was high time I paid you a visit and here I am..

    I love all your points as well as the way you shared each but I do think that mistakes are a good thing.. Really! That is if we learn from them of course..
    Great Article, Thanks for sharing .. Chery :))

    1. Hi Chery,

      Thanks for your warm wishes.:)
      Don is so kind to me.

      Off course mistakes are the part of our life and good for us. We are humans and do mistakes so that we can learn from them.

      But it’s better to keep these mistakes in our mind so that we can avoid them when time comes.

      I am glad to see you here at my blog.

      Have a wonderful week.:)


  23. Agree completely with point #4- I once heard someone say, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

  24. Great list. However the most important thing to succeed in any business is to concentrate on a particular thing as you have mentioned. It’s like being homogeneous not heterogeneous at the beginning. People should not go on blind faith about something rather use their mind to do the intelligent work. Learning all the techniques of doing a business is important and also not giving up easily if is a good plan. If you got a plan show it to people you trust and take their opinion and then proceed ahead.

    1. Hi Anurag,

      We all do mistakes but as you have explained that its about your thoughts and the way you approach towards your goals. Many people just go further without having any strategy which is not a great idea. They do mistakes which costs a lot in their business.
      Even in your life you need to take your decisions carefully because one wrong move can ruin you.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts.

      Have a wonderful week ahead.:)


    1. Hi Rajaraman,

      Many people do mistakes which can ruin their career. In entrepreneurship small steps matter a lot for your business. One wrong decision and you are gone. If you want to become a great entrepreneur then you have to avoid these mistakes. Many people think only about money which is not only thing to look upon.Your customers should be your only priority.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Enjoy your day.:)

      1. Hi Ravi,
        In any business, small steps only leads to big success. So those small steps are very important. Similarly, in any business, ‘customer is king’.

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