Save Money and Start Your New Venture: 60%+ off on Everything

save money and start your new venture

This is one of the biggest opportunities to save your money. As you know, Black Friday week is going on and people are crazy about its sale. You can save money and start your new venture in no time.

In the last couple of years, the Black Friday has become so popular not only in the US but the whole world. People are trying to build a home business through blogging.

You can buy the required things to start and enhance your blogging career. Whether we talk about the web hosting or the email marketing tools you require to build your email marketing audience.

Every blogger should buy these tools at such amazing during of the time. Every company is providing more than 60% discount.

I am going to list down the reliable companies which can help you save money and start your new venture.

Let me categorize these into different sectors

As mentioned earlier, you can get an affordable web hosting, the WordPress themes and much more.

  • Web Hostings
  • Email Marketing Tools
  • WordPress Premium Themes
  • Premium Plugins

I am going to list down all the companies which can help you get more discount and their 24*7 service.

#1. Bluehost Web Hosting

You may already know that Bluehost is one of the world’s largest and the most used web hosting companies. They’re providing amazing offers on everything.

Whether you buy a shared web hosting or the VPS server, you get the maximum discount. The starting price is just $2.65 per month. You can easily start a WordPress blog on Bluehost.

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#2. InmotionHosting

Well, this is something I would recommend. I have been using it for many years and they have the best customer service and the uptime.

You can build a fully-functional website with an amazing performance. During this season, you will get amazing discount. You can directly contact us to get the maximum.

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#3. GreenGeeks Web Hosting

Well, if you’re seeking for one of the highest discount providers, Green Geeks web hosting is providing 70% off during this Black Friday.

You can start your WordPress blog within no time. Check their plans and grab the deal.

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#4. iPage

If you’re looking for the most affordable web hosting then iPage can be your choice. Save up to 75% money on their regular web hosting plan.

Though if you’re building a bigger website then you should check all the choices I have mentioned above.

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#5. WPEngine

This is one of the best-managed web hostings. If you’re dealing with the database error issue, limited memory, limited resources then you should buy WPEngine.

They are providing the web hosting which can handle any kind of website. Whether you start a simple blog or start an online store, it can easily handle your website.

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Email Marketing Tools

You should know that while building a blog, you should also have an email marketing strategy which requires an email marketing service provider. Save money and start your new venture with these tools.

Let me mention the best on the market right now.

#1. ConvertKit

This is one of the most used premium email service providers. It’s because of an interface and the auto scheduler they provide.

You can also choose any beautiful email template from their list. Crafting a responsive email can bring you many sales.

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#2. GetResponse

You may have read about it at many blogs. People are really excited by their offers. GetResponse is the competitor of ConvertKit and you can use it at its best.

Have you ever gone through their plans? Well, you should have a look and the features they provide.

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#3. Aweber

You know that after MailChimp, people look for something which can be used for free and has an amazing offer while upgrading.

Aweber is what you should try. They’re providing amazing offers on their premium plans during this sale season.

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Premium WordPress Themes

Though I prefer to develop and design custom themes still if you’re looking for any WordPress theme providers, you should go with these.

#1. Elegant Themes

Everyone knows that Elegant Themes are one of the biggest premium theme providers. The best thing is that you can search their theme directory to get a theme for any niche.

They’re also giving away their DIVI theme for free which an amazing opportunity for the people who don’t know coding. Save money and start your new venture.

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#2. MyThemeShop

You can also go with this company because their prices are really low. You can buy an elegant and clean theme just in $14.

They always provide the best they have. During this festive season, you can get more than 60% discount.

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Premium WordPress Plugins

As you know, there are thousands of free plugins in the WordPress plugins’ repository but at some point, you require the premium plugins.

#1. Social Sharing Plugin

Social Warfare is one of the most used plugins right now. They also have their free version but if you want more features, you should buy their premium version.

It doesn’t cost much as the sale is going on.

Click here to get the discount–>>

#2. ThirstyAffiliates

As you know, it’s not possible to handle the affiliate links manually, you require a plugin which can do it for you. Suppose you want to update the affiliate link which has already been added to hundreds of posts.

You can’t just update all the posts manually. Just use ThirstyAffiliates plugins and do it within a minute. You can also read the complete guide.

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Apart from the above-mentioned tools, you can search for more if required.

The deals are the exclusively for the BloggingLove readers. You can save a lot of money. Every company is providing 60%+ off at their regular price.

If you look after a few days, you may regret not buying the web hosting.

I Hope You Can Save Money and Start Your New Website

Every time I ought to buy a new web hosting plan, I always look for the offers. It’s human nature to find the maximum offer.

Whether it’s about buying a product worth $40 or $400 if you can get it at 60% discount then what’s the need to pay 100%.

That’s why I have listed all the companies which can provide you the best service at an affordable price. I would suggest choosing Bluehost or Inmotionhosting. Save money and start your new venture.

As per my personal experience, Social Warfare is an amazing plugin. BloggingLove is using it. For more, stay tuned.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hi Ravi,
    Really great deals. I have bought a couple of services mentioned here. Loved. Quality rather than quantity, still huge saving. Expecting more deals about SEO & marketing tools.

  2. Hello Ravi,

    Good shout over here 🙂

    Indeed Black Friday is one the roll and people are very excited about this one, if one is planning to start up their own home
    based business and quiting up the 9 to 5 job on a regular paycheck then this one’s for them. They can start off within hours
    and save lots and lots of money on the occasion of Black Friday.

    This event has become popular in the last couple of years, apart from the United States and now whole world is looking forward
    to this one.

    Thanks for sharing these among us.


  3. Hi Ravi,

    Great deals for the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend. I love this part of the year because you get a lot of deals and a chance to save your hard-earned money.

    Thanks for listing them.

    Best Regards,

  4. Hi Ravi,

    I just read this article on your medium profile and followed through to your website, and I’m a little curious right now.

    From what I see, you published this article on your site on the 25 of November, and just 3 days ago you republish it on medium.

    My curiosity is that, you didn’t mention that the post was originally published on the blogging love website.

    Are there no consequences for that? Will Google not see it’s as a duplicate article?

    I have articles published on medium, can I just republish them on my site without indicating that it was originally published on medium?

    Thanks for sharing, and thank you for your honest response in advance!

    1. Hey Moss,

      Medium is a re-publishing platform and that’s what people do. Driving the traffic to your main website is what you should do. I have a basic strategy.

      No need to publish the whole article on Medium, just one-third of it is enough. Maybe 300 words. Medium adds canonical tags in the links so no problem in Google indexing or duplicate content.


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