Everyone Is Making These Stupid Roundup Post Mistakes.

 roundup post mistakes

Are you thinking about creating a roundup post? Have you chosen the experts? What’s your question?

Every time I go through an expert roundup post, I feel like everyone is an expert. You know what, a blogger who has just started his journey is an expert for many.

Don’t you notice such roundup post mistakes?

This new trend of roundup post has become so famous that people are going blind. Everyone is after getting more exposure and no one is doing the real thing.

Have you ever noticed an expert roundup including 100 experts? What did you think about those experts?

People are just after the traffic, no one gives a shit about the quality advice.

What Are The Roundup Post Mistakes You Should Never Make?

Your readers come to get some expert advice, but if you’re just bombarding them with the beginner’s advice then it won’t be an expert roundup.

Let me point out some common mistakes everyone is making.

#1. Everyone Is An Expert For You.

Everyone wants to get more exposure, more traffic, more shares to the blog posts but it doesn’t mean you configure a wrong list of the experts.

It’s really disappointing when I see people giving advice about growing your business when they don’t even close.

Some people even introduce a beginner who has just started to know the use of WordPress as an expert.

How would you react to such roundup posts? Would you consider it as something readable? Well, I don’t think so.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re choosing one niche or more, make sure that you choose the experts, not the people who act like experts.

#2. Quantity Over Quality.

That’s right. If you’re trying to gather more and more people for your roundup post and not bothering about the quality then you’re making a mistake.

No one wants to follow the advice of hundreds of people who don’t have the properly sense to give an advice.

Short your list and make it worth reading. People should agree with the experts. Everyone is all about the numbers.

But you shouldn’t. To create an amazing roundup post, you should make a list of the expert of that particular niche.

Let me give you some examples.

  • 10 experts sharing their secrets about building a rock solid blog.
  • 101 experts are up for telling you their social media marketing strategy.

Which post allure you more?

Some people would say the second but that’s where everyone is wrong.

Who would read that? Can you even gather 101 experts for one niche?

#3. Your Topic Is Just Like Everyone Else.

I can understand that it’s hard to find a topic for which you can ask for the advice from the experts.

But still, you shouldn’t go for something everyone is doing. People are creating the posts on the similar topics but you shouldn’t.

You may have gone through many posts concentrating on one thing “blogging strategy”.

Are you going to do the same?

Well, this would be one the worst roundup post mistakes.

Bring new ideas. Haven’t you read the phrase “think outside of the box”. That’s what you should apply.

Relate to your blogging career. The things you have done wrong. Think about the days when you used to struggle for the traffic, email subscriptions, shares, and much more.

Everyone is talking about social media marketing, blogging goals, blogging mistakes, email marketing strategy then why can’t you think about the topic of creating a roundup post only?

I just participated in such roundup posts and the idea was great.

#4. You Target The Wrong Audience.

It’s not a new thing for anyone. Thousands of blogs are giving the advice to know your targetted audience.

If you’re creating a post about telling the old stories and targeting the people who are only about learning. Well, poor you. It wouldn’t work.

But if you generate a piece of the content which can help the newbies then it would be awesome.

You know that people appreciate others who are really into giving a helping hand.

Can you forget a person who has helped you in your starting days? No one should. I am sure, you won’t make such roundup post mistakes.

Don’t just read about targeting the right audience, follow the mantra.

#5. You Don’t Take Keyword Research Seriously.

People have spent their whole energy to make you understand that the research for a right keyword is really important.

But many people are just going with the flow and not giving a damn about anything.

I know it’s their own perspectives but when they complain about not getting the output is really annoying.

Do you have the right to complain about something you were guided but you threw it in the trash? I don’t think so.

From every SEO expert, you get only one advice, search for the right keyword with the maximum number of hits.

#6. Your Expert Roundup Post is all About You.

Yes, this is something no one would want to read.

Just a couple of months ago, I was going through my Twitter feeds and got an eye on a post. There were 13 experts and they were all talking about the blog owner.

If you really want to know what people say about you and your work then start getting the testimonials.

Why do you flaunt?

Are you thinking as if all those so called experts were hired? Who knows?

I am sure, you’re not going to be one like that smart-ass guy.

Are You Repeating Any of The Mistakes Mentioned In The list?

No one has the right to judge anyone. Neither me nor you.

Everyone has his/her own perspective about the experts and the roundup posts. But the thing is you deceive your readers by introducing them to the people who would possibly disappear from this blogosphere.

You may have noticed a few people who were featured in a roundup post and within a few months, you find no clue about them.

Have you ever done any of the roundup post mistakes like these?

What do you consider while asking the question? Do you gather the real expert advice or just go with the next person you see with a blog post?

What are your views about creating a roundup post?

If you have anything to share, feel free to share your opinions in the comment section or you can connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Oh Ravi, this indeed a timely alert.
    Everyone on the net is trying there hand on this wonderful option, though it’s a good idea to try everything, but many fails. I fully agree with you in these aspects you shared here.

    I am sure these are very valuable points to make note of before attempting for one such post.

    Keep Sharing.

    ~ Philip

    1. Hey Philip,

      Before you even jump to this field, it’s important to analyze the situation. It’s hard to see that everyone is focused on the quantity.
      Roundup posts are good but not what people make.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a great day.

  2. Hi Ravi,

    You are right about all that you mentioned 🙂

    Honestly speaking, I’ve never really had a roundup post on my blog, as you may have noticed for a combination of the above problems. No one is really an expert, yet they are all seasoned and experienced in various niches, so it is not easy to gather many for one kind of topic unless it is a very general one.

    Yes, have quality people, a limited few only and I personally feel, don’t extend to over 10 in a single roundup as no one really reads through all the 101 views of so many bloggers – each one may read their own I guess.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hey Harleena,

      The problem goes with me and that’s why I have never created a roundup post. I remember when a newbie told me to improve the SEO of my blog. I was like, what?

      The most shocking situation is when you see the name of a person in an expert list who has started one month ago. It’s hard to gather the professionals under one roof.

      People are trying to drive some traffic. If that’s working for them, it’s great. Let them continue.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      Have a great day.

  3. Oh my gosh, Ravi. I was actually laughing as I was reading your post because I have seen some of these mistakes! I haven’t done a roundup post nor do I know if I will. I mean, are they really worth it? I mean, we can all be an expert in our own way, right?

    Thanks for shedding light on the topic. You rock!


    1. Hey Bren,

      I laugh every single day when any roundup post crosses my way. I mean what do people think while collecting 100 experts?
      I don’t think there can be so many experts in one niche. People have their own expertise but not everything.

      Thanks for your sharing your words of wisdom.

  4. Hi Ravi,
    you are totally right, it should not be called an expert roundup if there are no real experts.
    It is either experience of the bloggers than experts. It is not bad for others to read about experiences of other blogger and often it will inspire newbies to see for others success does not happen overnight as well. But this is not really about experts who can teach others better ways.
    I always was tempted to say no to roundups which need experts. Slowly it will not be interesting anymore to read this posts.You are right Expert roundup posts should be with real experts so others can learn something from.
    Thank you

    1. Hey Erika,

      I totally agree with your point. People like to read about the life stories and experiences. But when people gather numerous of newbies and craft a roundup post, it’s nothing more than a useless post which is used only to drive the traffic.
      I have never done that and not even thinking about it.
      Thanks for sharing your words.

  5. Hey Ravi,

    Now this is a timeless piece. I’ve only done one expert roundup and yes I’ve made a couple of these mistakes. It doesn’t take much to do so.

    For the most part you want to focus on quality. That is expert bloggers that’s been around for a while who’s willing to give sound advice based on their experiences. If your consistent with this then you have a great hub that beginners can benefit from.

    Great post Ravi!

    1. Hi Sherman,

      Experts roundups are the pieces of today’s blogging strategy. People try to promote their blog but fail.
      It’s because of their eagerness to get the attention and they end up with the no expert roundup. If you have the consistent relationship with the real expert then it would be one of the effective steps to create a post like this.
      Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Hey Ravi,

    Today, we can experience in majority of roundup post which are extremely low quality because expert didn’t provide potential to subject or we can say that without any real thought and as consequence many readers are tired of seeing them.
    Here you have shared amazing tips regarding this beautiful topic and they should be implemented to attract new and existed audience. Eventually, thanks for revealing a light on this topic.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  7. Hey Ravi,
    Great post!
    Your post just summarized the possible reasons of the failure of any roundup post.

    The roundup posts need a lot of preparation and hard work as well. So, we should ensure that these efforts are focused and pay off.

    I did two roundup posts till now, and tried to avoid these mistakes you have listed as possible. The biggest challenge I see is to come with a unique and attractive topic, find a keyword, and to optimize your roundup for that keyword. Unlike the ordinary posts, you could face some difficulties as most of the text there is not written by you, and you shouldn’t modify the experts’ contributions, but your introduction, conclusion and most importantly the question you are going to ask your experts play a huge part of it.

    Thanks for posting these valuable tips, Ravi.


    1. Hey Hussain,

      I have read many roundup posts and realized that people are just running towards the number. No one is really doing the expert roundups. I have never done even one.

      Searching for the right keyword can be tricky and I totally agree with your point of the confliction with the alteration of the expert contributions.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a great week ahead.

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