41 Tempting Reasons To Use WordPress For Your Website.

reasons to use wordpress for your website

WordPress seems to be everywhere. People are talking about it on the web and the numbers of websites are increasing.

But what about you? Haven’t you started your own website with WordPress? There are many reasons to use WordPress for your website.

Well, if you start counting then it would be really hard to make a list of WordPress’s benefits. Today we are going to mention some mind-striking things which would let you choose this amazing CMS.

Have you ever wondered why are people finding the new solution to use WordPress effectively? It’s because it’s one of the free platforms which’s like an open-source platform.

Why Should You Start Using WordPress?

When we talk about something in the matter of business, we always look to the price. Don’t you? There are many things to learn before starting a business online which consists the spending cost.

WordPress comes in two packages, one is free and one is paid. Though the CMS is free but to start a blog, you must spend money.

Let me provide you the list of reasons to use WordPress for your website.

1. Freedom.

WordPress provides you the freedom to alter its front-end and the back-end. From a web developer’s point of view, you would find it really interesting.

2. Search Engine Optimized.

The coding of this CMS is optimized for the search engine. There are more chances that you would get higher ranking in the search results than any other platform.

3. Free Plugins.

To make the user experience better, WordPress has uncountable free plugins. From adding a simple image to adding the newsletter, you can do everything using plugins.

4. Free Themes.

When we talk about the design of your website, you can totally rely on the WordPress repository. There are many theme providers which are helping the WordPress users.

5. WordPress Support Forum.

To solve your problems, there is an official forum where you can submit your question and the best solution would be provided to you.

6. No Time Installation.

why should you use wordpress

As you all know, WordPress can be installed within a few minutes. Most of the web hostings like BlueHost, Inmotionhosting etc provides the single click WordPress installation.

7. More Secure.

It is considered one of the most secure platforms. If you use the WordPress security tips and tricks then you can make your WordPress website more secure.

8. User-Friendly.

One of the main reasons to use WordPress for your website is that it’s user-friendly. It’s easy to use and learn. You can know about it within an hour.

9. WordPress Supports Many Media Types.

As you know, you can add audio, video, PDF and many other media files in WordPress. It supports everything. Whether you choose the manual method or use any plugin. The choice is yours.

10. Good For E-commerce Websites.

In this era of digitization, people are heading towards the e-commerce websites. WordPress gives you the choice to build an online-shopping website within a few minutes.

11. Easy Maintenance.

After learning about this platform, you can easily maintain your website. The content management system is way easy to handle.

12. WordPress Can be Integrated With Different Platforms.

You can easily integrate SoundCloud audios and the YouTube, Vimeo video with WordPress. You can add the Google Maps in WordPress.

13. Can Be Handled from Any OS.

As you know most of the people are using Windows And IOS. So if you want, you can also use WordPress from Linux.

14. Attractive Admin panel.

reasons to use wordpress for your website

This is also one of the reasons to use WordPress for your website. I have always loved the admin panel of WordPress. You can change its color and many things.

15. Good For Small And Big Businesses.

It doesn’t whether you run a small business or the big one, it is compatible with everything. You can run a simple blog or the content factory.

16. Different WordPress Communities.

If you are a social media user then you would know that different communities are there to solve your problem related to WordPress.

17. The Code Is Open Source.

WordPress has provided all the functions and codex free to its users. You can alter everything in both the ends. Have you ever tried to redesign a WordPress website?

18. The Fastest growing CMS.

The world is after WordPress and no one wants to go apart from the trend. It is one of the fastest growing platforms in the website building.

19. Easy Landing page tools.

There are many tools available for WordPress to create the landing pages. As you know, the landing pages of your website attract more people.

20. Spam Protection.

There are many plugins which can help you to get rid of the spammers. You can install Akismet to save your website from spam comments.

21. Easy Media Uploader.

Apart from any other platforms, WordPress provides you one-click media uploader. Whether you upload the images or the videos, it won’t take much time.

22. More Flexible.

It is more flexible than any other platform. People search for the perfect CMS for their website and WordPress comes on the top of the list. Are you still searching for the reasons to use WordPress for your website?

23. Social Media Integration.

reasons to use wordpress

People try hard to build their Facebook marketing, email marketing strategy. And WordPress helps them to spread their content on the social networking websites. You can easily add social media icons in WordPress.

24. Different Forms Are There.

In a WordPress website, you can add many forms to collect the data. Whether you provide the contact form or a website having the form for any survey.

25. Free and Regular Updates.

WordPress developers keep it updating on the regular interval of time. You will get the plugins and the themes updated.

26. Design choices.

People like what they see. So, you should choose the right WordPress for your new website to give it a better look. There are many stylish themes available.

27. Multi-User.

Don’t you want someone’s help with your work? Well, here you go. WordPress gives you freedom to add a new user so that more than one person can work together.

28. Multilingual.

If you don’t know that let me tell you can add a new language in WordPress. This CMS is available in many languages.

29. Free Tutorials.

There are many websites which provide the free tutorials related to WordPress. You can easily find out anything about this platform.

30. No Limit of the Content.

WordPress allows you to add as many posts you want to your website. You don’t have anything to care about the limit. It’s limitless. That’s one of the reasons to use WordPress for your website.

31. Easy To Configure.

In many platforms, people face a lot of problems. But WordPress is easy to configure. Even a newbie won’t face any difficulty.

32. No Charge For Upgradation.

You don’t need to pay for any upgrade. WordPress will provide you all the updates for free. It includes the updates of the plugins, themes and the WordPress CMS itself.

33. Easy To Transfer.

It’s really easy to transfer your website from one host to another. There are many tutorials on the web which can help you to accomplish your task.

34. WordPress Helps You To Embrace Yourself.

Just after launching your website, most of the people go with the blogging. WordPress gives you the freedom to express. It provides you space and environment. But there are a few things to do before launching a website.

35. One Button Publish.

You don’t need to use those old techniques now. Just handle your content from the WordPress post editor and click on the button to make it live.

36. Build Your Own Brand.

With your WordPress website, you can build your brand for sure. People like to visit the websites with the clear design and informative content. And you can reach out to many people through your WordPress website.

37. Easy Payment Gateway.

reasons to use wordpress for your website

Everyone likes to make money and there are many WordPress plugins which can collect that money for you. Isn’t that one of the reasons to use WordPress for your website?

38. Different Widgets.

In WordPress themes, you will find many kinds of widgets. You can easily add author info box WordPress. You have the freedom to do any change you want.

39. No fear To Lose Your Data.

There are many plugins from which, you can easily backup your website and the database. If you want then you can access the cPanel of your web hosting.

40. Easy Analytics.

It’s always recommended to have an eye on the growth of your work. For your WordPress website, you can easily install Google Analytics.

41. Money Making.

A WordPress website makes it easy to make money online. You can be an affiliate marketer or even sell your own products.

Are You Still Searching For Other Reasons To Use WordPress For Your Website?

People are there with the dream in their eyes to build a better blog. They want to get noticed by influencers so that their name can spread on the internet.

WordPress is a platform of people, for people. I have always tried to enjoy this CMS and you would too. Whether you are a blogger or a marketer, you would be happy to work on this platform.

I have mentioned earlier that there are many reasons to use WordPress for your website. Every blogger, business owner, marketer, writer, is waiting to start a blog with WordPress.

People are shifting from other platforms to WordPress. Don’t you want your WordPress website? Well, then stop thinking and start building your website.

If you have any other reasons to use WordPress for your website then we would love to hear.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hello Ravi,

    WordPress is a platform every blogger should experience. Using the WordPress platform, you do not need to be tech inclined. As long as you can read, you can handle the platform.

    I do use both blogger and WordPress and i must say WordPress is also super awesome.

    Nice 41 ways WordPress is a cool CMS platform 😉

    Have a good week ahead…

    1. Hey Babanature,

      I have used Blogger for a few days then started a new blog with WordPress. There are many things which are awesome about WordPress. I agree with your point.

      If you can read, you won’t face any problem with this amazing CMS. There are many guides which make people learn more about it.
      Thanks for dropping by.
      Enjoy your day.

  2. Hi Ravi,

    I was fortunate when I first started to use WordPress. I’m sure glad I did. I wouldn’t want to use any other platform. I do have several blogs plus my main one. Not being a technical person, I am grateful for how easy things are to use on WordPress. The only thing that ever happened to me was when I used too many plugins and broke my blog when I first started. Lesson learned now lol.

    I know other bloggers who were on different platforms and then learned that WordPress worked better for them.

    You came up with so many reasons, and some we take for granted using WordPress. Thanks so much and I’ll pass this along.


    1. Hey Donna,

      I have always been a big fan of this platform. Being a little bit of techie person, I like how WordPress works. People like to try new things and WordPress gives theme freedom to do that.

      There are so many plugins to accomplish your task. But you should be careful with them.
      Thanks for taking the time to share your views.
      Have a wonderful day.

  3. Hi Ravi,

    I love and agree with all the reasons you shared to use WordPress for our website. It took me a year after I started blogging to switch to WordPress. And at first I was so intimidated by it but I found out it is so easy to use.

    Thanks for sharing these. I’ll be passing this along. Have a great day and week! I’ll be off for the holidays so have a great weekend as well!


    1. Hey Cori,

      WordPress is really an awesome platform. Even a non-techie person can easily use it. If you are not a tech savvy person then plugins are there to help you.
      When I start blogging with WordPress, it was amazing. I had fun with this CMS.

      Thanks for sharing your experience.
      You too enjoy the weekend.

  4. Great Points have been mentioned here in this article by Ravi. Which makes WordPress more intuitive and easy to manage. Plethora of plugins and themes makes it more flexible and expandable. Beside blog, WordPress can be more useful in creating any type of website.

    1. Hey Vishwajeet,

      It’s about plugins and themes available in the WordPress directory. There is nothing hard with this amazing platform. WordPress can be your friend for the lifetime.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Enjoy your week ahead.

  5. Couldn’t agree more! You have listed all the wonderful pros of wordpress in a single post. These are the good points which make bloggers to opt for wordpress in the first place.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hey Ravi,

    WordPress is great for blogging platform, but it has evolved into a robust content management system that is really flexible for blogging sense. The large WordPress community has helped to establish and maintain one of the most detailed, helpful support forums on the Internet. With thousands of themes and plugins we can choose to customizing the design and functionality of a WordPress website is incredibly easy. Eventually, thanks for sharing your interesting thought regarding such amazing topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

    1. Hi Amar,

      Words are not enough to explain the benefits of WordPress. People are loving this content management system. With the bundle of themes of plugins, it makes easier to build a better blog.
      The design of the blog would be perfect and the handling isn’t so hard.
      Thanks for your insight.
      Have a great weekend.

  7. I started with WordPress and am still on WordPress, though having few blogs on blogspot. Yes, all my viral blogs are hosted free on blogger except one.

    One thing I like about WordPress is its”Newbie Friendly” – a new blogger can use drag and drop feature to make things cool.

    You can also add few lines of codes in few seconds using plugins. Can’t say them all, WP is best to say!

    1. Hey Joseph,

      Everyone loves WordPress. People are crazy about this amazing CMS. The more you try to know about it, the more you engage.
      It’s helpful and easy to learn even for the newbies.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Enjoy the day.

  8. Hello, Ravi!

    That’s so tempting! All are the apt ones!

    I love the freedom that WordPress gives us; to do anything and everything.

    I can certainly tell that it is the best of the platform that we have in this modern world where things are so limited.

    So, I thank you for crafting this up for us! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

    1. Hey Adeel,

      WordPress is one of the best platforms to blog on. People are free to do anything. You have adapted some great points.
      If you’re a little bit of techie then everything is so simple.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a great day.

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