15 Reasons Why People Unsubscribe from Your RSS Feeds?

why people unsubscribe from your rss feeds

People are out there who want to stay connected with your blog by subscribing to the RSS feeds. Have you ever thought about the impact of your content on the activity of your subscribers’. Maybe you are getting more and more RSS subscribers or maybe people are unsubscribing.

Did you ever think why readers unsubscribe from your blog? It’s not only about the RSS feeds, it’s about your blog. If the people want to unsubscribe from your RSS feeds mean they want to get rid of the content you provide on your blog. They are no longer interested.

Know The Reasons To Unsubscribe From The RSS Feeds.

First of all, have to set the RSS feeds for your website? Have you set Feedburner Feeds for your website? Though there are other RSS feeds services to create the feeds for your website but still, there are many people who use the Feedburner.

Do you know how to redirect the feeds to your WordPress website? You should set the feeds for your website to provide a platform for your readers to see your content.

Why people unsubscribe from your RSS feeds? There may be many reasons from the poor quality content to the boring one. It depends upon person to person. But still let me point out some reasons to unsubscribe:-

1. Poor Quality Content

Your readers subscribe your RSS feeds to get the quality content and if you provide the usual content with the manipulation then it won’t be good. Your readers would surely go out from your reach.

The no. of subscribers would reduce. It’s always recommended that you should focus to maintain the quality of the content instead of thinking about the SEO tips and tricks to boost the ranking of your website.

2. Too Many Posts

If you’re providing the uncountable blog posts every day then it won’t be favorable because no one wants to receive the emails many times a day. It is overwhelming when your readers see that you have numerous of blog posts from which they can’t even go through at least once. They would unsubscribe for sure.

3. Product Promotion

why readers unsubscribe from your blog

You want to become a money making machine by promoting the products on your website. Your readers come to read your content, they don’t expect you to provide the promotional posts. In the field of money making, it’s good to promote the products, but you should know the limits.

4. You Are Boring

If you are providing a content which is boring and your readers just want to get away from your website then it’s the sign that you would see the unsubscribe list increasing. From the SEO point of view, if you don’t provide the content which can keep your readers on your website then it would increase the bounce rate of your website. It means you would face two negative actions.

5. Grammatical Mistakes

Most of the people are Grammar Nazi and don’t like to read the content with a lot of grammatical mistakes. This is why readers unsubscribe from your blog. They want the clear and well-crafted content which don’t annoy them while reading.

6. Duplicate Content

Your readers expect from you to receive the piece of the content which is not available on any other website. But if break their expectations then you have to face the consequences. Give them a reason to stay connected with your blog. Have the uniqueness in your content and run on the path of the glory.

7. Off-Topic Articles

why people unsubscribe

If you are having a blog on the blogging niche and you start writing about the fashion industry then it won’t be favorable. I mean who does that? You should write the post related to the niche of your blog. Don’t leave the track of your niche.

8. Repeated Posts

You try to manipulate your readers by publishing the posts again and again. There is no space to deceive your readers in blogging. If you want to become a successful blogger then analyze your blog properly and don’t repeat the posts with the same content. You can write few things which are necessary, don’t just rewrite the old posts again.

9. Too Much Long Posts

You may have read a lot that the search engine likes the long posts with words more than 2000. Do your readers like such articles? If you don’t have the specific topic then they won’t like to read all the articles of 2000 words.

Just be in the range and write according to the topic of your blog post. Don’t just think about the search engine and write anything useless.

10. The Posts Without Images

In your RSS feeds, all the images are shown to your readers. If you don’t use the images to show your content then it would be one of the reasons to unsubscribe from your RSS feeds.

You should know that in the modern era, people like visual content and you should take an advantage of it. Try to create your own images and show the creativity.

11. You Are Too Pushy on Your Reader

reasons to unsubscribe

You try to show the dominant version of yourself to your readers. You should never try to push your opinions to your readers. Your suggestions should be polite and effective. If your readers feel the opinion as authentic then they would agree otherwise, you know what would happen.

12. Too Much Personal Content

If you have a blog for teaching your readers then you shouldn’t promote yourself much. There is always a good scope for telling the personal stories and share your experience with your readers but only from the professional point of view. Don’t just start writing your broken heart love story.

13. Errors In Feeds

If you haven’t redirected the feeds to the WordPress then it would show the errors. This is why people unsubscribe from RSS feeds. You should always check for the errors in your RSS feeds. Don’t give a single chance to show any error.

14. You Do Negative Blogging

If you write the posts which can offend any person then it would be considered as negative blogging. There are people out there who read your blog and if you criticize any particular race, person or the blog then it won’t be considered as a good practice. Know the proper blogging tips and walk on the path of positive blogging.

15. Irrelevant Article Headings

why readers unsubscribe from your blog

It is always believed that if you have an attractive heading for your articles then more people would like to read it. But you try to improvise the headings and the headings don’t even relate to the content then people won’t stay on your blog. It is one of the reasons why readers unsubscribe from your blog.

Have You Come To Know Why Readers Unsubscribe From Your Blog?

There may be many reasons to unsubscribe. Every person has his/her own perspective about the content. Maybe they don’t like what you write on your blog. Maybe they just want you to provide them something more interesting. All these things can be the reasons why people unsubscribe from your blog.

To maintain your RSS feeds, you should always check the no. of subscribers and the importance of the visual content should be known. Try to do creative things with your blog and provide the content which is worthy to read. People come to your blog for learning not buying. So stop selling and start educating.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hi Ravi,

    This post is a great idea. Uncovering why someone unsubscribed from your RSS is hard to determine because they basically just disappear, no feedback whatsoever.

    Writing of topic, I can say, is a big one for me. When I take interest in a blog for a specific topic and then they start talking about something unrelated it leaves me confused. Not only about what they are doing, but what I’m doing attempting to read it.

    Good points! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hey Lea,

      The biggest problem in the RSS feeds is that we can’t track our subscribers. The only thing we see is the reduce in the no. of subscribers. It’s very important to know where are we lacking.

      Off topic, writing is something on one would consider. I mean people come to read about what you have mentioned in the heading, they just expect you to write anything irrelevant.

      Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a great day.

  2. Hi Ravi,

    This is a valuable pay, just like so many others you publish. Like you stated, there are many reasons why people unsubscribe. Learning the “why” is essential so we can fix our content if needed.

    One of the reasons I’ll unsubscribe is because the content is no longer relevant nor helpful to me.

    Thank you for sharing this. You know I’m sharing it.


    1. Hi Bren,

      Knowing about the why’s is very important. It’s important to know our mistakes while blogging. There are many aspects of blogging, which should be done properly.

      People subscribe to your RSS feeds to get something valuable, if you provide them what is not even close then it won’t be a good sign. The no. would reduce.

      Thanks a lot for spreading your words.
      Enjoy the day.

  3. Hi Ravi, for me it’s either too many posts or too many promotional posts that are pushy and always selling something. One of my favorite bloggers starting posted multiple times a day and after a few weeks I had to unsubscribe. I felt bad but could not handle all that email or had the time to read all those posts or listen to the videos. It was too overwhelming.
    Have a great new week Ravi!

    1. Hey Lisa,

      we all want to get the content which is full of quality. but when it turns to the quantity then it’s really annoying. People can take it that much. It’s good to write the blog posts each day.
      But some people don’t like to get the emails daily. So it’s better to sign up for the weekly newsletter. That would be the perfect solution to get the content of that website.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      Enjoy the day.

  4. Ravi, it’s a nice article.

    Well. To get people optin your mail is important, but convert those subscribe in loyal readers and buyers is extremely hard and complicate.

    Many reason people hit unsubscribe button of your mailing list, but the most of popular reason is about the content of your newsletter. Everyday, I get over 100 email from subscribed blogs, so I don’t want other people to boring me with product advertising. It’s the most I don’t like.

    The second I unsubscribed to list is irrelevant content and less asset. I subscribed the less as I interested in learning different knowledge and share back the opinion to the community about what I love. Please don’t change my interests otherwise you’ll not be able to send me again your list.

    I don’t agree what you said about the long content. It’s not a matter about the content length, whether is a long or short form of content, readers will always do love to read the article unless it’s non asset content.

    Thanks for sharing here…

    1. Hey Kimsea,

      There are many reasons for which people don’t like to stay connected with you through the RSS feeds. I agree with your point that it’s annoying when you get more emails daily from a single blogger.

      People want to read the content which can bring the spark in the conversation. They want you to provide something remarkable and unique. Boring content is the negative point.

      Of course, the length of the content matters a lot. You missed the point, I have mentioned that you should decide the length of the content according to the type of post. You shouldn’t stretch the article if not needed. I mean how can you explain something in 1500 words if it can be summed up on 600 words? Take an action according to the topic.

      Thanks for your wonderful input.
      Have an awesome day.

  5. My reasons for personally unsubscribing is Excessive posts. Some people literally post everyday and sometimes 2 times a day. I get irritated with every headline starting with “10 ways to this” 15 Top ways” those are fine but not every single day…. I think everyone knows what I’m talking about. I enjoy reading and learning from peoples blogs, not being bombarded.

    1. Hey Mike,

      I agree with you that sometimes it very annoying that you get emails daily. I mean who want to read the blog posts every day.

      But still, it’s the matter of choice. There are many other reasons which let people think about unsubscribing from the feeds.
      Thanks for showing the presence.
      Have a great day.

  6. Hi Ravi

    You sure made me hooked with this post. Even though it seems that the RSS feed is outdated, it is still relevant today and showing us the reason why people unsubscribe from our post is just awesome. Thank you for sharing. Take Care

    1. Hey Ikechi,

      Nowadays people have forgotten about the RSS feeds. But it is still in the trend. There are many things which can let your subscribers to apart from the RSS feeds.
      Maybe you have not provided the content worthy to follow or the frequency is high. There may be anyu reason.
      Glad you liked it.
      Hope you are having fun.

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