10 Killer Tips To Provide Customer Service Via Social Media

Customer Service Via Social Media

Social media is an intermediate source which connects both customers and business owners. You may think that you can leverage social media for providing good customer service but it’s not that much easy like you think.

It requires a lot of planning and efforts to provide customer service via social media. Social media can help you in SEO of your blog.
You need to be active and should know the real values of your company so that you can satisfy your customers.

Using social media for customer service is an effective way to boot up the connection with your customers. People always try to engage with the companies which provide best customer service.

I am going to let you know about some things you have to keep in mind while providing service to your customers.

How to provide customer service at it’s best?

You may think that you can use Twitter, Facebook, and many other social networks to provide the best customer service. But you should know that here we are going to talk about the things which you need to do while handling your customers.

It’s not about which social platform you are using, it’s about how to use them effectively? Here are some points so should remember.

1). Activeness always adds value.

Your customers always want to know whether you are with them or just for a formality. You may notice that when you contact to any customer service of any company then if you don’t get active responses from them then you feel like annoying.

So it’s better not to repeat this mistake while building your value among your customers.

How about social media? You may contact any website owner through Facebook and get a reply after one week then I don’t think you will ever make your mind and contact them again. Activeness is what people like because there are many other competitors who can ruin your company.

2). Have your ears on your customers’ voice.

Don’t ever reach to your final words until you listen to your customers. When you listen to your customers as what they want to say about your company through social media. They may complain, praise about your company but you should listen to every single word they try to describe.

I always say that people like to be appreciated and it can be done when you make them feel like they are the only concern at the present time. Listen to their complaints and try to solve them as soon as possible.

3). Connect with your customers to make them feel good.

Social media provides you the opportunity to connect with your customers. You should try to connect with them by creating some events for your company or brand so that you can have an idea what is the view of your customer about your business.

Your customers should feel free to connect with your brand when you get engaged with them. Use your social media skills to please them. Try to know more and more about their expectations which they want from your company.

4). Calmness is the key for you.

You can understand that when you get negative service from any brand, a company then you will get irritated and try to contact with their customer service. Suppose you meet someone who is as freaky as you then the war will begin.

If you want to provide good customer service via social media then you need to be calm and ignore all the bitter words you listen from your customers because good customer service provides always remain cool and help their customers.

5). Stick to their needs.

Loyal customers are not just who come to you for the solution. You are the one who can feel them like special. Address them with their problems and try to provide a better solution to their problems. They are the one who can boot your brand. If you don’t have customers then you are nowhere in the market.

6). Be helpful to your customers.

The meaning of eaning of customer service at it’s best is to help your customers. Your main motive should be to win your customer’s loyalty by helping them by solving their related issues. Don’t make them feel like you are ignoring them. You are also a customer of any company. If you get negative service from them then I am sure you will never approach to their product and will not even suggest anyone else to buy their product.

7). Use of positive words.

Always try to build positive value among your customers. Suppose your customer is asking for any product which is not in the stock and you just deny directly. It’s not a positive way to communicate.

If you want to make your customers feel as you care a lot about their query then instead of denying you should exclaim that you can provide that product within few days for them. It adds value to your service that at least you are ready to provide them the solution.

8). Don’t hesitate to apologize.

You will come to many complain about the product of your company then at such type of critical situation when your customers get angry you should try to calm them down. If you want to maintain your dignity then you should apologize to satisfy your customers.

There are chances that if you don’t do it then your customers will feel like you don’t need them and don’t care about them. They are also human and want some gratitude from your side.

9). Thank your customers.

Don’t miss the chance to thank your customers when they help you to grow your business. You can use any social media platform or you can thank them by contacting them with the contact detail they give to your company.

You can imagine with yourself only. When you buy any product any then with an instant you get a sweet message from the brand you follow a feeling of gratitude will come to you.

10). Formalities are not always good.

You may notice that most of a customer service provider talk to you like they are talking to their boss. I mean they are also human and want to connect with the people who can understand them and talk to them freely. You should provide

Are you ready to provide customer service at its best?

After reading the above-mentioned points now it’s up to you for using social media for customer service to boost your business. For better service act like professional and make them feel like you are here to help your customers. They should be your main priority.

Always maintain clarity in you communication techniques and maintain respect in your words. You are here to help your customers, fulfill your duty.

Customer service via social media is the best way to approach your customers. You can connect with them for better service. Are you ready to provide your customer service at it’s best?

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hi Ravi,

    Using Social Media is a great way to provide customer service. The points you made are spot on! Remain calm is my favorite! If getting something negative, never let it get to you! People can say what they want, but when it is a direct hit of negativity, never respond unless you calm down. You might regret what you say at a heated moment!

    Listening to people is another great way of communicating. I see my customers around the social sites and if they mention a movie or something they enjoy, I take the opportunity to chime in. Make them feel good that you are there and you are paying attention to them! That brings a closer relationship with each other.

    Number 5 is the best of all: Stick to their needs. If we see them having a problem, jump in and answer it. Later we can take them to a private chat to get really into it.

    These 10 points you raised are perfect!


    1. Hi Donna,

      There are many companies and brands with their own customer services but do they all that much good? No, they are not. To provide a good customer service to the customers need efforts. You need to be calm and ignore all the negative points your clients say. Replying while you are angry is a thing to regret later.

      Many customer service provider just do formality and don’t stick to the need of their customer which effects them a lot. They don’t have their reputation among their customers. If people want to develop a brand name then they should stick to their customers needs.

      Communication helps in every aspect and in this field of connecting with your clients is so much beneficial and helpful.

      Thanks for taking time to say your words.:)

      Have an amazing week.:)


  2. Ravi,

    You’re so right. All of the tips you offer here are excellent advice for businesses. The thing I like the most about the fact that so many companies are on social networks these days is that it’s so empowering to the customer.

    Like you said, if a business isn’t responsive on social media, there are plenty of other places for us to spend our money who will treat us better as consumers. It’s up to businesses to help us decide if they’re worth our time!


    1. Hi Brittany,

      There are many companies which are leading their customer service via social media and listening their customers.
      If an particular company doesn’t provide satisfactory service then their customer may approach to any other company because customers seek for their satisfaction.

      Many brands are boosting up their business with the help of social media and providing better customer service as compared to others.

      Thanks for your wonderful input.

      Hope you are having fun this week.:)


  3. I just LOVE this phrase Ravi:
    “Have your ears at your customers voice”

    I have not heard it put that way before and it so perfectly describes something that we often do so badly – truly listening!

    This is a wonderful post. You moved away from the technology of social media and instead focused on the needs of customers (whether online or offline). In the end, if you follow the adage of the best known customer service companies – like the Ritz Carlton Hotels – and think that the customer is always right and then solve problems and provide service from that starting part – you will shine in customer service.


    1. Hi Deborah,

      First of all I would like to welcome you at my blog.:)

      You know while handling any customer service or you want to give your positive output for your customers then you have to be calm and ready to accept the mistakes you did.

      Customers want the solution from any customer service and they are always right because if you wish to listen them then you need to talk in favor of them so that they can feel good about your service.

      Social media is an amazing way to boot up customer service of any brand.

      I am glad to see you here.:)

      Thanks for taking time and stopping by to comment.
      Hope to see you again.

      Have a great week ahead.:)


  4. Hi Ravi,
    Social Media Plays a vital role in our online business. We can use social media various way to get more benefits from our business.
    Our customers opinion are always important for us and we must take proper step to take their opinion and solve them easily and quickly and social media is best for this.
    All points are important that’s you mention here.
    Thanks for the valuable post. 🙂

    1. Hi Manik,

      There are many social platforms using which you can solve all the problem you get from your customers about your company, brand or any product.

      While handling any website you need to know about the opinions of your readers so that you can satisfy them by providing valuable product at your website.

      Social media helps a lot for customer satisfaction.

      Thanks for visiting and taking time to comment.:)

      Hope to see you soon.


  5. Hi Ravi,

    One thing that you slightly mentioned is very important – you should know the real values of the company if you want to satisfy your customers as interactions on social media can be real fast and you could hurt the company image if you don’t have enough knowledge or information.

    On the other hand, I agree that social media is the way to go for providing effective customer service. Whether it is through social media, chats, telephone etc., a personal touch and attention always helps. When I feel that the customer service representative is making extra efforts to resolve my problem and genuinely trying to help me, I feel good and naturally create a good image of the company in the conscious as well as the subconscious mind.

    A quick response is the key to get straight entry into the heart of the customer and a listening ear with comforting words to assure me that all will be well and they will handle and take care of everything wins my heart.

    One important aspect of customer service through social media is that you get to connect with the customers any time and anyplace, and outreach deeper and more than the advertisements.

    Having said all this, I feel even bloggers need to treat their visitors as customers and treat their inquiries professionally to provide the best service.

    All points that you mentioned are right on spot and so important. Any company or blogger can greatly benefit from this post. Great share! Thanks.

    ~ Vinay

    1. Hi Vinay,

      You have added an extra point that bloggers should also treat their clients in a great way.
      Bloggers never know that their regular readers may become their customers and get ready to but the product they offer at their blog.

      Maintaining your company’s reputation is always a matter to handle with care. There may be many company or brand but people will love to connect with which will provide best customer service and now a days social media is the solution to engage quickly.

      When you thank your customers whether it’s at your blog or anywhere via e-mail, message or by any other way then there will become a sense of gratitude among your customers.

      Thanks a lot for your effective comment.

      Have a successful week ahead.:)


  6. Hey Ravi,

    Great post. What a great list of things related to great customer service.
    I’ve always said that our customers are our greatest asset and we have to continuously treat them with the respect they deserve.

    “Don’t miss the chance to thank your customers when they help you to grow your business. ” I love this point because you can’t obviously grow your business by yourself. That’s why you should be thanking your customers at every chance you get … random acts of kindness.

    Great post. Have a great week.

    – Andrew

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Customers are the people who help you to grow your business. I like what you said as you can’t grow your business alone.

      Customer service through social media is an effective way to mesmerize them. How about apology?
      If customers do complain then it’s your moral duty to listen them and try to solve their problem as soon as possible.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      You too have an amazing day.:)


      1. Yep, I agree with that point. You should go above and beyond to help your customers because they DON’T have to be your customer … they’re choosing to be. And that means something.

        Listening to them and solving their problems is what really matters.

        1. Hi Andrew,

          You know people have many options and if you can’t provide service which can satisfy your customers then they will move to anyone else.

          It’s very important to solve their problems as soon as possible.
          Any brand name can be made only if they have quality to serve.

          Thanks for stopping by.

          Have a nice week ahead.:)


  7. Hi Ravi,

    Such a nice topic you shared. Activeness and connecting with customers via social media can really helps for better business.

    Good customer relationship is very important to grow our business. I agree with your points like thanking to our customer and being apologizing helps to maintain good relationship.

    Social media is a great source to connect with our customers and interact with them to know their needs and apply with them.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.

    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Nisha,

      It’s a new era of improving social media approach and most of companies are available in social media platforms to provide better service to their customers. It’s effective to connect with clients through social media.

      Saying thank you and apologizes are two great step to follow by service executives even if they don’t have any fault in their product. You know customers are always right. Though it is not true but if you don’t want to make them angry then you should think like that only.

      I am glad to have you here.:)

      You too enjoy rest of the week.


  8. Hi Ravi,
    I love all the points you have here. I think 2 of the most important ones are being able to apologize and say thank you to our customers. It bothers me when some people think they are above apologizing. We’re all human and we all make mistakes and it’s important to let people know that. As always, great tips. Thank you so much. Have a great week. Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Providing a better customer service is not an easy task and the points you liked are worthy to focus upon.

      As you said that we all are humans and do many mistakes but people who are ready to apologize and say thank add value to their service.

      Thanks for coming and commenting.

      Have a rocking week.:)


  9. Hi Ravi,
    A very marvellous post on the customer service. All of us know that customers are like king they want at once what they demanded. Never shows the non professional attitude. One thing which you cleared in “Use of positive words” is really appreciable that suppose your customer is asking for any product which is not in the stock and you just deny directly puts very negative impact on your business So, its very necessary to built the positive value and trust among them. Because your whole business depends on your behavior.
    Thanks for sharing such an excellent post.

    1. Hi Mairaj,

      You have mentioned it right that customers are the king but they don’t want them to treat like that. They are also human and want to have someone to listen them properly and provide solution for their problem.

      Customer service providers are recommended to use positive language because customers accept good nature from the company they are going to contact.
      Now a days social media is the leading platform and most of companies are present to provide better customer service.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and taking time to say your kind words.

      Have a great week.:)


  10. Hey Ravi,

    I use to be a customer service specialist. And what I found out is that it’s one of the things that business owners value the least. And that’s a shame. Good customer service is what brings customers back to you time and time again. But also if a customer loves your service, the word gets out.

    Social media is a great way to provide customer service, but regardless of where or how you connect with your customer it’s always important to make your customer feel like they’re the only customer you have. Treat them special and over-deliver if you can.

    Remember the old adage “The customer is always right”? Of course we know that’s not always true, however the important thing is to let the customer believe they are always right and we do that with good communication, politeness and my favorite, killing them with kindness.


    1. Hi Liz,

      Yeah! most of companies are there which don’t focus at their customer service which a must to do thing for improving their business value.
      Satisfaction of your customers is the main motto you should have.

      Social media is an easy to way to empower your reputation among your customers because as you know that people like to be social and try to connect through social networks so it’s better for you to do the same.

      Customer is always right. Many people doubt at this and of course they don’t. But for their better satisfaction your should behave like that.

      Thanks for taking time to comment.

      Have a peaceful week.:)


  11. Great article Ravi, actually i do sell digital product through my website and most of the time instead of raising a support request on listed email ID they love to write on social plateform, thus your tips will always help me to establish better relationship with my customer. Keep in touch ravi 🙂

    1. Hi Rakesh,

      Social media helps a lot for interacting with your customers.

      Most of people like to use social media platform in their daily routine and like to spend more and more time to have great service from many companies and bloggers who sell their product like your.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Have a nice week.:)


  12. Hi Ravi,
    This is an informative post indeed. Handling customers and their positive/negative feedback should be always welcomed. Social media websites are not only the website where one make account and start posting. Its a platform where people meet, share, like things with each other. So being calm, focused and regular is what I feel the agenda should be.

    1. Hi Aditya,

      You mentioned it correctly that social websites are not only to have an account then leave it.

      You can connect with your customers via these websites and have amazing output.

      Thanks for visiting.

      Have a wonderful day.:)


  13. These are awesome points Ravi.

    Connecting with your customers on social media is so incredibly important. There is no point in literally link dropping and expecting people to respond. You have to listen to what people are saying, interact with them, ask questions and then answer them.

    I always make sure that I reply to people that leave me comments on social media. This is the only way to build any kind of relationship, and relationships lead to a stronger and healthier blog.

    I think it’s also important to try and remain positive (even if you are not feeling it). I have actually ‘unliked’ some facebook pages where all I have seen is the owner moaning about one thing or another. Far too annoying to stay interested in the page!

    Thanks for sharing these tips!!

    1. Hi Catherine,

      Man people think that social media is just to have fun and pass the time with their friends. But they lack the main connecting quality of social media.

      Like you said people can connect with their customers. They should listen them so that connections can be made. It’s always recommended that your clients accept quick response from you when they seek for the solution of their problem. Most of clients like to connect via social media and many companies and bloggers are trying to get engaged with their customers.

      For bloggers making human relationship matters a lot which can be done by interacting in the comments area. Bloggers like to gt more and more comments at their blog and if you want to build bonds then it’s your first step to comment back.

      Thanks for taking time to put your wonderful input.

      Have a rocking week.:)


  14. Hi Ravi

    Very informative and comprehensive post on using social media to provide customer care.

    With the advancement in technology options for customer care are also expanding. That is why competitive marketers need to avail every option to keep offering highest level of services to their clients.

    Apparently it looks quite easy to serve your customers through social media but it is not that much easy. You need to be so active and passive way sometimes prove counterproductive. Instead of pleasing your customer you may annoy him by late reply or irritating him a lot by asking queries after queries.

    All the tips you mentioned are quite informative and one can excell in online marketing with the help of them.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post.

    1. Hi Muba,

      You are right. Sometime customer may become angry after getting lat replying.
      But as you said that people need to be active so that they can serve their customers time to time. One thing about social media is that people can boost up their business because it’s most wide spread and business owners have opportunity to explore their services.

      Of course providing better service can enhance the business but only if it can be followed by great service. And now a days with the good approach of customers with social networks companies should also focus on them.

      Thanks for your awesome input.

      Have a peaceful week.:)


  15. Hi Ravi,
    You are right, Social Media is great source of giving customer service. I really like all your points. it’s best way to attract audience.
    2nd, 3rd and 10th option is very very important because it’s all about customer care.
    when business success in business when He care his customer.
    Any way thanks for giving us great information.

    Areesha Noor

    1. Hi Areesha,

      First of all I would like to welcome you at you at my blog.:)

      Social media is an amazing stuff to work upon. There are many ways to connect with your customers but via social media can boost up your business because now a days most of people like to communicate through social networks.

      Thanks for taking time to visit.

      Have a great week.:)


  16. Hey Ravi,

    I don’t really deal with a lot of companies via social media but I guess I can use my clients as examples too yet they do contact me personally with questions and never through social media. I chat with them and socialize though. If they have questions about something and I see them and can help them then of course I do.

    I’m sure I’ll be experiencing this more in the future but whenever I have mentioned a company before they’ve found my tweet and responded positively.

    I think just staying on top of things, answering their questions, reaching out to them and helping them anyway they can is a positive sign to me that they really do care about their customers. Social media just gives them more outlets to work with in this case.

    Sorry I’m not able to add much more but you did a really great job here.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      You know when you tweet about your product and get responses for that is the promotion but when your clients connect with you asking questions about your product and you do your best to satisfy them is the customer service provided by you.

      It’s not all about companies, even bloggers provide customer service to their customers via these present social networks. You may find many people who want to get solved their problem through Facebook or an other network.

      It’s necessary to communicate with your customers positively.

      You did comment and share your opinion which matters a lot Adrienne.:)
      I am glad to your precious words.

      Have a blast this weekend.:)


  17. Hello Ravi, I must all these points are really killer. Awesome post and very informative too. I genuinely believe that any business can create a competitive advantage through giving outstanding customer care. For any business to grow and expand, customer satisfaction plays an important role.
    Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter has evolved to become more emergent platforms for marketing and advertising. Although social media often falls into the “marketing” bucket, it’s also a key means of providing excellent customer service.
    Social media enables you to engage with your customers as never before.

    Thanks or sharing such a nice and informative post with us. All the best for your future articles.

    1. Hi Lonnie,

      Welcome to my blog.:)

      I am glad that you liked my article.

      Yeah! in this new era of socialism most of people are present at social media and engaging with their friends and family.
      After all of this companies are there to have their chance to test. Building their own brand with the help of social media is a step to work upon.

      Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks have their influence in the market. If people want to build their value then they should provide great customer service.

      Thanks for taking time to say your works.
      Hope to see you again.:)


  18. Hello Ravi,

    I have seen lots of websites who maintain not only his best customer services although through facebook and twitter by replying them for their questions.

    Nowadays Social Media playing his role in everywhere and I think there is no any stream or field or business without using Social Media Platform.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful resource with us.

    Minakshi Srivastava

    1. Hi Minakshi,

      You can see not only companies but bloggers too. There are many famous bloggers who do their best to provide better service to their customers via social media.

      You are well aware that now a days people are using social networks in their daily routine and marketers, bloggers and more have chance to embrace their brand name.

      Thanks for your precious comment.

      Have a great week ahead.:)


  19. Hi Ravi,

    You have shared some great tips that everyone can apply to satisfy their customers via social media. From large companies to small business, brands, bloggers, marketers, and many more.

    Nowadays many businesses are using social media to connect with customers and this tips will help them provide good customer service.

    If you don’t listen to your customers on social media they will have a bad impression of you and your business. But if you pay attention to what they say and respond well to their problems and needs they will embrace your brand.

    Social media is a powerful tool to offer customer support while strengthening connections at the same time.

    Thanks for the awesome write up!

    1. Hi Norbert,

      Yeah! the companies which want to build their brand name all around the market are heading towards social media. You know millions of people are there at different social networks and if you want to boost up the value of your company, blog or anything else then social media is the way.

      But many people do mistakes as they don’t listen their customers. The basis stuff to remember is taking care of your customers. They are the main focusing point for your marketing.

      You are right social media is a great tool to use.

      Thanks for your comment.

      Have an awesome week ahead.:)


  20. Hi Ravi,

    Indeed, customer service is all about hearing. You have to hear every word of the customer, either a complaint or a compliment. Everything must be heard by the customer service.

    I know with some people in their daily lives like to listen if someone who spoke to him and proven, they are liked by the people around him. I think, hearing has mysterious powers. 🙂

    Nice article from you, Ravi.
    Thanks for share this with us. Do have a wonderful week ahead.


    1. Hi Nanda,

      Glad to see you around.:)

      You are right. It’s all about listening the complains and compliments of your customers. For better customer service you need to focus at the needs your customers want.

      Your first priority should be the satisfaction of your customers.

      Thanks a lot for your input.

      You too have a rocking week.:)


  21. Hi Ravi,
    I think today is a time when people are more active on social media than any other means of networking and communication. So providing customer support via social media is a nice choice and option. People can be contacted and reached immediately using social media and this will improve response time and other services too.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Vineet Saxena

    1. Hi Vineet,

      You have pointed it right that now a days most of people are there on social networks and there is a great opportunity with companies to build their brand via social media.

      Many customers ask to get the solution of their complains through social media because they have it in their daily routine and it’s easy for them to use. Companies are coming forward to give their best for their customers.

      Thanks for taking time to drop your input.:)

      Have a nice week ahead.:)


  22. Wow great post Ravi, strongly agree on point 4, yes it is calmness is the key sometimes with proactive support. I often see brands fail to deal with negative feedback. Mostly what we see (I think you have faced too) an auto tweet/DM. Moving the conversation from social to private shows the customer that you care for them.

    1. Hi Sourav,

      Welcome to my blog.:)

      You know customers should be handled with care and calmness. There are many options for them and if you are not going to provide better service to them they will not a single second to approach someone else.

      Many customer executive don’t try to satisfy their customers and faced the downtime for their company because customers need best service in their field

      Thanks for taking time to visit.
      Hope to see you soon.:)


  23. Hi Ravi,
    first time on your blog.

    You listed some valid points.
    Being real, honest and helpful is the way to go, in my opinion.

    A positive attitude also helps a lot.

    Thanks for sharing,
    have an awesome week! 🙂

    1. Hi Erik,

      I would like to welcome you at my blog.:)

      People need to be honest, caring, helpful and many positive qualities in every field. For providing better customer service. it’s a challenge for all the companies.
      It’s not only for companies. Now a days bloggers, marketers also need to focus on social media to handle their customers.

      Thanks for taking time to say your words.

      Hope to see you again.:)


  24. hey Ravi Bro,

    Another great post indeed on this Blog. Sorry from few days i was busy in some new projects to forgot to read your posts.

    This is best method to Provide costumer services through social media, your posts is really helpful for new marketers and entrepreneur . they can start their business through social media.

    1. Hi Siddharth,

      Glad to see you after long time.:)

      Providing customer service through social media is an effective way as you can find your customers mostly at social networking websites so it’s easy to connect with them.

      Thanks for coming back to the party.;)

      Enjoy your stay.


  25. Really great advice Ravi!

    And you are so right about the incredible positive potential impact that rock solid customer service can have on any type of businesses bottom line!

    But especially a small, cash starved small business owner and or service provider. And when they’re able to deliver part this powerful customer via social media, it’s almost criminal not to do so!

    I like all of your points, but #’s 5-9, are really the meat of it for me!

    Thanks so much for sharing these 10 extremely powerful insights!

    1. Hi Mark,

      Social media is an amazing platform to provide better custom service.

      Although there are many companies who are trying to build their brand through social networking websites but there are few who know the real value about providing customer service.

      If you want to increase your success rate then you will get many things to be your concerned.

      Thanks for taking time to drop your comment.


  26. Hi Ravi.
    Wonderful information you share with us. Thanks a lot for this contents.
    Social media has opened a various way to interact with customers.
    keep it up bro..

  27. Hey Ravi,

    This is an other informative post . Ofcourse socialmedia is a effective platform to convey necessary things even customer service.Always paying attention to customer even in social media is a key for effective customer service.All 10 points are excellent

    1. Hi Vino,

      There is no doubt that if you use social media in an effective way than you can provide the best service to your customers which will increase your brand name and your value in an online business.

      Thanks for providing this input.

      Hope to see you again.:)


  28. Hi Ravi,
    Customer service via social media is really a good idea. If your tips are also followed, success is sure to come soon!

    1. Hey Rajaraman,

      Its good to see you here at my blog.:)
      Social media has its importance in every field. if you want to provide better customer service then here you are. You can use social networking websites to keep in touch with your readers. You can share your content with your followers through social media.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a peaceful week ahead.:)


      1. Hi Ravi,
        In my comment above, why the feature of commentluv plugin “Rajaraman K” recently posted … is not showing up? Please do something about it.

        thanks and regards.

        1. Hi Rajaraman,

          You will feel annoyed after knowing that I have disabled it. You know we don’t put comment at any blog just to get backlinks. I have noticed many bloggers who think that if they drop more comments at any other blog then it would be better for them to get backlink. But they should know that most of bloggers keep their comment section nofollow.
          Your comment was too small so I had to remove the CommentLuv. We are not talking about dropping comment with the count of words here. Its about quality and expressing your ideas about the blog post at which you put your comment.
          I hope you can understand my point.
          Hope to get better from your side.
          Enjoy your stay.:)

  29. Hey Ravi,

    You have great tips over here about how to provide customer service via social media.

    Thanks for writing and updating us about this.

    I will put the lessons gained from here into use.

    -Oloyede Jamiu

    1. Hi Jamiu,

      I am glad that you have found this article useful. We all know that social media is an amazing platform to use to boost up our blog by connecting with our readers. For any company its better to provide customer service through social media because most of people now a days use social networking websites and its easy to get in touch with more clients.
      Thanks for sharing your views.
      Have a wonderful day.:)

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