Remarkable Female Bloggers To Follow In The Blogosphere.

In the blogosphere, there are many bloggers who are helping others and have established their reputation. Have you ever met any female blogger who has been in the field of blogging for years and is still inspiring. I have met many amazing bloggers who are doing what their spirit says.

It’s hard to mention all of the bloggers who are rocking on the internet. Well, it’s all about the relationships and the bonding you have with other bloggers. I have to mention some strong female bloggers who should be known to everyone.

In this article, I am going to mention a few bloggers who have achieved the respect and the popularity in this online world.

Amazing Bloggers Who Have The Spark in Their Writing.

1. Donna Merrill

Donna Merrill

She is a blogger with a different way of thoughts and a success coach. I have always thought about the new ideas for my next blog posts and then I visit Donna’s blog. She is an amazing writer with a unique style of writing. I always liked how she shares here stories and guides here readers about building a better blog.

She is the woman who knows the value of human bonds. If you know the power of the link building in this blogosphere then you can’t skip knowing her.

In my previous days, I used to think about Donna’s way of thinking. I mean how does she come up with the articles which haven’t been thought about anyone.

Her recent article about the “Law of attraction” is awesome. Though the news was heartbreaking but still she managed to guide others about making mistakes and the lessons you can learn.

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2. Brenda Lee Pace


She is a blogger, writer, web designer who knows how to handle the perfect situation with her amazing gesture. She is the woman with the glory on the social media. I have always admired her for her designs and her blog writing skills.

Have you ever visited her blogs? Yes, you got it right. She is the owner of multiple blogs and she has her own designs for the themes. You can check her design by visiting her blog. She has over 6 years of experience of blogging and social media.

You can find her on Twitter most of the time. She shares the content which is worthy to read . If you want a few services for your blog then you can give a call to Brenda.

One of the most surprising thing about her is that she is a skin cancer survivor who has fought for her life till the end and defeated cancer. You will be glad to meet her in the first place.

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3. Deborah A. Ten Brink


I have met her a few days and found that she is a really generous person. I have never thought about the friendship which can have a start like this. Thanks to Donna for giving a way to have the connection. Just a few days back when I was checking my LinkedIn profile and found that Deborah was there and Donna recommended me.

I was ought to send her a thank you message for sharing and liking my post and then I came across her blog. You will be amazed to see her writing skills.

There are a few writers who can express themselves through the words. You can check her latest post about Google Analytics. She is one of the people to follow from my list.

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4. Dana Gore 


She is an author of the book “A Simple Guide To Exercise Safety” and a blog owner where she guides her readers about the safe exercises. I was amazed to read her article about knowing the limits of your body.

She has published the articles on many blogs with her unique style of writing. If you want some motivation and the guide for safety while workout then she is here to help you.

It’s always a challenge to solve the mystery of the body growth and the fitness. Well, you can ask Dana because she is a graduate of Fitness Institute International, Inc School for Personal training.

Dana is one of the amazing bloggers from whom you can learn more. Visit her blog.

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5. Nirmala Santhakumar


She is an Indian blogger who has achieved the glory with her writing skills on her blog. She is the owner of two blogs right now. You would be amazed to see how she manage her blog and handle her readers.

I have found her a very kind person who knows that in the online world, human relationships have the power. Nirmala is one of the top bloggers to follow. You can reach out to her through her blog or there are many social networking platforms.

She has been featured on many blogs. She represents herself as a friendly person who loves used to write about health topic and then developed her interest in the technology niche.

Nirmala has been blogging since 2009. Don’t you think it’s a very long time? Well, it is and she has managed her way tofblogging watthe same pace.

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Are You Still Trying to Find The People To Follow?

The above-mentioned are the top female bloggers to follow who can guide you towards your blogging career. It’s always said that if you know the importance of human bonds then you will never get disappointed in the blogosphere.

It’s all about you and your fellow bloggers. You help them and they will help you. That’s what the formula for building the social reputation. While handling a WordPress blog, you may be thinking about the SEO tips, blogging tips etc.

In my opinion, the first thing is to find the people to follow and make a strong connection with them. You will feel the positive energy when surrounded by those amazing bloggers.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Ravi,

    This was so sweet of you. I don’t even know what to say.
    You’ve placed me in the company of some fabulous bloggers. I know Donna and Brenda, but I’ll have to acquaint myself with the Deborah and Nirmala.

    Thank you so much for including me in this and mentioning my work in the field of health and fitness. I cover topics that aren’t discussed in the mainstream, especially about consciousness and exercise safety – so the fact that you brought it up here means a lot.

    Thanks again Ravi. You made my day 🙂

    1. Dana,

      You are a wonderful person with amazing writing skills. It doesn’t matter you write about off-stream topic or mainstream. You have the potential which can be seen through your articles.

      Though I haven’t read just three articles but the way interacted with your readers was unique and that’s the reason I decide to let people know about you. I am happy that people are appreciating and want to know about you.

      Thanks for connecting.
      Enjoy the Sunday.

  2. Hi Ravi,

    What a surprise! Glad to be featured on your blog, thanks for the honor with kind words.

    I love blogging and it improved my skills a lot. I have learned how to connect with people, how to write in a better way and how to get loyal readers for my blogs. Out of all, my marketing skills got enhanced and I have started to perform well than before.

    I know the awesome female bloggers, Donna & Brenda Lee, but unaware of the other two great bloggers. Thanks for sharing their details, good to know about them. I’ll connect with them as well.

    Keep your good work.

    1. Hey Nirmala,

      I have been working in this field since last 2.5 years and still there are a few bloggers who are working hard to make their readers happy. I have known you for a long time now and it’s my pleasure to have you in the list.

      People should meet you in the first place so that they can learn more about blogging and other technical stuff. I have recently met Dana and Deborah and they are amazing. You should connect with them.

      It’s always good to have you.
      Thanks for the support.
      Enjoy the day.

  3. Hey, Ravi.

    You’ve done a great job here. Those women you listed above are the most brilliant bloggers who wroth to follow.

    A nice article.

    1. Hi Kimsea,

      You should connect with them. I am sure, you would love to read their articles. I have always thought about something interesting and attractive like Donna’s articles.

      Maybe I can develop my skills within a few years.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Enjoy the day.

  4. Hi Ravi,

    Wow..what a sweet surprise. I thank you for including me and the description you have given has made me blush! My humble appreciation for that.

    It is so wonderful that I do know all the others on this post. I follow them and know them quite well. You have given an accurate description of them all.

    Blessings to you,


    1. Hey Donna,

      We all are here to learn to make connections and I am happy that I could do a little bit for you. You are an amazing person who always think about your readers. There are many people who should know you.

      I am sure, people would love to read your articles. It’s my pleasure to have you on my blog.
      Thanks for your support and share.
      Have an awesome day.

  5. Ravi, what a privilege it is to be even on your female blogging radar! <3 I feel very honored to be mentioned here.

    I have many blogging plans for the future and will try not to ever disappoint! I feel so blessed and want to share whatever I can to help others trying to promote their talents and services online.

    Bloggers play a very important role online in my opinion. I have learned so much from you already. I hope to return the favor many times over in the coming months and years.

    Thank you so much for seeing value in me and my work, Ravi. Continued success!


    1. Deborah,

      Pleasure is all mine.:)

      I am glad that I could feature you and all other bloggers on this post. It’s the best thing to introduce the people who have the talent. I have read your articles and I was thrived to notice the writing skills and the intensity you put in your articles.

      I am sure, people would learn a lot from you. There is a long road to run on in the future. I am sure, you would provide the best from your side.
      Have a wonderful day.

  6. Oh my gosh, Ravi! I am truly humbled by your post. You actually put tears into my eyes knowing that you think so highly of me and these other women.

    It’s amazing how often Donna shows up in these types of post. She truly is a remarkable women, friendly, and a great coach! Dana is a good friend who is spending her life making others live longer by being healthy. I admire her strength and all she has accomplished. I follow along with Deborah, and new at it, but I do admire her writing style like you. Now Nirmala is a new one for me so thank you for the introduction! I will be hoping over to her place, reading, and adding her to my feed.

    Again, I am truly honored and humbled by your post and your thoughts. I’m also enjoying the friendship that we are building. By the way, you’ve been on my mind so I will be reaching out to you via email.

    Thank you again! I hope you’re having an awesome weekend!


    1. Brenda,

      I have been thinking about it since last month but could write the post. Now I got it and finally I received the pleasure to feature you all amazing bloggers. I always feel happy when I see your tweets and the posts you write.

      There is a personal touch in your articles which connects other people. I am sure, people would love to connect with you as I did.
      Donna has something sparking like you all and she is a great business coach.

      I have recently connected with Dana and Deborah and I found that both are the great writers who are helping others.
      You should connect with Nirmala for sure. She is a blogger who writes about many technical things.

      Pleased to have you.

  7. Out of 5 you have mentioned, I recently came to know about Donna and her blog via Cambodian blogger Kimsea Sok. I can’t agree more. She is a wonderful blogger and her stories are inspirational. And other 4 also appear equally wonderful. I will follow their blogs too. Thanks for sharing Ravi!

    1. Hey Sherab,

      Donna is the woman with the talent and the blogging experience. I am sure, you would love to read her articles. All the other bloggers should be followed. You will learn a lot from them.
      I am glad that you liked the list.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Hi Ravi,

    Wonderful indeed 🙂

    So good to see all my friends mentioned here – right from Bren, Donna – whom I’ve known since years, to Dana and of course Nirmala – all wonderful women bloggers to connect with. Haven’t had a chance to interact with Deborah yet, though I will once I’m through working on a major project, which you’d all know soon.

    Thanks for sharing more about them with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hey Harleena,

      They all have the significant place on this blogosphere and you’re no other than them. You are a great blogger and the commenting queen and I am sure, most of the people are there who know you better.

      You would love to meet Deborah. She has just started blogging and still has the intensity to attract the readers to her blog articles.
      We all are waiting for the big surprise.

      Thanks for being here to support me.

  9. Hi Ravi,
    I was stuck in studies and now I am back to blogosphere! 🙂
    Good to see the navigation menu and logo a bit changed,
    coming to the post, Yes I am following these awesome female bloggers already.
    Great to see some of my favourite bloggers enlisted here!
    ~ Ahmad

    1. Hey Ahmad,

      When you blog while studying then it’s really hard to manage. I have been struggling for the same thing during my college days. I am glad that you liked the changes.

      The bloggers mentioned above have the glory with their writing thoughts and the articles they provide to their readers. The list is a must follow.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      Enjoy the week ahead.

  10. Awesome list! Except Dana Gore, I am following all of them. Thanks so much for highlighting these amazing women bloggers.

    Nice Article Ravi

    1. Hey Saurabh,

      All the bloggers have something different and you can learn a lot from them. Dana is a health blogger who guides her readers about the health and safety issues. Thanks for sharing.
      Enjoy the day.

  11. Inspiring post. I was only following male bloggers but today I came to know that females are also meant to follow. Indian girls should read this post and give a try to this faster-growing digital industry.
    Thanks for writing such an awesome post.

    1. Hey Niharika,

      The blogosphere consists many female bloggers who have attained the position which is dreamt by every blogger. The bloggers mentioned above have something special in their writing skills.

      You would learn a lot from all of them. I have mentioned one Indian blogger in the list. She is someone you would want to know about.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a great day.

  12. Hi Ravi,
    My first visit to your blog, I am impressed. Nice article on female bloggers too. Will visit your blog again and explore it further.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Gaurav Jain

    1. Hey Gaurav,

      Welcome to BloggingLove.

      It’s always good to meet new people in this blogosphere. The above-mentioned female bloggers have been providing the quality content for years. I am sure, you would like to know more about them.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Hope to see you soon.

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