How To Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate Using These Tricks?

how to reduce your website's bounce rate

When you start blogging then you may be thinking as how to build a better blog which can last longer? When you hear about the SEO factor then you try to learn how to write an SEO-friendly post? Then you read about the bounce rate. What is it?

How to reduce your website’s bounce rate? Have you ever checked the bounce rate of your website? You can check it using the Google Analytics. It is always recommended to install the Google Analytics o your website. You can come to know whether it’s high or low. You work hard to increase everything on your blog but you should work to minimize bounce rate.

What Is Bounce rate And How To Decrease Bounce Rate on Website?

You may be thinking that building a blog is the hardest part in blogging. Let me renovate your thoughts. The hardest thing is to keep your keep readers on your website for the longer time.

The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors on your website who go away without getting engaged with the content of your website or just seeing one page. The more the bounce rate the more is the danger.

You should try to control the bounce rate using many tricks. In this post, I am going to provide some tricks which can help you to minimize bounce rate.

How To Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate?

From interlinking to the better visuality of the content, you would get all the things to know about increasing the page views and decreasing the bounce rate of your website. The list is here:

1. Stop Pop-ups. 

You may have noticed many websites show the pop-up when you enter. Do you feel great about it? Isn’t that annoying and let you leave that website? The same thing happens with the visitors of your blog when you show the pop-ups on your website. So it’s better to remove them.

2. The Inter-linking formula.

It is always believed that when you create the links in between your blog posts then people show more engagement on different pages of your blog. While creating the inter-links, don’t link the “here, there” word as the link. Try to improvise with the content and link the phrase related to the post you are linking.

3. Show related posts.

It’s a good idea to show the related post below every blog post. Your readers may get interested in checking the blog topics which are similar. There are many plugins to show the related posts on your blog. If you are a pro then add the widget in the theme using the codes.

4. The Gallery.

Sometimes, to minimize bounce rate, you can show the gallery of the images linked to your blog posts on your blog. You may have seen the perfect and attractive images paired to show the visual content on the website.

5. Use Visual Content.

In this era where everyone is crazy about images and videos, you should add images in your blog post to look them interesting. Don’t copy the images from the Google images. You can create your own images using many tools like Canva. Embed the video in your blog posts to enhance the visuality.

bounce rate

6. Show The Slider.

If you want to show the slider then it would be one the best ideas. It is because people like to see the shifting content with visual effects. Make sure that it doesn’t reduce the speed of your website. To create a slider, developers use the jQuery which can slow down your website. Choose the plugin which doesn’t affect your website’s speed.

7. The Navigation.

Provide the proper navigation to your visitors. There is nothing worst than an intuitive navigation. You don’t want your visitors to get lost in your website. Don’t try to show the complicated home page. Many people can’t even find the way to reach to the content of your website.

8. Speed-up Your Website.

If your website opens late then your visitors won’t even stay to read your blog posts. And you will ask how to decrease bounce rate on website again. Have a caching plugin like W3 Total cache with proper settings. Try to reduce the size of the page using the optimized images. You can use the GZIP compression.

9. The Mobile-friendly Version.

You may have read it many times that you should build a website which is mobile friendly. Choose the WordPress theme which let your readers to access your website from the mobile phones. Don’t just look on the concept of smartphones. Make it friendly for smaller phones too.

10. Are you Clear?

While writing a blog post, you should be clear about your thoughts. Don’t try to manipulate by just writing the words. Provide the essential information which let your visitors give the reason to visit again on your website. Be clear and effective with words.

minimize bounce rate

11. Embed Random Post.

One of the ideas to minimize bounce rate is to embed the random posts. It can be done by providing the recommendation. As below the paragraph, show the recommended posts.

If you do it under every paragraph then it won’t be effective. Instead of increasing the engagement, it would turn into the turn-off. So if you do that, do it carefully.

12. Be Creative.

While writing your blog post, show your talent and the vision to provide the quality content. If you have become to impress your readers with your words then the ticket is yours. You will see those readers again on your website.

13. Show The Popular Post.

You can show the popular posts which have the high comments or the share. You may put those posts in the sidebar or the footer of your website.

Are You Ready To Minimize Bounce Rate of Your Website?

how to decrease bounce rate on website

There are many SEO tips to follow but the bounce rate is something you have to handle with your creative mind. The inter-linking task should be done more. Link your content to other posts of your blog. Give your readers a reason to stay on your website for the longer time.

How to reduce your website’s bounce rate? This question won’t come to your mind if you follow the things mentioned in this article. Try to show the visual content more on the right place. Don’t overdo anything. have the clear thought in your blog post and decrease the bounce rate of your website.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hey Ravi,

    I like these tips here. So far of been using image compression and interlinking to lower my bounce rate. I’ll have to implement some of your other ideas here. But I believe the main that helps my site is the one intro video I have. Good videos does help to keep your audience engage which keeps them longer on your site.

    Thanks for sharing and have a nice day!

    1. Hey Sherman,

      The visual content helps you to get more visitors to keep them stay for longer time.
      There are many things to do to reduce the bounce rate of your website. As I have mentioned in the article about showing the related posts and the popular posts.
      The inter-linking always words perfectly.
      Thanks for your support.
      Enjoy the day.

  2. Hey Ravi,
    Great post!

    The Bounce Rate is really something we should care about, even if it is not a direct ranking factor, it gives you a clear image of how appealing and attracting is your website, which is more important in the long run.

    Thanks for sharing the valuable tips!
    Keep posting!


    1. Hi Hussain,

      Of course, bounce rate matters. People neglect this factor and strive to find out the problem with the site growth. They should consider it as one of the most important aspects to improve their website.
      If you want to last longer in the blogosphere then always try to keep the bounce rate as low as possible.
      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.
      Have a nice da.

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