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reasons to give up blogging

Blogging is a magnificent platform for the people who have the potential to devote their time and hard work to it. Still, there are many reasons to give up blogging. There are thousands of blogs start every single day and bloggers have their competition level at the peak. With this, increment bloggers come across many reasons to quit blogging.

Why I hate blogging?
What are the reasons to give up blogging? Is there any option other than blogging for me? Haven’t you asked yourself these questions? In my opinion, sometimes a situation occur when bloggers think to quit blogging.

Sometimes I Think Why I Hate Blogging :

There are certain reasons why I hate blogging and tend to quit blogging. It is because the ups and downs in blogging section. In the early phase of blogging there was not so much significance, but after few years blogging was at the top of many businesses. You know people are crazy to build up their blog. Some do it for making money and some are for other reasons.

But when they don’t get positive results then there are many reasons to give up blogging. I used to go through many new blogs with great content but still facing the problem and lastly the result comes to quit blogging. Why is that so? Why I hate Blogging? What are the reasons to quit blogging? Can’t a blogger get success? Every blogger thinks about it and due to some reasons, he/she quit blogging.

There is a certain problem faced by bloggers in the dramatic world of blogging due to which sometimes we think to quit blogging. Why me? You think when something goes wrong with your blog.

Blogging is not an easy job to do. There are many bloggers who leave their job only for blogging. Maybe they are mad for the bloggers who have made their mind, to leave the blogging.

But for people who are getting engaged into blogging day by day blogging is their an important part of life. There are many reasons to quit blogging, I am going to explain some of them.

  • When Money Is The Only Motive :- I have noticed that for newbies making money from their blog is the only motive. When I talk to some of my friends about blogging they ask only one thing, how much do you earn? Maybe you have also faced this type of question. Beginners think to make money from their blog as soon as possible. Even when they just start their blog they expect to earn money from their blog. But when they fail to do that they quit blogging. Have you ever thought about what are you doing? Why are you blogging? When the answer is money then it’s the path to get demoralization. I don’t say that expecting money from blogging is not good. It just in the early phase of a blogger money talks shouldn’t come into his/her mind.
  • Time Is The Major Factor :- Blogging needs so much time to be spent. A blog needs to be maintained every day or maybe once after very two days. But when you start blogging then it is necessary to update your blog on a regular interval of time. But people are so much busy in their lives that spending much time at their blog id not possible. The truth if you have determination then time is not the reason to quit blogging. You will meet many successful bloggers who are engaged in many other stuff but still they are blogging.
  • Don’t Have Focus At Your Work :- The main reason for many beginners to quit blogging is the lack of ideas and focus. When a blogger starts a blog then there are required a vision to set up the blog and to reach up to the highest platform of success. But due to lack of focus and hard determination, many bloggers make their mind to quit blogging. There comes a situation when beginners fail to make plans for their blog and don’t want to continue with their blog.
  • You Are So Desperate :- Sometimes desperation becomes the reason to give up blogging for many bloggers. When bloggers become so much desperate to work at their blog and their expectations become high. When it comes to the break up of those expectations there is nothing more than not to continue.
  • You Check Your Blog’s Status Many Times In A Day :- When I was newbie I used to check my visitors many times in a day. How many clicks rate has increased or not? Why do I get less visitors today? Is there any fault in my blog? These kinds of question stuck in the mind which frustrate us and don’t let us continue if we don’t get positive results. As we know there is always ups and downs in any business and those who give up they fail to achieve their goal.
  • When You Choose The Wrong Niche :- Like most of the bloggers say that a blogger should start blogging with the niche in which he/she is interested. Many bloggers just check the present status of a particular famous niche and start their blog. After some days there come a situation in which the blogger will get bored. This can tend to quit blogging.
  • Pressure To Write Quality Content :- We all have the idea about the quality content. How is it important for a blog? Google and readers prefer the blog with good content which can be shared. For newbies, it is difficult to provide quality content and some get irritated and change their profession.
  • It Is A Work To Do Alone :- Blogging is the thing which is done alone by any individual. When people get bored due to this loneliness then the option is to quit blogging and another is to find any way for enjoyment. But mostly beginners give up and stop blogging. It is because maybe they need to get something enjoyable.
  • You Face Google Penalty Again And Again :- Due to lack of knowledge and some silly mistakes bloggers face Google penalty again and again. It’s only because of not having enough knowledge about blogging. Beginners fed up from this kind of disappointment and decide to stop going further at their path of blogging.
  • More Chances Of Failing :- There are millions of blog with the same niche and it is really hard to get success in blogging. There are more chances that beginners are not able to compete with old bloggers which sometimes become the main reason to quit blogging.

Why Not To Quit Blogging ?

There may be many reasons to give up blogging but for a hard determined blogger, these are just excuses. When a blogger thinks about the future path of career then the only thing to come in mind is about getting success. For a hard working blogger, there is no place to

For a hard working blogger, there is no place to quit blogging. The blogger will get success, may be late but sure. I used to think why am I blogging?

But I got the answer because I like to do it. There is nothing to think much about traffic, money and else. Money has its value but if to concentrate at your work then you will surely make your blog famous. You just need to learn more about it. I was supposed to explain why I wanted to quit blogging? and you know it’s really hard to tell anyone. We shouldn’t even think about it. The main formula to follow is working hard systematically.

You just need to learn more about it. I was supposed to explain why I wanted to quit blogging? and you know it’s really hard to tell anyone. We shouldn’t even think about it. The main formula to follow is working hard systematically.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hi Ravi,

    The idea of quitting blogging is of course eminent in the beginning. I for instance intended to quit blogging because of the limitation of paypal to my country.

    It isn’t available here therefore make working online really difficult!

    1. Hey Emmanuel,

      Yes, in the beginning bloggers tend to quit blogging. But it is necessary to keep going with the faith at our hard work.
      I have known that in my countries paypal is not available. I am sorry to hear that your country is also included in this list.
      It’s really hard to do online business without it. But may I know how are you managing without paypal?


  2. Hi Ravi,

    Yes, many bloggers give up blogging for the very reasons you mentioned. However, just like any other work, blogging takes a lot of hard work and effort, especially if you want to take it up as a profession – not just a hobby.

    Giving up is the easiest thing to do, whether in any activity you start or blogging. But if you keep the faith and remain determined, you can easily achieve success. Blogging requires you to have patience – Rome was not built in a day! This one major factor is what I see new bloggers face – they give up too soon.

    Reasons are as you mentioned, they don’t earn quick money, have to sit and write content after content and make sure it is of quality or else Google doesn’t like it, and learn the fine art of time-management so that you can get a little of everything done in the day. You cannot miss out on one aspect and do more of one, but have to balance everything, isn’t it?

    I think if bloggers hold the ground and just put in their best efforts, and remain consistent, they can achieve their goal.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,

      Ya you are right bloggers need to take blogging as their passion not hobby. When it comes to work hard regularly without having any guarantee of making money beginners give up blogging.
      Thanks for your precious comment.
      Have a nice weekend to you too. 🙂


  3. I really enjoyed this post, it’s realistic and encouraging. I too am trying to build a successful blog and to see that I am not alone with these kinds of feelings is comforting.

    I am having trouble with google as you mentioned in your post. I don’t know why google is saying that at this time I can’t take advantage of adsense. Though I’m not in it for the money I am worried that over time as I continue to blog I will want to use adsense and not be able to.

    Can you expand on this? What can we do to make our blogs acceptable for adsense?

    1. Hi Daniel,

      I know getting approval from AdSense is a big deal. But there are some conditions which have to be fulfilled if you want to use Google AdSense.
      The main think to take care is about the quality of your blog. It should be unique and original. You shouldn’t copy content from any other website.
      Many other stuffs like having somehow 60 posts, about page and else are required.

      Don’t worry about AdSense if you have done everything right then Google AdSense can’t disapprove your blog.

      Have a great weekend a head.


  4. Hi,
    You are absolutly right Ravi, I will favour two points more strognly 1. Start with wrong niche. 2. Demotivated due to working alone.

  5. Hi Ravi,
    If you love blogging, you don’t have to quit blogging. Of course if you are blogging only for money, its time to quit. Because now-a-days the number of blogs online are millions and earning from the blog is very negligible compared to the time spend to write, design and promote it. Hope you are writing not for money and so you need not quit. thanks.

    1. Hi Mahendra,

      Welcome to my blog.:)

      There are many bloggers who start blogging only to make money. They hear rumors that blogging is the fastest way to make money but they don’t know how much effort they have to put.
      Beginners become desperate about making money and put multiple ads at their blog and forget about providing quality content which costs them a lot.

      Thanks for visiting and dropping your wonderful comment.:)

      Have a successful week ahead.


  6. At first blogging looks rather easy and glamorous, especially the high fashion and make up blogs. You quickly realise it is hard work and there is a great need for consistency. This is not suited to a person who only wants to blog when they feel like blogging. Oh no – blogging must be done regularly despite your commitments and lifestyle.

    I blog weekly. Initially I blogged twice a week but found I did not enjoy it and struggled to find interesting topics twice weekly.

    I do not earn any money from blogging and I am okay with this for now. I absolutely love to write and value the bloggers I have networked with over the past two years. I have learnt much in this time.

    1. Hey Phoenicia,

      Blogging is all about following your passion. I can understand why people aren’t having their interest in blogging for so long. The main thing is money.

      People dream about making so much money from blogging which doesn’t happen often.

      I like your thoughts about the consistency. You surely do the blogging thing in the regular interval of time.
      Thanks for sharing your views.

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