How To Write SEO Friendly Article For Better Search Results

how to write seo friendly post

The major issue for the beginners is “how to write seo friendly post?” which is an important stuff to care about. Every internet user uses the search engine to seek anything they want to know about.

As you all know that Google is the most used search engine on the world wide web.

So, it’s necessary for every blogger to know how to write SEO friendly article by which the ranking of their blog can boost up. To make your blog good enough to get more visitors, you should always keep in mind that you are writing for your readers.

SEO has the greatest concern but readers are the people for whom every blogger builds any blog.

The Things You Should Follow

Writing any post friendly to SEO is a big deal for a blogger who wants to boost up the ranking of his/her blog. Every blogger should concern about the SEO of any post which is going to get published.

Bloggers try to use many tricks for writing an SEO friendly post, but as you know tricks are not the keys to success. You need to know about SEO and its behavior towards any blog.

Here are some tips I am going to provide which will help you.

  • Avoid Duplicate Content:- Some bloggers fill up their blog with the duplicate content. They copy the content from any famous website and just with little transformation put it on their own website. This kind of activity doesn’t make your blog as SEO friendly rather the ranking of your blog will become worst after Google’s penalty. For an engaging post, you need to write the original content, write what you want to, not what others want you to write. Build your own idea for any particular topic to explore it among readers.
  • Relevant Content Should Be Preferred:- It’s necessary to write about the related topic. Some bloggers try to manipulate search engines by writing irrelevant content on their blog. Every blogger needs to stick to the topic at what post is about. If you write far from the niche just to increase the word limit then it may affect the ranking of your blog.
  • Dense Your Keywords At Beginning:- It would be better for your blog if you write your keywords more at the beginning of your post. It would be beneficial to have your keyword in the first line of your blog. Try to make the first paragraph of your blog effective with a keyword. You should keep in mind that using many keywords can be harmful. So try not to use more than 2 keywords in your first paragraph.
  • Make Headings:- You should make headings for writing the SEO friendly article. Make at least three heading and at most five. The headings of your post should consist the focus keyword. It will help you make it easy for search engines to go through.
  • Upload Optimized Images:- It would be good to know that your images of the post are also scanned by search engines. Always use optimized images because it will not put any load on your blog and your blog will open fast. If you upload images without optimization then your post will open slowly and poor user experience.
  • Fill Alt Text In Images:- When you upload any image to your post then always fill alt text with your keyword, it will help you to make your post SEO friendly.
  • Make Links In Your Post:- Don’t forget to add inbound links in your post which should include your keyword phrase. Suppose if you are writing any post about SEO then make this as a link if you are using SEO as your keyword. Don’t make any link like “click here” or any irrelevant which doesn’t consist your keywords.
  • Keep An Eye On Keyword Density:- As I have described using keywords, don’t forget to remember the keyword density. Many bloggers use keywords to a great extent to make their post SEO friendly but face penalty after some time. Always try to use 3 keywords in 300 words. Don’t try to increase your keyword density so much.
  • Do Your Keywords Bold, Underline, And Italic:- When you insert the keywords in any post then do some of your keywords bold, some as italic and some as the underline. It will make your post SEO friendly. The score of the post will get increased and chances to appear in search engines also increases.
  • Don’t Do Spelling And Grammar Mistake:- If you do spelling or any grammatical mistake then it will look your blog unprofessional. If any blog doesn’t contain these mistakes then the reader will like to read and visit that particular blog again and again.
  • Keep Your Blog Updated:- Always update your blog in a particular interval of time. If you don’t update your blog then SEO score will be low and you will get the fewer visitors. Provide the latest information to the readers related to any particular topic. This will help you make your blog SEO friendly.
  • Provide Effective Data:- It would be better to provide the effective and reliable data to your readers. Stick to your topic and write related. Don’t skip to other stuff.
  • Make Bullet Points Instead Of Paragraph:- Try to write the post in points. Don’t stretch paragraphs, readers get bored while reading paragraphs.
  • Meta Description Usage:-  Meta description which appears below the title of the post in the search results. You should include at least one keyword in this description because it is the first appearing content to the SEO and readers.

I am sure, you won’t ask how to write seo friendly Article after reading this

As I have given you some basic tips for “how to write SEO friendly post?” and SEO friendly article. For every blogger, these are the tips which may lead them to a good blogger in their future.

Try to follow these instructions and I am sure you will get positive results. These are some basics stuffs to know about related to SEO. For any query, I would like to hear from you in the comment section.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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