How to Enable FTP in WordPress? Create A New FTP Account.

how to create ftp account in cpanel

Nowadays, people install the plugins and themes directly from their WordPress admin panel. But what would happen if you can’t access your admin panel? In such conditions, you should know how to create FTP account in cPanel. It is because the cPanel is the final solution for all of your problems.

If you want to upload any file on your web hosting server then you can use your FTP account. There are many people who don’t even know how to FTP account in WordPress. In this post, I am going to provide you an easy guide to create a new FTP account using the cPanel of your web hosting.

How To Create FTP Account In WordPress Using the Canel?

First of all, you should know what is FTP. FTP stands for File Transfer protocol. It’s the medium using which you can transfer your files from your computer to the web hosting server through an Internet protocol. FTP is used by many users to send the data from one computer to another using an Internet protocol.

For your WordPress site, you can upload a plugin, upload any theme, or any other file on your web hosting server to get worked on your website. When you face any problem with your WordPress login page then you can use your FTP account. You should know how to enable FTP in WordPress.

There are some steps to add a new FTP account in the cPanel.

Step 1:- The first thing is to login to your web hosting account and then search for the “files” section. You can see many options from which you should click on the “FTP Accounts”.

how to enable ftp in wordpress

Step 2:- After that, a new page will open in your window. You should fill all the required details in this section.

Step 3:- The name you fill the section will be followed by the domain name of your website. When you enter the password for your account, make sure to build it strong.When you add a new FTP account then a new folder in the root directory gets generated.

When you add a new FTP account then a new folder in the root directory gets generated.

Step 4:- Many users get confused when it comes to select the “Quota” option. The option is related to the bandwidth which should be provided to the user of the FTP account. If you are creating it for yourself then select the “unlimited” option.

Step 5:- The final step to click on the “Create FTP Account” option.

create ftp account in wordpress

You have successfully created your FTP account which can be seen below. In this section, you can see all the FTP accounts present on your server. You can change the password for your FTP account whenever you want. The selection of the bandwidth can be altered according to your choice.

Have You Come to Know How to Create FTP Account In WordPress?

If you want to have a backup plan to handle your website then you should know how to create FTP account in cPanel. In case, your website gets hacked or having any problem that you can’t even able to login to your WordPress admin panel then you can use the FTP to check the trouble created by any plugin.

You can delete that plugin using your FTP account. There are many benefits of having an FTP account. You can install the WordPress on your website using FTP.

Have you ever used File Transfer protocol? Did you come to know how to enable FTP in WordPress? Well, follow the above-mentioned steps and you will have a new FTP account on your web hosting server.

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