How To Delete FTP Account In cPanel of Your Web Hosting?

how to delete ftp account in cpanel

In the previous post, I have explained about creating an FTP account. Have you ever thought to delete FTP account? In some cases when your website gets hacked then you should delete FTP account in cPanel because it’s one the back doors for the hackers. You must know how to delete FTP account in cPanel of your web hosting account.

There are chances that people forget after creating an FTP account. It’s because nowadays people are uploading their files with the direct use of the upload option on the server. So, it’s important to know about deleting an account when needed.

Delete an FTP Account Using The cPanel.

In this tutorial, you will learn the use of the cPanel of your web hosting account to delete FTP account. There are some easy going steps which will lead you to your destination.

As I have mentioned above that an FTP can be a backdoor for the hackers to enter into your website. It’s always important to check all the possible vulnerabilities of your website.

While handling an FTP account you should protect it with a strong password. If you think that you won’t need this account due to the presence of the direct upload option then you can delete it. Let me show you how:-

Step 1:- As always, you have to login to the cPanel of your web hosting account and seek for the “files” section.

delete ftp account in cpanel

Step 2:- Click on “FTP Accounts” option from all the options showing.

Step 3:- A new page will open for you where you can create an FTP account and the list of all the available FTP accounts will be showing to you. You just have to choose the name of the account, you want to delete.

Step 4:- You can see that options are there to select in front of every FTP account. To delete FTP account, you have to click on the delete option. Two options will be showing to you. If you want to delete an account and delete an account with all the files related to it. As you can see in the screenshot below, I am going to delete an account named “”. For your website, the name will be followed by the domain name you choose to create an FTP account.

delete ftp account

The second option signifies that the files present in the folder created at the time when you created that FTP account. So if you want to remove those files then you should choose the second option. Otherwise, the first option to delete an account would be good.

Delete FTP Account and Reduce The Risk.

Have you ever deleted any of your FTP accounts? Have you even created any? You should know the procedure to do things and to handle them. Creation of an FTP account for the best site handling is important. But due to some downtime situation, you may need to delete FTP account in cPanel. Just follow the steps one-by-one and you will able to delete FTP account.

It’s always recommended that whenever you do any changes in the cPanel, you should backup the website and the database for a safe zone. If you don’t have the backup and delete your FTP account with the files then due to any important file, you have uploaded via FTP and didn’t change the location then you will face the problem.

So after creating an FTP account, it’s always recommended to change the location of the files so that if you ever delete that account then the files remain on the server.

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by Ravi Chahar

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  1. Hi Ravi,

    This is a great training for deleting your ftp account if necessary.

    I sure hope I never have to deal with this issue because I’m not very technical. I’d probably just contact my host to handle that, especially for my main sites that I have managed hosting on.

    For security, you suggest to “change the location of the files” and I’m wondering what that would entail. It’s something I’d want to do first in any case.


    1. Hey Donna,

      When we create something then we should know the deleting process. As I have mentioned that sometimes hackers may attack your website through an FTP account. If you are not using that account and uploading your files directly then it’s better to delete that account.

      Keeping the files you have uploaded via that particular FTP account is necessary because you don’t want to lose the data. So transfer the file present in the FTP account folder and then delete the account.

      It’s always good to hear from you.
      Enjoy the day.

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