How Social Media Help In Search Engine Optimization : SEO And Social Media

How Social Media Help In Search Engine Optimization

How social media help in search engine optimization? What is social media capable of? How can you transform your blog using social media? These are the most frequently asked question of beginners. Every blogger tries to figure out the usage of social media in boost up for SEO of the blog.

In the earlier era of blogging search engine optimization was having specific criteria managed by search engines individually.

As you know Google is the biggest search engine and you need to follow rules for its SEO.

For small business owners, it is necessary to know about the importance of social media. It provides you the key to improve the ranking of your website.

Social Media Optimization :

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is described as the promotion or increasing publicity of any blog, product of any company, any brand etc using social media.

It refers to make people aware of any blog, there are many social products and many social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and much more.

As Google is the dominating search engine so you can use Google+ in a very dramatic way. SMO is done by putting the content of your website to any social networking platforms.

SMO can be comparable similar to SEO as it is also the part of making an online reputation by which you can get much traffic to your website. There are many benefits of social media optimization for any particular blog.

As, you all know about Facebook, Twitter and many other social networking websites which are frequently used by millions of people. I build up a page of your website at Facebook having useful content then it is possible to get an attention of many people towards your website and the traffic to your website is increased.

Some Reasons How Social Media Help In SEO ?

In the early phase of the internet, people were concerned about SEO through building links and other basic strategies but nowadays bloggers are having proper knowledge about SEO and the tactics for it.

It contains many explored ideas which can be done only through social media. Social media is a kind of platform for the bloggers by which they can publicize their website and many companies can get revealing results for their product.

Here are some reasons I am going to share as how social media help in SEO?

  • Social Media Brings Crowd To Any Blog :- You are also among the people who are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other website daily or as soon as possible. There are many other people who are using these social networking websites just to build up their circle. They try to make contacts with the people who are of the kind which can resemble their website. If you want to use social media in an effective way then you can also follow this golden rule and try to connect with the people. Build your circle in which you can share the content of your blog.
  • Increase Your Online Presence Via Social Media:- It’s about regularity as you can connect to more people. Social media is the place where everyone is spending time why shouldn’t you? Think about it and increase your online presence by using social media which can increase traffic on your website. Try to remain consistent as people should know about your presence so that they can contact you whenever they want. Facebook is the most attracted social networking in today’s era of social media. Every blogger should be active to make people known about their blog.
  • Social links Are considered As Real Links By Google:- For SEO Google consider the social links of your website. It matters a lot as at how many social media links you have at your website? Are you consistent to the social media of your website? How many fans and followers do you have? All these points are taken care of when it comes to SEO for any website. The problem occurs for the beginners as in the starting it is difficult to manage all social media. Everyone knows when you start your website then there are many things to care about and due to curiosity newbies do some mistakes. To avoid mistakes you need to start from any two or three social media platforms, don’t get engaged with many social networking websites together. I would like to recommend Google+ and Facebook in the starting because both are easy to handle.
  • Can Get More Real Traffic Through Social Media:- Most of the people use social media just for fun but there are many serious customers which have some potential and hunger to learn more and more about their significant interest. SEO is a major concern and leading to more traffic can be done by social media. You can get many visitors but there is a possibility to get real visitors from many social networking websites. If you have big follower and fans circle then you will obviously get real traffic to your website. And if you have more traffic to your website then the ranking of your website will boost up. SEO of the blog will get to higher level.
  • Avoid Fake Link Building:- Google hates fake link building. There are many bloggers who have greediness for building more and more links on their websites which can be harmful for their website. For increasing SEO for any particular blog, the bloggers shouldn’t try these stuff. Always have real links on your websites. This opportunity is provided by social media. All you need to take care of you social media presence.
  • Links Are The Votes For Your Website:- As you have heard about link building which is a matter of great concern. Google counts your link as votes for your website which helps in increasing the rank of your website. If you have more real links at your blog then it would be helpful for boosting up the ranking. Newbies in the field of blogging need to know about the importance of social media and SEO.
  • Social Media Tends To Increase In SEO:- SEO is the point every blogger should consider about. Social media is also similar to SEO. Involvement in social media helps a lot in SEO of every particular blog. You should figure that it is easy to configure related to the usage of social media and SEO.

Final Words : Social Media And SEO

How Social Media Help In Search Engine Optimization? is the answer of question for which every blogger should seek to maintain the SEO level.

All you need to know that basically online presence and the striking factor which can boost up the ranking for any particular website. Try to be active at many social networking websites. Social media provides the way to increase the popularity of any blog.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hey Ravi,

    Social media is a great Avenue to take to build your blog and get conversions. Now I’m just using social media for their paid advertising but I have met some incredible people who helped me with my blog and developed a support team. Law of reciprocity is lovely when you have grear people.

    Great share Ravi!

    1. Hi Sherman,

      In today’s world when everyone is focusing on their social reputation it’s good to use it effectively. People should try to interact with their followers which would tend to get more shares on their blog post.

      People are out these who know the value of sharing. You should always reciprocate. It would build the positive reputation.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a great day.

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