Do You Make Any of These 5 Guest Post Offer Mistakes?

guest post offer mistakes

Blogging is what people like and bloggers are spreading their network by writing the guest post on other blogs.

Have you ever tried it?

In this new era of blogging, a new trend has begun. People are trying to get featured on other blogs through guest blogging.

We all are human beings and make mistakes. Even when asking for the guest post to any blog master, people make a lot of mistakes.

A few days ago, I was just checking out my emails and came across a guest post request. Doesn’t it sound interesting that someone knows your blog’s authority?

But then comes the rock climbing feature of that email only with one line. I mean who does that? Doesn’t that a mistake?

These Guest Post Offer Mistakes Can Really Ruin Your Image.

The first thing people notice is how you approach.

There should be a reason behind your email. You can’t just through it on anyone’s face.

There is a list of mistakes which can totally ruin your chances to write a guest post for any famous blog.

1. You Send An Email Without Even Knowing About That Blog And Blog Owner.

This is one of the worst guest post offer mistakes you can make.

Suppose one day, you receive an email from an unknown blogger and there is a long message consisting those flaunting lines.

Let me elaborate it properly. Have you ever read the lines?

“I always read your blog posts and your blog has helped me a lot during my blogging journey. I just want an opportunity to write a guest post on your blog.”

And you realize that you haven’t even noticed that person anywhere ever before. No comment, no share, not in the social media list.

How can someone just drop an email to any random blogger asking for the guest post opportunity?

During such situation, a few questions may come to your mind.

  • Why don’t people first try to put some effort on building human bonds and then think about such things?
  • Why do people think they can get an approval just by showing up at once?

It signifies that you don’t know the rules of this blogosphere. It’s all about building the relationships and trust.

After that, you can think about asking for a guest post.

2. You Don’t Add The Details About You And Your Work.

Before you submit your guest post request, you should make sure that you add the proper details about you, your blog or your previous guest post on any other blog.

You are pretty aware of the life of a blogger handling a high authority blog.

He/she gets many requests every day. And it’s hard to remember everyone.

You must add a few lines so that the blogger can have an idea about you. Whether you tell about your blog discussion, comments, shares or any social media encounter.

Put it this way.

“Hey Jack,

I am Jini from

I hope you remember me as I always comment and share your posts. We even had a detailed discussion about “creating a marketing strategy” last week.

I have been thinking if you allow me to write a guest post on your blog for a long time. I am a quality content writer, freelancer, blogger who provides the unique articles.

If you haven’t come across my work then you can check it on

I hope you will think about it once.

Will wait for your response.


You can’t just jump directly into the final part of the email. Most of the bloggers do such type of guest post offer mistakes.

I am sure, you won’t just send “I want to write a guest post”.

3. You Run A Guest Post Offer Campaign.

This is something you would laugh at. Suppose you receive an email and the recipient section is full of names. What would be your first reaction?

  • Would you take it as casual email?
  • Would you even think about reading it?
  • What about your thought about the sender?

Well, the first thing you would do is laughing.

And then comes the part of thinking about the unprofessional behavior of that person.

One of the best parts of the guest post offer mistakes is that you can also learn a lot.

guest post offer mistakes

You will have new experiences how people respond to you, how they act when you send the same email to a bunch of people and more.

And you know that no one is going to appreciate such kind of activities.

If you really want to get your request approved then make it private. Such types of things are done confidentially.

You can directly reach that person from the blog’s contact form or any social media platform.

4. You Don’t Read The Guest Post Guidelines.

You can search for a page where all the necessary details of the guest posting are included, where all the necessary terms and conditions are mentioned.

Before even asking, you must read this page.

Suppose you are accepting the guest post on your blog and you have some terms for that.

  • No direct submission.
  • Only reputed bloggers.
  • High-quality content.
  • No plagiarism.
  • This year is booked. Try next year.
  • The word limit is above 1000 words.

The list may vary but still, the basic idea is here.

And even after having a page  consisting these guidelines, an email keep flying and land to your inbox violating everything. How would you react?

  • Doesn’t it something you would want to make that person understand?
  • Would you take even a second to delete it?

Well, this sounds funny but this is one the deadliest guest post offer mistakes you can make.

Professionals don’t really expect the professionalism from everyone but still, there should be a little bit.

5. You Add Many Posts In The List.

The best part is when people send you the list of the post titles. I mean you don’t need to show your creativity in one email or something.

Just send only one post title.

It would be easy for the blogger to accept your request.

What if your second title is a way more effective than the first one? What if the first one is better from the SEO point of view?

Well, you shouldn’t confuse the other person. Just mention only one blog post title to make the decision easier.

Let me provide you a few post titles.

Wouldn’t it be hard to pick only one title?

What if you get the chance to write all the posts? Seems happy, huh? Who won’t?

But the reality is not what you think. The blogger would have many things before accepting a guest post.

  • Should I go for content ideas or WordPress?
  • Can I pick up the secrets?
  • What if 101 things are better than 7?

No one wants to get confused. So it would be better if you pick up your best article.

Did You Get An Idea About The Common Guest Post Offer Mistakes?

I have always thought about getting published on some famous blogs. We all do. Aren’t we?

In the field of blogging, people dream to be the reputed bloggers.

They try to take the advantage of the guest blogging. But most of them forget about the guest post offer mistakes not to make while sending a request.

As you can see above, the worst thing is when you send the same email to the different people.

Do you remember how your Facebook friends used to tag you with 120 others in a picture having his/her partner and you’re single?

Now you can measure the proportion of the frustration. Well, to send a genuine email, you must include one title, one receiver, your details and a little bit of info about the post would work fine.

If you still have any question. Just clear your doubts.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Agree with your points, Ravi.

    In fact, we were working with an agency (yes, one agency working with another) and we had an ongoing need to do guest posting, by the clock.

    I wish I knew the things you listed out in your post, especially during the first few weeks of that large outreach program. We were short on time so we had to directly place requests and “Ask for the opportunity to do guest posts”.

    Directly, just like that.

    Some worked. Most didn’t.

    Well, now we know better.

    1. Hey Ash,

      Whether an agency works with another or any individual, you must keep these things in your mind. If you reach directly then it won’t be so much effective as you expect.

      Have a perfect way to approach for the guest posts. You should never skip the guest post guidelines.

      Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a great day.

  2. I agree with you on all the points except #5.

    Sending 3 titles is actually the best option.

    It shows you have more than one idea. It also makes it EASIER to be accepted instead of rejected.

    One other thing I should point out is to mention your prior publucations, especially if they are published on well-known blogs.

    AND INCLUDE LINKS TO THEM, so the recipient can check them out.

    Finally, include a link to your own site as well as your social media accounts.

    Mention that you will help promote the post to your followers. Include the numbers of your followers (if they are large and impressive).

    All of these things combined will surely give you a better chance of success!

    1. Hey Lorraine,

      It’s the matter of choice. Some bloggers find it confusing when they receive more than one title whereas others like it.

      Adding the links to your other guest posts can be really helpful. It would be great to show your old work. The chances of getting your guest post request approved will increase.

      The promotion of the content is needed and adding the links of social media can be effective.

      Thanks for adding some value.
      Have an awesome day.

  3. Hey Ravi,

    This is really a fantastic post, you have elaborate in very simple manner to make us understand about whole scenario of guest post. From my experience it is genius and very helpful for many blogger to continue their blogging journey in positive path. Not reading guest post guidelines in deep can very serious problem for anyone. Eventually, thanks for sharing these genius facts regarding this topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

    1. Hi Amar,

      There are many things which should be read before you apply for the guest post. Don’t be a person with the blind sights.
      Always have all the details before you even think about asking for the guest posts.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a great week ahead.

  4. Ravi,

    I liked the post. I believe in the relationship part more than anything when it comes to guest posting. When you show up to guest post on someone else’s blog, you’re kind of asking a favor. You’re absolutely right that relationship building is important in this regard.

    I believe that we must build a connection with the blogger before pitching the guest post idea. Secondly, if you’re willing to make an offer, always consider creating the best content to guest post on others’ blog. You must sound like a GIVER who is willing to offer the best he or she can.

    Thank you for writing this blog post!

    1. Hey Hassaan,

      There is always an expectation from the guest blogger of building a strong relationship. You can’t just drop an email without even knowing the blogger.

      First of all, spend some time to understand the niche of the blog and then try to make a human bond. The final step is to ask for a guest post.

      The quality should be your first priority. Never try to take an advantage of the blogger who allowed you spread your words with his own audience.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.
      Enjoy your day.

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