Are You Ruining Your Career With These Guest Blogging Mistakes?

guest blogging mistakes

No doubt that guest blogging has become one of the best ways to build your brand in this blogosphere. But there are many people who are losing hope because of their guest blogging mistakes.

In the field of guest blogging, the bloggers want the content which can be shared with their audience. But a few guest bloggers are not focusing on the quality factor.

Have you ever thought about writing a guest post for any blog? Are you doing guest blogging for money or to make connections?

Every guest blogger has something different in his/her mind. Some write for building their authority whereas others run for getting the backlinks.

What Are The Guest Blogging Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make?

The list may be very long. It’s because there are the┬ánumber of people who are running many famous blogs and the same amount of people are there waiting to write the guest posts.

You can’t categorize the type of guest blogger. But still, you can point out the mistake people make while writing a guest post.

1. No Direct Approach.

While writing the guest post, you don’t write directly to your new audience. It happens because of the audience you have on your blog is different.

Before you jump into the guest posting, you should analyze the type of audience you are going to deal with. It’s always better to do some research.

2. You Don’t Have The Reason To Write A Guest Post.

Before you ask anyone, have you ever thought about the reason of writing a guest post? Are you writing because you love writing?

Do you have something to say to the new audience? Why are you writing a guest post? You should make it clear before start writing.

3. You Are That Backlink Seeker.

This is one of the biggest guest blogging mistakes people make. They think about getting the do follow “link” from that blog. I mean why would you think like that?

Guest blogging means contributing to the blog with the authority which can help you get recognized by many new people and a little bit of exposure to your blog.

4. You Don’t Have Any Writing Funnel.

what are guest blogging mistakes

Are you the kind of guest blogger who jumps into writing a blog post and don’t have any funnel? Do you combine the concept of your niche with your guest post?

This is something you must think about. Try to build the basic strategy of crafting your blog post and then send the article to publish.

5. No Attractive Features Are Added.

This is about the blog title, catchy words, SEO factor and more. While writing a guest post, you should take care of everything as you do for your own blog.

Some bloggers just send the simple non-optimized post and expect to get published. Did you get such type of guest posts?

Well, to become a better guest blogger, you should keep in your mind that when you write for someone then it means that you have gained the trust and it’s your duty to maintain it.

6. The Post Is All About You.

Writing a guest post doesn’t mean sharing your story. No one is there to listen it on the different platform. People don’t know you there.

You should always write what they want, not what you want. It’s always good to make the topic clear before start writing.

7. You Try To Become An Author In One Post.

It’s clear that the search engine likes the longer posts. But it doesn’t mean you’re showing all your writing skills in that one post.

Maintain the length of the post according to the type of topic you choose. If the niche is technical and can be explained within 600 words then no need to push it further.

8. You’re Only Writing, Not Reading.

guest blogging mistakes

This is also one of the guest blogging mistakes. Reading the content after writing is very important. You should proofread your post many times.

The more you read, the more you reach near the perfection. The quality you provide in your post will affect your brand in this blogosphere.

9. You’re Asking To The Wrong People.

There are many high authority blogs which are accepting the guest posts. But a few bloggers don’t check whether the blog consists their niche or not.

If you’re targeting the wrong blog then there won’t be any benefit of your guest post. You won’t get the exposure to your blog.

10. You Don’t Interact With The New Audience.

What are your goals? Don’t you want to make new connections? Are you doing it properly? One of the worst guest blogging mistakes is that you don’t reply to the comments.

Most of the blog owners publish the guest post under the name of the guest blogger. So the readers will reply to that blogger only.

So, it’s important to interact with every single commentator. Build human bonds and spread the love.

11. You Don’t Provide The Effective Bio.

Yes, your bio will affect your reputation a lot. You should add the proper details about you and your skills. It would help you to get more authority.

Don’t you think it would be odd if you just drop a single line below the guest post? People want to know about the author. I am sure, you’re going to give your best.

12. You’re That No Grammar Checker.

guest blogging mistakes

Are you making the mistake to send the post before checking the spelling and grammar mistakes? People hate to read the blog post with many mistakes.

I mean who are you to make people read your unprofessional post? Well, never forget to use the tools like Grammarly.

13. You Don’t Read The Guest Post Guidelines.

Before you even start writing, you should make a list of the guidelines. Every blog has its own terms and conditions. You can’t just assume and start writing.

Most of the bloggers don’t allow the guest blogger to add the links of his/her own blog in the post. It may vary but still, you must make it sure that you don’t violate any term.

Are You Making Any of the Guest Blogging Mistakes?

You may see many bloggers are writing the guest post for many other blogs. Then you think to give it a try. There are many benefits of guest blogging.

But if you are making any of the guest blogging mistakes then everything would be ruined. It will affect your blogging career.

The audience is very intelligent and they can catch you red-handed. You can’t give them a chance. To build your reputation, you should try hard to write a qualitative blog post.

Read more and write the content everyone would love.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hi, Ravi.

    This is an amazing article as you usually you did.

    Guest post is the most important key for blogger to succeed in the career of blogging. However, so many of us do the mistake while doing guest post.

    Even guest post will give you the high quality backlink, but you shouldn’t use guest post just for backlink. It’s just the way to build authority and readership, and if you do it in wrong, you’ll waste your time.

    You’re completely right!

    If you’re intending to get your article publish on authority blog, you first have to listen to the blogger.

    What voice do they use?

    What kind of content they publish on their blog?

    Therefore, it’s important to take careful read of the contribution guidelines.

    Another mistake, I found when read the guest post is some bloggers didn’t try to interact with the readers.

    Thanks for sharing the big list of mistakes. I shared it to several social profiles and hope the bloggers could learn from this article.

    1. Hey Kimsea,

      Every blog has some rules to submit the guest post. But people don’t even read and directly submit the article. They should try to put some light to analyze the requirements.

      I mean what if the blog contains only the blogging niche and you’re submitting the article about WordPress? It won’t work.

      Interaction with your readers is really important.
      Thanks for your support.
      Enjoy the day.

  2. Ravi, this is an awesome post! I see many people making these mistakes FREQUENTLY.

    Frankly, it is annoying, especially when some of these people are guests on my own blog!

    This is particularly true of Point 10 — not responding to comments.

    This also proves that the guest is only looking for a backlink.


    Some people do not deserve to be guests, nor do they deserve the link.

    I have learned how to add the rel=”nofollow” tag in the html of the post. And so now I add that to some of my guests’ posts! It serves them right! LOL

    These many reasons (which you listed here) are also why I no longer accept guest posts from just anyone.

    You might be interested in an article I wrote for Dear Blogger a couple of years ago.

    It is called Guest-Posting and Guest-Hosting: Best Practices.

    Find it at

    1. Hey Lorraine,

      I don’t understand why people don’t learn the way to interact with others. I mean, guest posting isn’t just submitting the post and wait for the get a backlink.

      The guest author should take part in every conversation. People reply to the author of the guest post and it would be annoying if the blog owner replies to their comment.

      Adding the nofollow tag is a smart idea.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I like the point about backlinks. People should not guest post only for back links. For me guest posting is about building relationships with other bloggers.

    1. Hey Isaac,

      Making healthy relationships is what you should do. Guest blogging is about meeting new people on a different platform.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Enjoy your day.

  4. Hey Ravi,

    I’ve never tried guest posting on any blog. But I ghost write for money.

    From the little experience I’ve had I would say this post is great.

    I see this guide to be unique, maybe I don’t read wide.

    Someone published a post on my blog recently, and I didn’t like anything about this persons work.

    I only accepted it for a reason. And had to…

    This guest blogger didn’t even go through my guidelines. And even refused to reply comments.

    No grammer checks, no bio, I’m not sure the article was read before submission. And a lot more other mistakes.

    It’s a lesson. I’ve learned from it.

    It’s such a painful experience.

    Anyway, thanks for the wonderful guide.


    1. Hey Francis,

      We all learn from our bad experiences. Even I have met many people who don’t even think about the quality of the content. They just drop the article and don’t take care of the comments at all.

      The worst part is when you say yes to the guest posting and then you realize that the blogger wasn’t worthy.
      There are many other guest blogging mistakes people make.

      Thanks for sharing your story.
      Have an amazing day.

  5. Hi,

    When it comes to guest blogging, the very common mistake that newbie bloggers do is approach with backlink seeker approach. Where they need to understand that guest posting is very vital thing.

    You have said it right that there should be a purpose of writing for guest post and also there will be an approach to get readers engaged with the content written.

    Post also should be well researched and filtered according to the time.

    You have definitely written a very well researched article to disclose the guest blogging mistakes.

    Every blogger should avoid these tips while writing guest post.

    Thanks for sharing this guide.

    Keep sharing more helpful content.

    1. Hey Sona,

      You would come across many people who would directly ask for the backlinks. I mean what do they think? It’s not the approach of a professional blogger.

      The guest blogging is the way to connect with more people on a different blog. They should understand the concept of making human bonds.

      Thanks for sharing your views.
      Have an awesome week ahead.

  6. Hi Ravi,

    I mostly like point 6. It’s very important to provide a solution to the audience in any post we write. Only talking about yourself will definitely turn off the audience.

    Thanks for sharing the post, Ravi.

    1. Hey Mercy,

      People come to your blog to get the solution of their problems. If you ignore them then it’s one of the biggest mistakes. While writing a guest post, you must interact with your audience.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Enjoy your week ahead.

  7. Hey Ravi,

    I love that you put you’re making it about you. People always seem to right these lengthy posts sharing a not so entertaining story. Sometimes I’m left wondering what it has to do with anything.

    I’m not saying you shouldn’t share a story but it should be long and take over the post. You don’t want to confuse people when you’re trying to draw them in. As you said, focusing on what they want is the best bet.


    1. Hi Lea,

      Telling the story can interest your readers. But as you have mentioned it shouldn’t be too long. Sometimes bloggers distract from their actual niche.

      Confusing your readers is one of the biggest mistakes. You should always be clear about everything in your article.
      Thanks for taking the time to share your words.
      Have an awesome day.

  8. I think i have been doing some of this mistakes but this time i must put an end to some of this mistakes as a Blogger.

    you really hit the point i needed and when next, i wont make such a mistake.

    Thanks for this wonderful Information

    1. Hey Anyinature,

      We all make mistakes. But if you’re repeating them then it won’t be a good idea. Just know your mistakes and try to change your habits.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Well said Ravi!

    And unfortunately, without access to your excellent adv ice
    a ton of newbies, are definitely going ruin their
    chances at guest blogging success.

    Simply because they are going to violate several tips on your
    excellent list of guest blogging mistakes!

    Thanks for sharing another excellent and extremely helpful post Ravi!

    1. Hey Mark,

      Most of the newbies try to show their charm through guest blogging. But those silly mistakes destroy their chances of having an opportunity to write a guest post for a reputed blog.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.
      Have a great weekend.

  10. As a guest blogger and a blog owner, I personally think that the third point you mentioned is the mistake that a lot commit. Some guest bloggers are only after acquiring backlinks to their money sites. As a result, the quality of posts that they submit is substandard. Also, I’ve received emails from bloggers who, after sending their content, keep asking me when their posts will be published like I owe them a favor. It shows that they only care about getting their content posted, nothing more.

    Ultimately, guest blogging is all about delivering value to readers. If you can’t write a post that’s loaded with information and actionable items, then there’s no point in writing posts at all.

    1. Hey Christopher,

      You and even every professional blogger can relate to such situations. Newbies are really curious to get high-quality backlinks which lead them to curate the poor quality content.

      I have had a guest blogger but never saw him again. People are all about them, not the readers.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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