15 Notes To Enjoy Blogging And Taste The Sweetness of The Success.

enjoy blogging

There is no need to make you remember that people are heading towards the goal to become a professional blogger and millions of blogs are running on the web.

But are they all happy with their work. Do they enjoy blogging? It’s hard to say because the motive of every blogger is different.

Some bloggers write for making money and others like to share their experience. You can’t judge anyone. Every blogger has a separate perspective.

The main thing which is common is whether you enjoy blogging or not. In this tutorial, you will learn every aspect to become a happy blogger.

How To Enjoy Blogging And Achieve Your Goals?

It’s all about your dreams, your heights. Have you ever thought about your happiness? Blogging requires so much time.

But in the middle, people give up and become sad. It’s not their fault. The blogosphere is full of the blogs with the high-quality content. The only fault is that they give up so early.

Let me show you how to enjoy blogging.

1. First of all, Relax.

One of the hardest parts for the bloggers is to relax. There are many ups and downs which make people uncomfortable.

You don’t need to panic about anything. Just go with the flow and write your blog post. Get some new blog post ideas and follow your dream.

No need to freak out. Whether you don’t get any traffic or you do. Just enjoy blogging.

2. Don’t Be In Hurry.

The internet world is so fast that people don’t have much time to think about their happiness. The only thing they want is the success.

You know that success matters but not at the cost of your happiness. There are many people who strive to become a successful blogger and do their best to accomplish their goal.

But they should also keep the time to enjoy the work. Blogging isn’t just a form of  business, it’s all about your writing experience.

3. Follow Your Heart.

Though it’s important to keep your mind to the right place but still, when you follow your heart, your passion, you would enjoy your work.

Whether it’s blogging or anything else. You would love it. When you combine your emotions with the work, you would get more output.

It may delay but the final output would be glorious.

4. Take Step By Step Path.

how to enjoy blogging

No one can jump from a 100-floor building to the ground. There are two ways, whether you take the stairs or you take the elevator.

An elevator will surely take you to the ground floor in no time as compared to the stairs. But there are many risks in it. The same thing goes with the blogging.

Whether you choose the fast path with the risky methods or you follow the step by step path. The choice is yours. But do remember that each step towards your goal will make you happy.

5. Never Stop chasing Your dreams.

There may be people who don’t believe in the dreams. Well, someone has said that if you won’t have the dreams then what would you have to chase?

The bigger you dream, the more you work. Blogging platform has no limit and you can achieve your goals, your dreams if you enjoy blogging.

6. Be Flexible.

Blogging is all about keep changing with the right environment. Don’t be so rigid that you can’t adapt the current status of the blogosphere.

Follow the current trends of the blogosphere and express your views regarding that. It’s not only about keep changing, it’s about how you manage yourself in the different situations.

7. Try Hard And Then Decide.

When you start blogging then the first thing which can come in your mind is the glory of this online world. Well, it can’t be bought, you have to earn it.

Enjoy blogging by giving your 100%. You will be happy when you try hard and get the results you always thought about. Become an expert in your field with your hard determination.

8. Be An Artistic Blogger.

A blogger can be creative enough to bring the smile on many faces. It can be a simple blog post, a quote, an activity etc.

Show your gratitude towards the people who have helped you in the journey. It would bring happiness to many people. Show your creative side and let them know how happy you’re to have them.

9. Modify Your Thoughts.

enjoy blogging

You can enjoy blogging if you create your own ways to reach the target. There are many people who are trying to write the same topic but in the different styles.

You should always be ready to modify your thought about every single post. Think from every angle and then take your decision.

Apart from a happy blogger, you should always think like a pro.

10. Don’t Lose Your Originality.

In the process of blogging, don’t forget who you are. There are many people who work so hard and forget about everything.

But they are not happy. You must write and enjoy blogging. Not just keep working like a robot. No human being should behave like one.

11. Be Your Own Hero.

There are many people who have achieved their goals. They are the hero of today’s business world. But what if you become your own hero?

What if you work so hard to chase your dreams that the people who inspired you, become your rival? Don’t just sit and think about your goals, work for them and be your own hero.

12. Don’t Wait For Any Miracle.

There is not a miracle which can happen to you. In this blogging world, if you want to survive, you have to do the thing you always planned for.

You know that when you get the results then you automatically enjoy blogging. It’s the fact that the hard work pays off.

13. Improve Yourself.

Blogging can help you to improve your writing skills, reading skills and more. You would be happy to notice that you have become a person with so many talents.

Enjoy what you do, enjoy what you write, enjoy what you read. In this blogosphere, you will find many ways to remain happy.

14. Wait For Your Chance.

how to enjoy blogging

One of the most unfortunate things in this blogosphere is that people don’t wait for the output of their actions. It’s not necessary that if others see the results in one month then you will also get the same.

You should always wait for the right moment of your blogging career. Blogging can make you so happy that you would never want to leave it. This is one of the reasons people quit blogging.

15. Happiness Is The Key.

We all go through the worst time. The person who bears it and stands even during the hurricane is the real hero. Life is full of happiness and you just can’t miss that.

In this blogging world, people see the dreams getting shattered and new targets of others. But if you enjoy blogging then you won’t get depressed.

Just stay happy and keep blogging.

Are You ready To Be That Happy Blogger? Do You Enjoy Blogging?

These are not just the questions. People are out there with their best strategy to bang on the blogosphere. If you’re the one with that special talent who can enjoy blogging and grab each opportunity then nothing is better than that.

Always try to maintain the ratio between your work and your happiness. Don’t be a robot, take some rest time and enjoy your life.

There are a few moments which can be captured. But if you miss the time then nothing would be there. Blogging is just like ice cream.

You can enjoy every piece of it. So stay focused and enjoy writing. If you have anything you do to enjoy then let us know.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hello Ravi Chahar,

    I really enjoed readind the article you posted the other day, also mention the name of the article to further built your credibility.

    Enjoy Blogging 🙂 Happy Blogging

  2. “Don,t be in a hurry” is the Key. Righly pointed out. Patience should be there, blogging always pay. Article like this motivates to keep going. Thanks

    1. Hey Harish,

      You must keep your mind ready to work for long in the blogging field. If you have something to run then it won’t work. Blogging requires the calm position of your mind.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a great day.

  3. Well, I certainly am ready to be a happy blogger. In fact, I’m already enjoying it. Blogging is not an easy task. For me it requires the same amount of effort like a brick and mortar business. Therefore it takes strong determination to be successful. Anyway great post.


    1. Hey Isaac,

      Blogging is fun if you enjoy writing. Most of the bloggers are enjoying their life as a blogger. I agree with you. Blogging needs the same amount of efforts which are required in any other business.
      The best thing is that you can embrace your skills with blogging.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      Enjoy your day.

  4. Hey Ravi,

    Goals are essential to achieving success because they keep us focused and motivated. Without goals, we would aimlessly go down the path of life without any direction, ambition, or hope. Goals are not only something we aim to achieve but are also markers that let us know we are doing the right things to get ourselves to places we want to be. Setting goals into blogging is more important to become a successful blogger.

    All good plans operate on a timeline that has specific deadlines to accomplish certain things. Big businesses always use timeline and deadlines, that’s one reason they can grow. Our goal too can be seen as a business venture. On our list of short-term goals, we should specify, in realistic terms, the deadlines we wish to have each one completed within. But be realistic and flexible in defining these deadline dates, as things do happen in life that could delay the accomplishment of certain steps. Eventually, thanks for reveling a light on this wonderful topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

    1. Hey Amar,

      Setting the goals for blogging is always the best idea. You can work in that path. People are out there with the thoughts in their mind about blogging. But are they all happy? I don’t think so.

      You should learn the ways to make your blogging happy. Follow your passion and be that one happy blogger.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Enjoy your day.

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