How to Enable CloudFlare from Bluehost for Your WordPress Website

Enable CloudFlare from Bluehost

Having a CDN can help you provide the best user experience to your readers. Many web hosting companies have tied up with CloudFlare.

You can set it up inside their cPanel. You can do that from Siteground, Bluehost and many others.

If you’re using Bluehost then you would be happy to know that in this tutorial, you will learn the easy to follow method to enable CloudFlare from Bluehost.

It doesn’t require any kind of technical knowledge. You just need to follow the guide.

A Step by Step Guide to Activate CloudFlare for Your Website Hosted on Bluehost

Before starting, let me clear something. Activating CloudFlare from your web host is different from the direct activation from the CloudFlare website.

You can use free CloudFlare CDN by creating an account on their official website and add your website.

To apply it, you have to replace your web hosting DNS settings with the CloudFlare DNS. Whereas, when you enable it from inside the web hosting, you don’t need to change anything.

Just a few clicks and your website will get added on the CloudFlare server.

Follow these steps.

Step 1: – Login to your Bluehost account and open the cPanel.

Enable CloudFlare

Search the “CloudFlare” icon in the Domains’ section. Click on the icon and a new page will get opened.

Step 2: – You will be asked to login to your CloudFlare account.

Activate CloudFlare from Bluehost

If you don’t have any, you can create a new account within a minute. Just click on the “Click Here” link beside the “Don’t have a CloudFlare account?”

Step 3: – A new page will open and you will see the space to fill your email address. Use it with which, you want to create a CloudFlare account.

Check the box to accept the terms and conditions and click on the Login button.

Step 4: – Now, you can see the name of the domain name and the status of the CloudFlare.

Click on the Activate button and it will get activated within a few seconds. If the status doesn’t change, you can check it by logging directly to your CloudFlare account.

Enable CloudFlare on your website

Sometimes, it takes some time to show the active status.

From now, your website will have the benefits of CloudFlare. You can also enable the firewall and many rules can be applied.

I Hope You Can Easily Enable CloudFlare from Bluehost

Bluehost is considered as one of the most reputed web hosting companies and with the built-in CloudFlare feature adds one more point.

Most of the people get scared when they heard about doing something using the cPanel.

Have you found the above-explained method hard? Can’t you enable CloudFlare from Bluehost on your WordPress website?

It’s way easier than setting up directly through the official website of CloudFlare. As mentioned earlier, no extra settings are required. If you still face any problem, feel free to ask.

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