How To Embed Audio In Website? Create Your Own Playlist

embed audio in website

There are many people who are trying to add their podcasts in their WordPress websites. You can add audio in WordPress using the oEmbed shortcode. Like you do when you add video in WordPress. The same thing procedure can be followed.

But in this case, you would use the audio element to embed any audio file in your blog post or page. In this post, I am going to show you some ways to add audio files in your website. Do you know how to create an audio playlist in WordPress? Well, you can do that from the WordPress dashboard.

How To Add Audio In WordPress?

You can use the “audio” shortcode to embed any audio file in your website. For which, you have to upload that file in your WordPress Media library. After that, the URL of the audio file should be included between the shortcode.

This process is quite simple and you can choose the loop, autoplay options by adding it in the code. The code would consist the starting “[” bracket then “audio” after that the URL and then close the bracket “]”. It would work perfectly fine.

If an audio file doesn’t work then place the “src=”URL” ” instead of the simple URL copied from the media library. Let me tell you that, when you upload any audio file in your media library then it means you are using your web hosting server.

What would you do to remove the load from your web hosting server? There are many websites like SoundCloud from where you can just embed the code of any song in your WordPress post or page.

WordPress Support SoundCloud Audio File.

You can upload your audio file to the SoundCloud server. There are some rules and requirements which shouldn’t be violated by you and you are good to go.

Let me show you the steps to add video in WordPress from the SoundCloud.

Step 1:- Go to Soundcloud and choose your favorite song to listen. You would find a “share” button with the audio file. Click on that option.

add audio in wordpress

Step 2:- There are two options at the top of the track. Just click on the “embed” option. You would see a “code and preview” line where the code and the preview would be showing to you. An another checkbox beside the “WordPress” is there. Just click on that option and the code would be converted for the WordPress platform.

wordpress support soundcloud

Step 3:- Just copy that code and paste it in your WordPress post editor. You can adjust the height of the player according to you.

Just enter the dimension in the code of the SoundCloud and the audio file will be showing in the post. You can even create your playlist with the SoundCloud server. It’s like the YouTube site. The difference is that YouTube has videos whereas SoundCloud has audio files.

Have You Tried To The Add Audio In WordPress?

If you are a public speaker and a podcaster then you may need to know this. And if want to show your favorite songs to the world then here you are. You can do that with one simple code.

Just copy and paste the code from the SoundCloud to your post editor.

The audio shortcode provided by the WordPress works perfectly fine when you upload the media files on your webs hosting server. If you want to upload the file in the bulk then you can use the FTP account to upload them directly in the cPanel.

There would be no need to use the WordPress dashboard. It would save the time. You can use the Filezilla to upload many files on the server. I hope the shortcodes would be work for you.

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