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don't call yourself a blogger

There are many specific qualities bloggers should have. It’s a race in the field of blogging to be the best. Many bloggers try to achieve success but there are some certain qualities if the blogger doesn’t have then he/she is not a blogger.

Why blogging? What should be the qualities a blogger should have? Don’t call yourself a blogger, how will you react when someone says this line to you? You will find many people who will say that you are not a blogger. What a blogger can do? Do we have any future? And many more questions arises when you enter in the blogosphere.

You Are Not A Blogger If You Don’t Have such Qualities :

The blogosphere is the place where we will find many successful people who have achieved a lot from blogging. There are many who just claim to be bloggers. Many successful bloggers have mentioned about the sign of a successful blogger. If you don’t have those signs in you then you are not a blogger. I would like to tell you about some things which are considered to tell if you are a blogger or not a blogger.

  • You Are Not Happy With Your Blog :- If you are not happy with your blog then you are not a blogger. A blogger need to have a bond with his/her blog. If you can’t make it then I don’t think you can work so good on your blog. There should be an amazing kind of happiness when you write any blog post.
  • You Don’t Have Helping Nature :- You have noticed at many famous blogs that if you ask for any help then they will surely help you. Have you ever thought why they do it? Now your mind will start thinking about something really unique and unfortunately, it doesn’t work. It’s because while building your blog you should include an aim list in which helping others should be included.
  • You Run Away From Doing Hard Work :- Hard work is the key by which you can drive your blog with a greatness till the peak of success. If you are not ready to do hard work then you are not a blogger. There are millions of blog in which hundreds are your competitors and they are working so much hard to build up their blog successfully.
  • Not Having The Goal :- If you don’t have set up your goal then it is hardly convincing that you are taking your blog as your goal. Bloggers need to set up a goal for their blog. Maybe it can be any other platform of a blog at which you want to reach. There may be money making goal.
  • Don’t Have Passion For Blogging :- As we always hear that if we want you to enter in the field of blogging then there should be a passion for blogging. You need to write passionately so that you can make your blog so famous that when you see your blog after some years you can feel proud of your work. If you don’t have this quality then don’t call yourself a blogger.
  • You Choose the Wrong niche :- For beginners, it is really difficult to choose the niche for their blog. They try to find out about the latest hot topics in the blogosphere. But you know it is the bigger mistake they do. If you choose the niche according to market then maybe after some time you will loose interest in it.
  • Don’t Have Enough Knowledge :- Though you don’t need any technical knowledge to start blogging still if you want to go further then you should have proper knowledge about blogging. Don’t call yourself a blogger if you just stay at your starting position.
  • You Are Money Minded :- I have noticed many beginners who only think of making money from their blog. Even in the starting phase of their blogging career, they think as to get millions of dollar. How can it be possible? This type of person is not a blogger. He/she is the only one who don’t think blogging as their career but only the way to make money.
  • You Copy From Other Blogs :- In the starting of blogging beginners try to boost up their blog by copying the content from any other famous blog. A person is not a blogger. He/She is just a copy cat who doesn’t have his/her own visions for the niche of the blog.
  • Don’t Learn From Your Younger Ones :- It is a matter of great fact that there are many bloggers who hate to learn from any beginner. You know sometimes a newbie can teach which can’t be taught even by any experienced blogger. I have noticed one blogger who denies the right point told by a beginner. Such type of people seem arrogant but not a blogger.
  • You Don’t Blog For Your Readers :- The main stuff to concentrate while writing should be your readers. You will find many bloggers who write only for SEO , not readers. Don’t call yourself a blogger if you can’t help your readers with your blog post. Blogging is an another way to help people. But if you don’t do it then how can you deny that you are not a blogger?
  • You Are Freaky :- Patience is required to become a successful blogger. Especially beginners loose their patience easily when they don’t get success easily. Don’t you think you are so freaky? Why can’t you wait for some months? You are not a blogger if you just seek for quick success.
  • Don’t Like To Devote Your Time :- A blog need time for achieving the highest peak of success. But if you can’t devote your time to your blog then how can you achieve your goal? How can you expect that people will like to visit at your blog?  Devotion is always required for every work.

Blogger, Not A Blogger, Choice Is Your’s :

Now the decision is yours. You are a blogger or not a blogger on the basis of this qualities and mistakes. Mainly the only way to find out about anyone is a blogger or not a blogger is the combination of all such qualities. I always wonder to whom we can call a real blogger? Is there any other specification by which we can configure that you are a blogger or you are not a blogger.

Ask yourself a question why are you blogging? And I am sure you will get all the answer why people call you as you are not a blogger. Don’t call yourself a blogger if you set up a blog just to irritate people. It’s true one of my friends asked me to set up a blog with a different name and he said to write about something which is not bearable. I hope you are not planning something like that.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hi Ravi, This is a really excellent one. Most of the newbie fails at blogging because they are money minded, they want earn money from their blog within a short period of time and most of the time they fail and quit blogging. Thanks for the great stuff.

  2. Hi Ravi,
    In my suggestion,those who create their thinking more innovative and drops it over the network without listening to make much money online are commonly best bloggers..

  3. HI Ravi,

    I agree with all your points on how and why you are not a blogger if you are doing all such things.

    I think the foremost quality of a blogger should be write quality content for the sole purpose of helping the readers – everything else should be secondary. Making money is what lures bloggers to enter into the blogging field, and they leave as soon as they enter because they lack patience. Things take time and you need to hold on, build relationships with fellow bloggers, remain committed and dedicated to your blog and just give it your best – good things happen to those who wait, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      You are right about the quality content. I always try to focus on it and trying to share it with everyone.
      I hope at least few of money-minded people will come to the right path.
      I am in favor of what you have said lastly about happening of good things. Patience is required for success.

      Thanks for wishing. Have a great weekend you too.

  4. Hi Ravi,

    Hahaha! This was a lovely post. Can I call myself a blogger? was the question I kept asking myself whiles reading this post.

    And obviously I know I can call myself a blogger for sure!

  5. hii ravi,
    this is the second time i am commenting on your post,you have posted a wonderful article regarding what are the qualities a blogger should have.every should have dedication towards his work then only they will be succeeded in work and in their life also.i get motivated from your post and i will definitely follow those points from now .

    1. Hey Harish,

      It’s good to see you again.:)

      To become a successful blogger you need to have focus at your work andd devaotion towards your blog is required. Don’t ever do the mistakes mentioned in the post.

      Enjoy your weekend.:)


    1. Hi Rajaraman,
      For sure people need to work hard if they want to get success in any field. Blogging is not an exception but still there are many things which matter in blogging. You need to be consistent so that your readers can get more to read at your blog.
      Thanks for taking time to say your words.
      Enjoy your day.:)

  6. Hey Ravi,

    You are on point with this.

    When I was a beginner I could honestly say that I shouldn’t have called myself a blogger. I had the wrong mentality.

    After some years, literally, i’ve grown to love it . It was a change of mindset that really got me to have a passion for it and the results of it being useful to others. That is key for me. Everything else is “second class”.

    Great post! Have a great weekend!

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