Dominate LinkedIn With These Two Self-Tested Methods

Dominate LinkedIn

Everyone has a quest to build a personal brand on the social media platforms. LinkedIn is considered as one of the most effective platforms and people want to dominate LinkedIn.

Don’t you ever think about ruling over millions of people’s heart? Well, LinkedIn is a platform where you can spread your words for your professional working journey.

With an urge to gain 15000 LinkedIn followers, people start from zero and reach their goals within a few months.

Some may be still struggling to taste the sugar they wished. What about you? Are you having enough LinkedIn connections?

What about the engagement of the connections you already have?

In this article, I am going to teach you about two methods which can help you dominate LinkedIn with no extra efforts.

Build Your Social Brand on LinkedIn

I have written a post about getting more LinkedIn endorsements which can help you build a professional aura around your profile.

But here, you will learn about exploring the beauty of this platform.

#1. Nothing is Better Than Helping Others

Don’t you feel overwhelmed with joy when you get the right person to help you?

Well, then why can’t you be the one? What if you provide your professional help for free? I do that every Monday. Your one positive initiative can bring the glory.

You may be wondering as of why would anyone help for free when he/she can make money.

That’s what make all the difference. People really get touched when you share your experience for free. I have been doing it since I started using LinkedIn.

And you wouldn’t believe the response I get. I receive tons of connection requests every single day. It’s just because what I share and what I offer for free.

Let me show you an example

LinkedIn help

I am a WordPress professional and help people to fix their problems related to their websites, blogging, web design and what not.

People get different kinds of WordPress errors and they need the solution as soon as they notice any issue.

“Helping others is one of the biggest satisfactions you can ever have”

It’s not about one day. People message me every day. I let them know what’s best for them and how they can scale their business.

You can choose a particular day or something creative which can be easily approachable.

Having an understanding of reaching your connections is really important. The more you help, the more people will connect with you.

I am having thousands of followers right now and still counting.

#2. Use the Power of Words

You would be agitated when I would say that text content is more effective than the visual content.

I know this statement can shake you up for a while but it’s true. People are more responsive towards text status updates.

I have been experimenting for years and still, the result is the same.

You can never get the total number of hits, the likes, shares and total engagement on a directly shared post as you get for a few readable lines.

Have a look at this status.

two LinkedIn methods

It’s nothing special. Just a casual status which has thousands of reach and even after not having the right posting time, it’s flourished.

People are more into intellectual stuff. Laughing? Well, you should. Not everyone is up for an intellectual conversation still, professionals like to engage with something meaningful.

You can dominate LinkedIn platform with your kind, witty, interesting, true, and professional status updates.

I have just shown you a simple demo. You can do it much better.

NOTE: Please avoid posting fake job openings and starting a Whatsapp group.

That’s the biggest mistake people are making. It directly affects your brand value. People will try to reach you for sure but once they get an idea that you’re nothing other than an unprofessional and immature kid, they will flip the coin.

I am sure, you wouldn’t like getting rejected for the rest of your LinkedIn career. Yes, handling a social media brand is a career.

You grow your social media presence, you grow your personal brand, you add more value to your business.

Is There Any Other Strategy You’re Using to Dominate LinkedIn

Everyone has something different to experience and I am sure, you may also have something to share.

We all help each other and that’s why LinkedIn was created. People use it the wrong way but if you follow the above-mentioned tips, you can surely build a better social brand.

You may also be interested in reading the tips to create a professional LinkedIn profile.

What about your strategies? Is there something you use on the daily basis? Are you stuck at a particular level of LinkedIn connections?

Can you dominate LinkedIn with your proven methods? BloggingLovers would love to hear from you.

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by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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