DoFollow And NoFollow Link : Which And Where To Choose?

dofollow and nofollow link

For every newbie in the field of blogging basic knowledge about SEO is necessary. It’s because to every blogger SEO stuff is the most important so that they can improve the Google page rank of their websites as Google is the web Queen among all search engines.

There are many basic terms of which every beginner should have the proper idea to boost up their website’s rank. For SEO the user should know about link building and type of links.

Maybe you have heard of the index or no index, inbound and outbound links, reciprocal links and last but not the least dofollow and nofollow link.

What Is A DoFollow Link?

As it is clear from its name do follow link which means it is signing towards something to follow for which it is used. Dofollow links are the hyperlinks which tell Google bots or spiders to crawl that particular content, page to crawl.

If you have inbound links to good sites for your site then it is helpful for your website as Google spider will crawl do follow link taking positively. The more do follow link you have more rapidly your website will boost up and you can improve your website’s page rank.

Let’s take an example, suppose you do comment at any particularly famous blog and your website get a link of that blog and this link is considered as the do follow link which is beneficial for your website. Dofollow link can make in HTML form like shown below

Dofollow link can make in HTML form like shown below

<a href=””>text</a>

A dofollow link is a link which points towards your website from a high profile website. By this link, Google’s bots are directed to crawl that link.

Google has many specific criteria to consult for providing page rank to any particular website and dofollow is one of them. Try to build more and more links for your website. These links are the basic structural units of SEO for your  website.

What Is A NoFollow Link?

A nofollow link is a link which tells Google spiders not to follow that stuff at which it is applied. Most commonly you have to allow it for your comment’s section. As you know there are many users who comment badly which may consider as spam for Google’s bots or spiders while crawling your website.

It can be harmful, that’s why blogger are advised to enable the plugin which dofollow the comment’s section. In WordPress and Blogger, there is no follow for comments by default. NoFollow link can be made by HTML tag as shown below:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Link Text</a>

e.g    <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Comments</a>

DoFollow link doesn’t allow link juice to pass from your website. Many people consider these links as totally useless for their website but you should know that nofollow link is only for Google’s bots not for human.

It means any user can check that NoFollow link. These links can bring traffic to your website. Never consider them useless. But for your page rank’s improvement nofollow links are of no use because they are not crawled by Google’s bots.

DoFollow Vs NoFollow Link:

DoFollow vs NoFollow is the frequent debate which comes into glance for bloggers. As I have explained about dofollow and nofollow link above that dofollow links are positive points for your website to improve the page rank. NoFollow links neither improve nor decrease the page rank of your website.

How Can You Get More DoFollow Link?

It is recommended not to buy links because it can be cause for Google penalty to your website. Google considers these kinds of links as spam sometimes. So if you want to build more dofollow link then always be original, comment at the websites which have enabled comment Luv at their website.

Try again and again whenever you set chance to do comment at any particular website which has related content to your website.

How To Check DoFollow And NoFollow Link?

For Google Chrome you can check dofollow and nofollow link by right click+view page source+Ctrl F and write dofollow or nofollow. If you want to know about dofollow link then write do follow and similarly do it for nofollow link.

For Firefox you can install NoDoFollow add-on and simply check with right click, then select NoDoFollow Do Follow links will appear in blue while NoFollow link in red color.

In internet explorer you can click the view in the menu bar, choose the source, after that Ctrl+F, type no follow, if you don’t find any then the blog is dofollow. The same method can be applied to Firefox too.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. In simple words a do-follow link is a type of link which google considers as backlink and it helps to improve your search engine rankings also you can get traffic from it,while No-follow link is a type of link which does not help you to improve search engine rankings.It’s only used for driving traffic.
    Now I am having a question:
    ”Does no-follow link on low PR/No PR blog harm rankings in search engines or not?”
    I am asking it because I saw some people commenting on .blogspot blogs with no-follow links in comments to get traffic.

    1. Hi Haroon,

      You are right about both the links but in actual sense you are telling Google bots what to crawl in your websites and what not to.
      If you comment at nay blog which have dofollow links for the comments then there are chances that you will get backlink. You may have heard that bloggers try to get backlink from CommentLuv enabled blogs due to dofollow comments.

      Its not right that any no-follow link can harm ranking. You know no-follow means you are signalling not to crawl that stuff. If you think that ranking of your blog will decrease by commenting at low PR blogs then its wrong. You were once a beginner and if other bloggers used to think like this then you will never get any comment at your blog.

      I hope you got my point.

      Have a great day.:)


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