How To Temporary Disable WordPress Site Without Any Plugin?

How To temporarily diable wordpress site

When you run multiple sites on the same web hosting account and one of your websites faces some troubleshooting problem then you should hide it. To disable WordPress site you can use any plugin but what would you do if you won’t able to login to your WordPress admin panel. In such situation, you can use the .htaccess file.

Do you know how to temporarily disable WordPress site? Though WordPress is one of the most secure platforms but still, you should know each and every aspect to securing it. I have mentioned some WordPress security tips and tricks which you be followed by every blogger.

But here we are talking about hiding your WordPress site for some time until you clear all the faults from it.

How to hide WordPress Site While Building?

While building a website, you should know how to hide WordPress site while building. It is because you won’t like your readers to see the changes you make in your website design. But what will you do when your website faces any problem. In the field of WordPress handling, newbies should know that there are many important files present in the cPanel of their web hosting account.

Are you locked out of your WordPress admin panel? Is your WordPress login page redirecting again and again? When your website is going through the troubleshooting problems then you should disable it for the public.

One of the most important things for your website is the SEO. You won’t like to affect the SEO and the search engine ranking of your website. To do that you have to add a code in your .htaccess file for which you should know how to edit the .htaccess file.

To disable WordPress site, you should follow a few steps. Let me walk you:-

Step 1:- Login to your cPanel and search for the “files” section.

Step 2:- Choose the “file manager” option from all. Make sure that you have clicked on the radio button of the “webroot” directory. Open it and a new tab will open for you.

disable wordpress site

Step 3:- Find the .htaccess file in the directory. If you can’t find the file then you can create a new one. Just click on the “new file” from the upper menu and name the file as” .htaccess”.

Step 4:- If you find that file then right click on the .htaccess file and click on “edit” option.

 how to hide wordpress site while building

Step 5:- A new tab will open for you to edit the code of this file. You just have to put the code shown below.

ErrorDocument 503 <h2>Website Temporary Down For troubleshooting</h2>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule .* – [R=503,L]

Now click on the save button and you have are done. Whenever any user sends a request then he/she will receive a 505 error response. As I have mentioned above that you want to keep your ranking unaffected. Using this code the search bots will also understand that they should crawl this website after some time.

Disable WordPress Site And Secure Your Other Sites.

If one of your websites get affected by some malicious attack or brute force attack then it may be possible that it can affect your other sites running on the same web hosting account. To secure your all the other websites, you should disable WordPress site using the code mentioned above.

Did you know how to hide WordPress site while building? I have explained in one of my previous posts that you can put your website on the maintenance mode using a plugin. Here I have mentioned about putting your website on the troubleshooting problem mode.

You may have thought as how is it possible to disable WordPres site without using any plugin. Well, an answer to your question is here. If you face any problem then I am here to help you.

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