How Can I Delete WordPress Blog Permanently From The Web?

delete wordpress blog

You may have heard a lot about building a website. But have you ever heard that someone is going to remove WordPress website. This may seem a quite odd to you but there are many people who quit blogging and delete their blog from the internet.

There may be many reasons. It may be because they didn’t get the proper results of their hard work. Maybe they are too tired to write on their blog. It’s the matter of personal choice. You can’t take decisions for others. In this post, I am going to walk you to delete WordPress blog.

How To Delete A Website From The Internet?

It is the hardest decision anyone would take. I mean how would anyone want to delete the blog on which that particular person has spent years. Think twice before deleting your blog.

If you have taken your decision then for the security reasons and for the future scope, you should have the backup of your website and the database on your computer. It’s because who knows about the future decisions. Maybe you would think again to upload your website on the web.

It can only be done if you have the backup of your website. If you run multiple websites and want to delete one of the websites then it may make some sense. Maybe it would be hard to handle many websites at once.

You can backup your website even when you have more than one website on your web hosting server. You can use the cPanel or backup using the Filezilla.

Remove WordPress Website Using The cPanel.

It is similar to disabling WordPress for a few time. You can delete all the WordPress files from the web hosting account after having the backup. There are some steps to do this. Let me walk you through:-

Step 1:- The first thing to do is to discourage the search engine to index your website. It can be done from the WordPress dashboard. Just go to settings>>reading and then scroll down. You would find a checkbox to discourage the search engine indexing this site. Check it and your website would get deindexed within one or two days from the Google.

delete wordpress blog

If you have any doubt whether to delete WordPress blog or not then think again and then check the box. If you’re running a WordPress website and don’t want your website to get deindexed from the search engine then never check this box.

Step 2:- Login to your cPanel in your web hosting account and search for the “files” section.

Step 3:- Click on the “file manager” and a new tab would open for you. You would all the WordPress files and directories present in the root directory. To remove the data of your website, you just have to select all the files and folders shown there.

delete website

If you have added any addon domain then you would find the subfolder with that name. Make sure that you don’t select the folders of the sub-domains or the addon domains.

Step 4:- After selecting, click on the delete option shown in the menu above.

how to delete a website from the internet

Step 5:- You have just deleted the files from the server. Now you have to delete the database from the phpMyAdmin. Choose the database name from the left-hand-side list.

You would see many tables of the database. Choose the select all option and then delete or drop permanently.

You have successfully deleted your website from the web hosting server. Though the WordPress would guide the search engine to deindex your website but still if you don’t want people to see the error pages of your website then go to the Google Search Console and remove the URL of your website.

Do You Really Want To Delete WordPress Blog?

Such type of decisions can’t be taken at once. You should think about the time when you used to work on your blog. As I have mentioned above that it’s the matter of personal choice then you can remove WordPress website from the internet as shown above.

After removing the data, just wait for your domain name to get expired and no one would know about the existence of your WordPress blog. But if you are running the addon domains then you to make one the addon domain as your main domain.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hey Ravi,

    I know deleting a wordpress site is a tough decision to make. People do it for many reasons, so it’s cool you put this together to make it easier (and less painful).

    I’m glad you suggested backing everything up. You never know when you might change your mind, or at least want to have access to the work. A lot goes into having a blog, so whether or not you change your mind about keeping everything live, it would be a shame to throw all of that the effort away.

    Great post and awesome topic. Thanks for putting this together.

    1. Hi Dana,

      There are many people who want to quit blogging and want to delete their blog. Though it would be hard to click the button to delete the website but still if the people decide to do it then there should be a backup of the website and the database.

      We are humans and can’t predict the future. It is possible that the people would want to create their website with the new phase. So the backup would be helpful.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      Have a great day.

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