How To Customize WordPress Login Page Without Coding

customize wordpress login page without coding

Have you ever thought to change the design of your login page? If you’re running a membership or multi-user website then you should definitely redesign it.

When it comes to web designing, those codes start rolling in your mind.

Well, in this tutorial, you will learn the best possible way to customize WordPress login page without coding.

No HTML or CSS is required. You just have to use your WordPres admin panel.

The Thing You Need To Enable The Page Customization.

WordPress repository is full of plugins and there is a special plugin for the login page customization.

There are a few steps to customize your login page.

Step 1:- Install and activate the Custom Login Page Customizer plugin.

Step 2:- After activation, go to Appearance>>Login customizer and the dashboard of the plugin will open. You will see an option to Start customizing.

Use that and you will be directly seeing the WordPress customizer.

Step 3:- As you can see, there are different options. You can change WordPress login logo from using this plugin.

There are other options including the background color, background image, form background, form input background etc.

customize login page

You can totally change the design of the login page.

I have used a few color and you can embrace it by choosing the different color matching techniques.

Whenever you choose any new color, you will see the results on the screen. That’s what a customizer is all about.

If you don’t like the old design, go for a new one.

The most interesting thing about this plugin is that it’s light and effective. Anyone can use it.

customize wordpress login page without coding

You won’t notice any difference between the default¬†WordPress customizer or the customizer added by this plugin. It’s always recommended to use the light-weight background images.

You would also be interested in the tutorial to change WordPress login page logo URL.

Isn’t That Easy To Design Your WordPress Login Page?

From the past few years, people have been trying to enter in the web development and designing field.

With the use of this plugin, you don’t need to worry about anything. No fear of breaking your website.

Are you also afraid of codes? What’s the design idea you have in your mind? Is there anything special? I would love to know about it.

Are you ready to customize WordPress login page without coding?

If you face any problem, feel free to ask.

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by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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    1. Hi Bren,

      You would love to play with the design using this plugin. Just a little bit of tweaks and you will be good to go.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Enjoy your day.

  1. Hi Ravi
    I am glad that you wrote about it.
    I guess I attended the meetup that was focused on customizing the login page. Yes, it was organized by Hardeep. He is the developer of the plugin and has contributed a lot to community.
    He is such an inspiration.
    Thank you for writing


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