A Turbo-Charged Guide Consisting 18 Ways to Be A Creative Blogger.

creative blogger

Blogging has become a dream business for millions of people. Even the daily job holders are ending up to be a blogger.

Have you ever thought why is this happening? Well, you all know that people like the freedom of speech and blogging is a platform which lets you spread your words everywhere.

There are different kinds of bloggers. Some are the strong thinker, some are free thinkers, some are happy bloggers, some are the professional blogger.

But what would you do to be a creative blogger? Yes, this is something we are going to discuss today. Everyone wants to become a famous blogger but it can’t be possible if you are not creative.

How To Become A More Creative Blogger?

People are out there with a glass of wine in their hand and a laptop on the table thinking about the concept of creativity. Doesn’t it ring a bell to you?

Are you also one of them? Here, you will get a list which can help you to be more creative and incredible.

#1. Think Before You Write.

You may have come across many blog posts which would have nothing just words. The point is that people read everything and you should craft your blog posts accordingly.

It’s always mentioned that you should always think before you speak. The same concept is here. Never write without having a perfect content strategy.

#2. Know The Difference Between Thinking And Over-Thinking.

I have recently read a quote including the fact that over-thinking can kill your creativity. To be a creative blogger, you must think only to the right point.

Never try to think again and again about the same thing. Creativity can only be embraced if you keep your mind to think to an extent.

You think how to promote your website to get 100000 visitors and those zeros role your mind. Well, stop thinking about the number and start thinking about the actions.

#3. Be Clear With Your Words.

how to be a creative blogger

No one wants to read the blog posts which contain all the uncountable and unrecognizable words. You may have read it thousands of times that people should try to use the strong words to influence others.

But let me ask you one thing. What’s the use of your those heavy words if no one understands? I mean a blogger writes to make people understand, it’s not like a vocabulary competition.

#4. Add The Fun Factor.

One of the most beautiful qualities of a creative blogger is to maintain the fun factor in the blog post. It’s like including some example which can make people laugh and understand the concept.

Suppose you’re writing about how to drive traffic to your blog and then realize that it can be explained by taking an example of a cartoon character on an open road with a funny looking bike.

#5. Build A Habit To Observe.

This is something you should develop because there are many beautiful things around you. Try to observe and build your thought to be more creative.

It’s like sharpening your arrow before you go to the war. But here you should sharpen your thoughts and the way you see the things.

#6. Positivity Tends to Creativity.

A creative blogger always remains positive. You may think about something and try it. But you should never give up even if you lose.

Try to maintain that positivity in every situation. Whether you write a blog post about growing your business or about building a strategy, try to provide the best content only.

#7. Analyze Those Hidden Talents.

We all have something unique and when it comes to the blogging, the people try so hard to elaborate that they invent something new.

That’s what I am talking about. Try to notice that one thing which can make you more creative. Suppose you’re good with social media then provide the guide to your readers.

If you’re good with playing guitar then why don’t you keep that spark alive?

#8. Explore Your Imagination.

creative blogger

A creative blogger tries to explore his/her imagination level. It’s like you’re dreaming about flying in a beautiful place with those little glowing butterflies.

The point is that you must try to explore how you think, how you dream, how you analyze the things.

#9. Search Engine is Your Friend.

You can bring many blog post ideas just by typing one word in the search engine. As you know that Google can help you to complete your sentences.

Just type one word which comes to your mind and sees what happens. You can get the idea for your next blog post during that process.

#10. You Bring New Ideas from Other Blogs.

You may have read the posts how to get content ideas from the different places. And it contains the other’s blog. You should always check out the popular posts.

It’s more likely searched and read by the people. Create your new blog post with that only.

#11. Build Your Own Marketing Strategies.

There are many people promising you to get the 100% results in a few days. But do those strategies work for you? Hell no.

A creative blogger always tries to build his/her own strategies. Whether it’s Facebook marketing or the Email marketing strategy, you should try to use your ways.

#12. Read More And More.

It’s always believed that reading improves your writing skills and actually it’s true. I have never given a damn to it. But during my journey, I realized how important it is to read.

You can get new ideas, new ways to generate your content. You will understand about the market pretty well. It will help you to be more creative.

#13. Don’t Flaunt Yourself, Just Prove It.

become a creative blogger

A creative blogger never tries to flaunt about anything. He/she just keeps working and shows the creativity through his/her work.

It’s like making people understand that they have found another gem of this blogosphere. Use your writing skills not your mouth.

#14. Enjoy Every Moment.

In this blogosphere, there are many people who are still under pressure to get noticed by influencers. It’s because the more people you meet, the more you will get the results.

And influencers can help you to spread your words. But during this process, never neglect to enjoy the moments. Always try to have fun. Have you read the 15 notes to enjoy blogging and taste the sweetness of success?

#15. Record Your dreams.

Yes, always write down what you dream. If you dream to build a professional website then write it down and work for it.

You know when you get distracted then such things can bring you on the track. It’s like setting an alarm to remember your dreams.

#16. Try To Mix The Different Concepts.

To become a creative blogger, you should know how to mix the different blogging concepts in a single post. Suppose you want to mix the concept of things to learn before starting a business with growing your emails list.

You should know the perfect blog title for the post, you should know how to mix both the concepts.

#17. Learn The Art of Twisting.

creative blogger

Yes, turning a simple blog post to something creative is what we call an art of twisting. You should learn how to turn a simple idea to the rocking one.

#18. See The World Through Other’s Eyes.

You write for your readers and you should look to the content as your readers. Think about the reaction your readers would give after reading your content.

Can You Say Yourself As A Creative Blogger?

It’s a kind of debatable topic because every blogger has his/her perspective. Some bloggers think that a true blogger writes only for the readers whereas others think that it’s important to write SEO-friendly article.

People learn about the SEO tips and tricks to grow their blog. But do you consider someone a creative blogger? What’s the real definition of a creative blogger to you?

Is it about generating a full blog post from one word or is it to elaborate simple concept like a creative person?

Though it’s hard to decide who is a creative blogger who isn’t but still, you can sense the creativity in the blog post you read.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hello Ravi,
    You are right. Successful Blogging is all about experimenting and creativity with solid marketing strategies. Thanks for the inspiring post.
    Cheers !

    1. Hey Pankaj,

      You should always try to show your creative side through your blog posts. Every blog post idea shows how much you think about your profession.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a great day.

  2. Hi Ravi bro,

    With technological advancement and increase in level of exposure among people, creativity determinants are changing time to time.

    However, as far as blogging is concerned, I think providing contents that would garner good amount of visits and attentions from one’s targeted customers will be adequate.

    You’ve actually provided a good list of factors in which we can assess our level of creativity and if not, necessary fields for improvement. Thanks for sharing them with us.


    1. Hey Sherab,

      Creativity works everywhere. People are hungry of the creative things. Most of the people are ordinary and providing the same content. It’s important to show your creative side.

      Content is always the best part but only if you know to spice it up.
      Thanks for sharing your views.
      Enjoy your day.

  3. Hey Ravi,

    Humans learn by intimidating, so one of the best ways to grow creatively is to emulate bloggers our respect. It seems like an oxymoron, that copying someone can help us to be more creative, but the innovation comes from expanding our horizons and trying new things.

    Creativity comes in many forms, but one of the most underutilized is storytelling. Telling our story, especially a personal one that we wouldn’t normally share, can help us more creatively blog about a topic. Usually, I start with a post idea and at the end, I find images to fit. When I want to get creative, I do things backward. I find an image that I think is beautiful or inspiring or interesting, and I try to write a post around it. Eventually, thanks for sharing your wonderful thought with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

    1. Hi Amar,

      You are right. People need to interact with their readers to attain that position and the respect. It’s like building your block with the steps of creativity.

      Storytelling can be a really good way to show your creativity. Not everyone is good with the stories. It requires expertise to engage more people.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a great day.

  4. Hi Ravi

    It’s amazing to note how clearly you think on how to become a creative blogger and that reflects from every thought you shared in this post.

    This is an era of stiff competition where routine ideas do have their value but to get the edge one needs to think out of the box and there it is creativity that helps one to bring something unique and receive huge applause.

    It is said that all in this world is going on in a circle that whatever is being happening now may be happened centuries ago and we are just exploring them to produce afresh. Anyways it’s a little philosophical and let me highly appreciate this post that itself is a candid proof of your height of creativity.

    It recalled me a post that I shared a few months ago and I got quite new points here from your post.

    Many thanks for sharing and have a successful rest of the week.

    1. Hey Muba,

      You won’t find even a single topic which hasn’t covered. As you have mentioned, we are here just to explore the old things. The creativity can only be seen if you try hard enough.

      In the era of blogging, it’s necessary to drop the usual stuff and stick to something creative. People want the old and classic things with some upgrade.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      Have a great week ahead.

  5. These days creativity is must no matters its blogging or ant other field. Everyone likes creativity. I am blogger and as well as web designer and developer so i know the importance of it.

    If we talk about blogging even our readers want new content with something new every single day. I think everybody knows to be creative but most of them do not know what is the right parameters of it.

    In your post, you have covered all aspects of it. So Thank you very much for sharing valuable information with all of us Ravi.

    God Bless you!

    1. Hey Richa,

      The blogging world is full of unique things but there are a few bloggers who have the key for the creativity. It’s like showing your inner thoughts with something full of energy.

      People talk about it, write about it but not all are there to adapt it.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Enjoy your stay.

  6. Hello, Ravi!

    Actually, I indulge my own self into the content of my blog posts!

    I try to become as personal as I could to make the content to look good and interesting to read.

    And, I think it is working for me.

    I first got stuck with one topic then I tried hard to make the content personalized.

    The more I did, the fastest I got to known by the fellow bloggers.

    And I even started getting heard. 🙂

    So, what all you just shared are the best of the advises to really rock the creativity.

    Everyone blogs but the key are in being different.

    So.. You’re the one, buddy! 🙂

    Keep rockin’!

    ~ Adeel

    1. Hey Adeel,

      Getting personal can help you to be more creative. People like to read the article as you’re talking to them only. Just put some interesting statements which can help you to connect with your readers.
      If that’s working for you, keep it going and be more creative.
      Thanks for the support.
      Have a great day.

  7. Hi Ravi,
    its an impressive guide though!
    Loved the way you presented the content 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.
    ~ Ahmad
    P.S Please do have a look at the latest blog post @ meetAhmad [dot] com, would love to see your views there.

  8. That 14th point, I think it should had been on the top of the list.

    Enjoy Every Moment
    Let me elaborate it in my own way. Blogging is all about enjoyment. People who take it as a burden soon give up on it. Because when you write just for the sake of writing, when you publish post just for the sake of publishing and to meet your schedule, you COMPROMISE the quality.

    While Quality is the most important thing in Blogging. There is already huge amount of content available on the Internet, you adding 2 or 5 more posts to it won’t really matter. It matters only, when your content is something of high quality and is useful, unique and helpful for the readers.

    If your content is not worth reading, sharing or be commented upon, then you better quit blogging and do something else.

    If you are facing a writers block, your blog is not getting any traffic, there is no comment on your posts or long and short you are on the verge of giving up then stop right there. I know how to drag you back into Blogging. Keep Reading….. 🙂

    Reasons to Love Blogging and Why You Should be Blogging?
    Writing is the only way to talk without getting interrupted, so that’s why I stepped into Blogging. So not only I can write, but also express myself through images, videos and infographics also 🙂

    Following are the other awesome things about Blogging that are mostly overlooked

    When you publish any Blog Post, it becomes a part of Internet for forever. Someone sitting in the other city/country or even another Continent can read your post, right away after you click the Publish button.

    Blogging gives you freedom and confidence. It feels awesome when someone shares your post with his/her friend or leave comment on it.

    People can visit your blog and read your blog posts even when you are away from your computer, taking a nap under your warm blanket.

    When you have a Blog, you don’t need to tell someone about what you do. Your blog says out the World on your behalf.

    Blogging allows you to express yourself, share your knowledge, help other people and eventually get paid for it.

    There are many other great things about Blogging, you just need to eliminate all the negative thoughts and fight your back into Blogging.

    Nice Write Up 🙂
    Keep it up

    1. Hey Jawwad,

      You have really learned so many things. There are people who don’t even know the real meaning of blogging. I am glad that you know the importance of writing a blog post for the sake of your readers.

      It would remain on the internet forever so it’s necessary to craft your blog post like a pro. A blogger should always enjoy blogging.
      Show your charm with your words.

      Thanks for your contribution.
      Have an amazing day.

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