20 Remarkable Blogging Tips And Tricks To Create The Best Blog Ever.

blogging tips and tricks for beginners

Are you thinking about a blog which can drive everyone crazy? Is there any idea in your mind to explore? Do you want to write about your passion or any particular niche? Give the wings to your thoughts, create the best blog ever in the history.

You would get many blogging tips and tricks on the World Wide Web. But did they work for you? Are you thinking why won’t that be in your favor? Stop thinking and give your mind a new direction to write something remarkable.

The blogging tips and tricks for beginners may fall down but you won’t. Try to give a new way to your vision for the blog writing.

The Blogging Tips And Tricks To Give You A New Way.

I am going to mention some great points which can help you to build a blog with the glorious victory. Are you ready to grab the knowledge? Here you go:-

1. Know your passion:- You may have heard of the writing procedure and the niche for your blog. Most of the people prefer to write about the main topics covered according to the search engine. If you want to build a professional blog then it’s very important to have the clear thought about your passion and about what you want to write.

2. Know The Market:- Before starting a blog, you must know about the latest trends and the market. the point is that you must know about the niche you want to blog about. If you are thinking about writing on the WordPress then learn about it. Never try to trick people by providing the information which isn’t worthy to follow.

3. Analyze The Google:- You know that Google is the biggest search engine and you have to write for it. Read about Google algorithms and know the SEO. There are many topics to cover in it. You should read everything about the SEO, writing an SEO friendly post and more. Know how Google works.

4. Choose The Topic You Like:- People say that if you write about something off trends then you won’t get the positive results. It’s just the theory. You should choose the niche of your blog according to your interest, your passion. It’s because you won’t able to write about something which is boring for you.

5. Are You Afraid:- I have experienced the same thing like you. Before starting a blog, people check the biggest sites and dream to create the best blog ever. But after knowing the story of those blogs, they get afraid. I mean why would you get scared? Just believe in yourself and stop stalking others blog. Concentrate upon yours.

6. Be motivated:- In the blogging tips and tricks for beginners, this is must have point. You should always remain motivated. Never give up. You should try hard to reach the goal you ever had in your mind. If you keep thinking that there are millions of blogs and how would you stand alone? Just keep that aside and kick your trigger to work harder.

7. The Domain Name:- Choose the domain name according to the niche of your blog. Try to include the niche of your blog in the domain name. Suppose if you want to build a log on fashion then try to include fashion in the domain name. It would be great from the SEO point of view.

8. Manage The Time:- Time-management is something you should consider the most peculiar task. The blogging tips and tricks you want to know is that, try to build the work schedule. Choose the working time in which you can concentrate the most. Feel free and show your readers your charm.

9. Write For The People Not For The Robots:- You may listen about the search engine optimization and all about the SEO. But don’t keep your focus on that thing. You can create the best blog ever only if your readers appreciate your writing. You can write a great post with the quality and the SEO together. You would learn about it in few days.

10. Are Dollars Rolling Around:- If you think that you would become the millionaire in few days then through the money making idea away. Just think about the quality of your blog and the content you provide. The quantity won’t matter until you dwell the quality in it.

create the best blog ever

11. Write What You Feel:- If you are writing the same as others then you are not showing the uniqueness. Try to enhance your thinking power and craft your blog post like a life event. Express yourself through your writing skills. Don’t underestimate yourself and show the real you to your haters.

12. Learn More:- The blogging tips and tricks consist the learning phase. You know that you can’t grab all the knowledge about anything until you try to learn more. In today’s era of technology, you can know anything. Take the visual content as the key. Watch online videos about your niche and the blog writing. Practice more and have the power to generate something with the value.

13. Don’t Fear To Connect With Other Bloggers:- In the blogosphere, you would need to connect with other bloggers. You should always keep in your mind that human bonds last forever. Always try to connect with the bloggers in this blogging community.

14. Build An Email List:- You may have noticed that when you receive any mail that has something interesting to learn then you visit that page for sure. The same thing goes with every person. You have to provide the best way to connect to you and grab your quality content in their inbox.

15. Don’t Fret About Traffic:- In your initial days, don’t check the traffic stats many times a day. You have just begun to create the best blog ever. It will take the time to get the traffic on your blog. You have to provide the content which is worth reading. Even Google respects the content with the quality.

16. Build An Online Reputation:- You have to show your presence to the online world with your work. Use the social networking website like Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Don’t try to be the hero on every platform. Just try to maintain two.

17. Know Your Mistakes:- Try to know about the mistakes you have been making. It may be considered to the writing or the promotion. You know that learning from your mistakes is always beneficial. The blogging tips and tricks won’t work until you have the eagerness to learn more about your niche.

18. Build The Trust factor:- You should try to build the trust among your readers. never make them feel that you are just writing, not educating. Provide the content which has the intensity to attract your readers. Always maintain the quality factor in your each blog post.

19. Help Your Readers:- Whenever someone asks a question to you. Just provide an honest answer. Don’t try to manipulate it. Tell your readers what they want to know. Don’t be selfish, spread your knowledge to others.

20. Believe What You Have:- If you want to create the best blog ever then never underestimate the power of your mind. Don’t run for what other people have. Just concentrate on embracing what you have and what you can do it. The blog is the representation of your mindset. Don’t let it down.

The Blogging Tips And Tricks For Beginners Are Worthy To Follow.

blogging tips and tricks for beginners

Are you still thinking that the blogging tips and tricks are just the way to start a blog? Think again and grab the point that to create the best blog ever, you should keep all these things in your mind so that you can show your charm to the world. If you’re working with something else then it would be challenging to build a blog.

If you are ready to accept this challenge then go for it and never look back again. These blogging tips and tricks will help you to stay motivated. Start writing and provide the quality content on your blog. The goal will be yours one fine day. Have the patience and never back down.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. very tip hits straight to the point, I agree that many newbie bloggers including me, might get a little afraid while connecting to other bloggers, but that is a very vital part to get success in blogging.

    Thanks Ravi for again an awesome article.

    1. Hi Priyam,

      Be confident, there is nothing to fear about . I mean why would you? We all are to help each other and to connect. I am sure, others would love to connect with you.
      There are many other things which should be followed to do the best for your blog.
      Glad to see you again.
      Have an awesome weekend.

  2. Hey Ravi,

    Thanks for sharing this post. I enjoy while going through this.

    I have one query like how I can build relations with my niche blogger community?

    Thanks In Advance!!! Keep Up The Good Work Going!!!

    1. Hey Roshan,

      The blog commenting is the best way to get connected with other bloggers. But if you comment like this without any identity then bloggers won’t accept your comment on their blog post.
      First, you should have a gravatar with the email id you use while commenting. Show it under your posts and on your website so that people can trust you as a real person.
      Enjoy the stay.

  3. Hi Ravi,

    You have put this together so well. Every point you have illustrated here is imperative for new bloggers to know…and some bloggers that have been around a while too.

    The best take-away here is “Stop Thinking About Dollars” because when that happens it effects content, social sharing and all the rest one needs to do to be a blogger. If one only thinks about dollars, then it is not a blog at all. It will shine through content as well as anything that person does on social sites.

    I’ve seen them and run away quickly! Others will too.


    1. Hey Donna,

      Most of the people fail in blogging because of their mindset to make money from their blog. I know that it’s important to have the money for living. But on the cost of affecting the content of your blog isn’t worthy.

      Some bloggers think that they can earn dollars within few days after starting a blog. They don’t understand the really hard work to build a blog which can last longer.

      Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a great weekend.:)

  4. Hello Ravi! I love all your tips on how to create the best blog ever! I also agree with what Donna has stated above, my biggest take away was also Stop Thinking About Dollars! I see it all to often, someone starts their blog and it is all about promotions!~! No Value at all! And we know what happens Right? It becomes a ghost town LOL Nope not a good way to create the best blog at all..

    Awesome Share My Friend
    Thank You
    Chery :))

    1. Hi Chery,

      There are many bloggers who are dreaming about making a lot of money from their blog. But they forget that it won’t happen until they work hard and devote their time.

      The best blog can’t be created just to dream about it. You have to provide the quality on your blog. Know all the aspects of the blog promotion.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a great day.

  5. Hi Ravi,

    I completely rededicated myself to #12 recently.

    I am wide open to learning about my blogging niche. I spend 30 to 60 minutes reading blogs from the blogging niche – like yours – to be a sponge to blogging tips.

    Zac Johnson’s blog, Pro Blogger, and any blogging tips blog is high on my list for learning resources.

    I’m also diving into guest posting with both feet these days because as I learn more about reach I see how I can help more, targeted readers by speaking from a bigger platform. It is all about learning, then sharing your learning with others.

    Thanks for these helpful tips Ravi.


    1. Hey Ryan,

      Blogging is something we crave and improve with the time. The more you learn and practice the more you evolve as a blogger. People do mistakes while blogging but you know, it’s worthy.

      Even me too read the blog with the quality content which has the potential to attract the readers. Guest posting is something the bloggers should do quite often to improve the writing skills and spreading the blogging tips.

      Thanks for your wonderful input.
      Have a great week ahead.:)

  6. Hello Ravi:
    Great post you hit the nail on the head with all 20 of those blogging tips. I especially like #19 Know your readers- good job of summarizing the basics of blogging in one post
    Thanks for sharing those important tips following them will definitely enhance one’s blog.

    1. Hey Darrell,

      Blogging is all about writing for your readers and knowing them. It’s the basic fundamental step to take. You should know your targetted audience so that you can write according to them.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Enjoy the day.

  7. Hey Ravi,

    I know I’m about 8 months replying to this blog post but this list still applies today and I believe it will always when it comes to blogging.

    You made two valid points here. Know your audience and write for them. This is valid because it all comes down to targeted traffic. The more targeted your traffic is the better results you’ll get!

    Great share!

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