50 Content Marketing Tips to Explore Your Business.

content marketing tips

There are a few things to think about when you start your business. Most of the time people think about exploring their business. And if you are the one who has the determination to take an action then the content marketing strategy should be world class.

While having an online business, you must think about converting your readers into your customers. It can be done only if you have the better content and a plan for the content marketing.

You may have read a lot about content marketing about do you have any idea it. What does it really mean? Is it different from copywriting? Are you having a plan for your content?

What is the real meaning of Content Marketing?

Every now a then people talk about the content and its promotions. Well, the Content Marketing is to market your content. In simple words “when you publish, promote, share your content with other people to turn them into your customers is termed as the Content Marketing.

Whether you are running a blog or any online business then, you publish your content and promote it to the world. It consists the use of social media and the online forums.

Are you the one with the unique content and still don’t have any idea why your blog is not getting enough traffic? To drive traffic to your blog, you have to learn about the strategies to target your audience with the right pace.

Some do follow Content marketing Tips Which can change your business position.

Are you seeking for the Content marketing Strategy which can boost up your online business? There are many things which should be considered while marketing your content. It requires the united effort of your mind with the content.

In the online world, you will notice your competitors which are heading towards your dream goal. Will you let you down just because others are stronger than you?

Feel the pace for growing like a Content Marketer who builds the content like no one ever did. Follow the guide:

1. Search for the right content before you start creating.

Most of the people think that they are the boss of their blog, but there are readers who decide the value of your content. Think before you create the content. Write your blog post only for the relevant data.

Don’t just grab the keyboard buttons and type like nothing. Search for the right topics for your blog niche. the niche blogging has been focusing since many years and you are the key role for that.

2. Approach the audience with value.

When you finish your searching process then make sure that you write something valuable which can help your business to grow. There shouldn’t be any negligence in the content creating.

You know the importance of the content. People appreciate those who think about them. They can be your customers only if you give them a reason.

3. Follow the track of the strategy.

It is believed that most of the people like to read the content which revolves around the main content topic. Don’t skip the strategy you made. Follow the path and impress your readers.

The world is yours only if you can follow the plan you made for your content.

4. Refresh it and give it a new shot.

Don’t just provide the content with the same as you did a few days. Are you the one who just improvise the content and don’t create it again? Well, sorry to say but your content marketing strategy doesn’t seem good to me.

People want something sparkling which can let them feel like quality readers. You have the choice to choose to be the same as before or the brand new.

5. Find the content which has the more search hits.

You can use the Reddit, Stumbleupon to find the content which is actually worthy to provide. The trending content would let you keep in the same lane with the higher position.

6. Humanize your Content Marketing.

content marketing strategy

Be the one who knows the value of the readers and their opinions. You should always think about the benefit of your readers with your content. Don’t just drop the lines which don’t connect your readers.

7. Put the visual effect.

You know that the visual content has the power to catch the eyes of many people. This is one of the best content marketing tips to grab the bottle in your hand.

8. Leverage social content which can embrace the engagement.

You should make sure that people talk about your content by using the social networking websites. In today’s era, people social networking has the power to pick you up for the glory.

9. Have the persona with the right path.

You may be thinking about any social role played by someone. Here we are talking about the content marketing strategy and you must have to play the role of the content marketer who knows his/her path.

10. Flunk with extra social buttons.

Most of the bloggers think that if they add more social sharing buttons then there will be an increase in the no. of shares. Well, the more provide, the more you distract your readers. Give them a few buttons to focus.

11. Provide the content to build your brand.


The content should be of the status to your brand name. Build your social brand through the content of your company. Make your readers feel like having a standard.

12. Promotion is more effective than creation.

One of the most demanding content marketing tips is to promote your content. Apart from just creating the content, promote it to reach out to the millions of people on the web.

13. Show your expertise in a particular niche.

Don’t jump up to multi-niche content. If you’re good with blogging then go for it. No need to engage with the technical stuff like WordPress. People should feel your expertise through the content.

14. Take training.

Content marketing isn’t so easy to learn. You should try to know about it by taking a few training sessions from the experts.

15. Feel free to say “no” to the requests.

You may be getting many requests for content creation and marketing. But if you want to handle it yourself then learn how to say “No”.

16. Create the content with your style.

Everyone has his/her own writing style and if you have the unique one then try to sharpen it with every line of the content. Explore your writing skills.

17. Use the Facebook glory.

content marketing tips

Facebook has reached on the top then why don’t you take an advantage. There are millions of people waiting for the right content and you provide the platform.

18. Distribute the content over other places.

People fret to spend the money for the content distribution. Sometimes, it is really effective when yu distribute your content on other platforms which can give you the traffic leverage.

19. Give a chance to the Facebook ads.

You can spend a few bucks on the ads provided by the Facebook. This is one of the leading content marketing tips in today’s era of marketing.

20. Surprise people with video content.

People like surprises and you should give them a few. Sometimes, a random video can work as the best content marketing strategy.

21. Bring the voice of the content on the heating platform.

Try to know the trending content which can bring the heating growth in your business. Be like an alarming person for which people wait.

22. Spread your words to the audience.

Create any personal page which can let people know about you and the content you provide. People like to hear the inspirational stories and respect the dreams.

23. Interact with your precious readers.

Every now and then people say that making human bonds is the best you can do. Show your readers by reacting to their comments and the shares.

24. Focus on the most targetted keywords in your posts.

content marketing

Search for the keywords for your posts and then embed them into your content. Reach out to the search engine to show the real value.

25. Read the design aspects of your content.

After creating the content, go through it and match your content marketing strategy with your created content. Don’t let it apart from the main goal.

26. Distribute the content through commenting.

In the field of blogging, the most effective action is blog commenting. If you reach out to other blogs then they will do the same for you.

27. Know the places to find your audience.

Do you know your targetted audience? Is there any place which can let you market your content? Well, find them and share what you have in your pocket.

28. Paid promotion can be useful.

Though most of the marketers don’t go for the paid promotions but in somehow it is effective to give a boost to your content.

29. Use social marketing tools.

There are many tools like Hootsuite which can show your presence on the social network even when you are not there to handle your account.

30. The autoresponders.

When someone requests you about any aspect of your content and you don’t provide any reply then it won’t put the positive impact on your readers. Use the autoresponders with your default message.

31. Use the Email list.


The most subscribers you have the more content will be spreading to the world. Use your email list effectively to boost up your business.

32. Interact with influencers.

It is always good to interact with influencers so that they can give a push to your content on their platform. it would be one of the best content marketing tips.

33. Reach your readers through Twitter.

I have experienced that Twitter is the most effective social platform to reach out your content to the people around the world.

34. Share other’s content like yours.

In content marketing, the best thing is to think about others and their content. Always share other’s content like yours and reach out to the hearts of many readers.

35. The content should be optimized.

It is always mentioned that the content you provide should be optimized. The images, the HTML files, CSS files etc. You can use GZIP compression for HTML and XML files.

36. Speed up your business platform.

The content you provide on your website for the business should have the speed. It states that your website speed should be perfect. Boost the speed of your website by minifying.

37. Sometimes taking a break is good.

You may get exhausted when you keep thinking about the content marketing and your goals. Sometimes, it’s good to take a break and give the rest to your mind.

38. Reading improves writing.

content marketing tips

You should read the more content than you write. It would let you help in building the content marketing strategy with the better content.

39. Speak to your friends about your content.

It is a good idea that you discuss your content with your friends. Sometimes, a great idea can be generated just with a friendly talk.

40. Avoid the tricks.

Many people try the short tricks to reach out on the top which isn’t the thing to follow. Success doesn’t come overnight. You have to devote your time for that.

41. Be authentic.

While focusing on content marketing tips, you shouldn’t forget about the authenticity. While spreading your content, you should be authentic.

42. Content creation for the large audience.

Choose the niche which can generate the interest of many people. Don’t be limited to one platform. Spread it out with the topic which can bring engage more people.

43. Deal with the negative people.

You will get many negative people in the path of your success. When you handle a business then people will drop their negative feedbacks which shouldn’t hard you.

44. Ask for suggestions from your clients.

You can generate more content with your readers’ suggestions. People have amazing minds and you should grab the point.

45. Accept the challenges.

When you create the content and think about the content marketing then give yourself a goal and accept the challenge. It would boost up your capability and the strategy.

46. Keep your readers happy.

You can organize a giveaway for your readers to provide an opportunity to win something from your blog. Make them feel like a part of your blog.

47. Think for the mobile user and create the content.

content marketing strategy

Most of the people forget about the mobile users. You know that when you write the bigger paragraphs which don’t seem so big on the desktop screen but when you check the content on the mobile screen then it won’t by good in its appearance.

48. Increase the readability by inbound links.

Provide the piece of the content in between so that your readers can have another valuable post. It would help you to reduce the bounce rate of your website and your readers would get the path.

49. Know the future needs of your readers.

I know you can’t predict the future. But at least you can ask your readers about the present state of your content and what’s more you can do.

50. Be yourself and generate the content.

All the content marketing tips are on one side and this is on another side. The real you have the power to influence your readers. Be yourself when you create and promote your content.

Is There Any Special Content Marketing Strategy you Follow?

We all have something unique style for the promotion of our content. Are you using anything special for the content marketing? It would be great to share with other people. Don’t worry, people aren’t going to copy that. We all are with our special tricks.

Content marketing has always been so challenging because people are there to challenge you. You must face the challenge and get the strike to hit the home run.

Personally, I think that human bonds always work and you will also feel the change when you do. Try to connect with more and more people and enjoy.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hi there Ravi,

    This post contains a very useful list of Content Marketing Ideas. I just can’t stop reading them, actually I have bookmarked the post, I will read day by day. Keep up the good work.


    CLay SMith.

    1. Hey Clay,

      If you want to boost up your business then its content marketing plays the major role. You should know the perfect piece to provide and promote. Using the social networking sites and all the other things mentioned can let you grow.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a great day.

  2. Hi Ravi bro,

    This can be one of the most comprehensive content marketing guides I have come across – precisely explained.

    When you mentioned ‘use the Facebook glory’, building a circle of like-minded people and then creating a Facebook group has become one of the most effective way to use Facebook for contents marketing. And also participating in our blogging niche-related online forums and Google Communities also bring good result in getting our contents marketed across.

    1. Hey Sherab,

      In today’s era of digitization, people are using the social networking sites at a great extent. You can use any platform to promote your content. For the marketing of your content, the first thing is to maintain the quality.

      You may have noticed that people are connecting more and more through the Facebook. You can develop your content marketing strategy with that. Using the Google plus communities is also a great idea.

      Thanks for this wonderful comment.
      Enjoy the day.

  3. Hi Ravi,

    Need to appreciate your write up for sure. Yes, everyone knows the power of content. When content marketing is done effectively half of the marketing part gets over. As tough there are many strategies in marketing content marketing leads all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the same.

    1. Hey Vino,

      There is a big place to show your content. If the content is good and the marketing is done perfectly then you would the positive results for sure. We all have our own way of content marketing.

      People use different strategies to promote their content. I am glad that you liked the content.
      Thanks for taking time to share your words.
      Have a great day.

  4. Hey Ravi
    Great post! All 50 of thos tips are very important. This is really useful information and a valuable post,would actually make a good pdf. What I’m gonna take from this post is #38 Reading more writing, that’s what I have been doing lately and I’m getting more ideas. Another great idea I got from you I’m going to implement is hanging around Google+,instead of hitting Twitter all the time. Again thanks for sharing value-packed helpful post that really can enhance our blogs. Take care.

    1. Hey Darrell,

      You can take many steps for the content marketing of your blog. The idea of creating a PDF is quite good. Maybe I can take a further step for that. Reading is the most effective activity to get more knowledge and ideas.

      You know that Google+ or any other social networking website can drive a lot of traffic to your blog. Interact with the people and get the glory.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      Enjoy the day.

  5. Hi Ravi,

    This was a great list of all the things you need to do to be a content marketing star!

    I think nothing is more important in this list than humanizing your readers.

    Really, you don’t want to create content for your “readers,” “visitors,” “subscribers” or even “buyers.” You always always want to create content that “people”… real live flesh and blood people, will find interesting, useful, valuable and worthy of their busy schedules.


    1. Hey Donna,

      The most important factor in the online industry is the people who embrace it. If you are just thinking about the robots of the search engine then it won’t be humanized.

      Think about your readers and then provide the best of you. You are the master in this field.:)
      Thanks for taking the time to share.
      Have a great day.

  6. Hey Ravi,

    These 50 tips is a great reference for those that want to improve their results.

    I highly agreen with number 12. Creating quality content is great but if no one knows about it then it’s just a personal diary. You want to focus more on promoting it wherever your target audience is so you can get traffic through reshares as well as optins.

    Also interacting with your readers will take you a long way. For me it was a way to build a support team as well as gain traffic. You want to show your readers that you appreciate them for visiting and find out what topics they’re most interested so you can create content about it in future posts.

    Great share Ravi! Have a good one!

    1. Hey Sherman,

      Content is the focus for a blogger. It’s always recommended to create the content which can let your readers stay. People like to read something which can keep them on your website.

      If you don’t appreciate your readers then they won’t come back. People like to get appreciated. It would help you to drive the traffic to your blog.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Enjoy the day.

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