23 Common WordPress Errors And Their Solutions You Should Know

Common WordPress errors and their solutions

Having a WordPress blog is the most amazing thing for many people. You’re building your dream blog, but what if some unknown error stops you. Do you know about the common WordPress errors and their solutions?

In the past few years, WordPress has grown up to be one of the largest communities using which people are spreading their ideas to the world.

But when people get an error on their websites, they fret and ask for help. Don’t you think you should try to solve such errors on your own?

I know not everyone is the super techie, but still, you should have the necessary knowledge about the common WordPress errors and their solutions.

In this article, you will see the list of errors which can be viewed frequently. You can’t reach your web hosting every time you encounter with an error.

The List of the Most Seen WordPress Errors

Before you even start, you should always look whether you have backed up your website and the database.

Either you use any plugin or you can manually backup your WordPress website within no time. Save the backup to your computer and somewhere online.

It’s not safe to have your backup only on your hard drive. There should always be more than one copy.

Let me start the list.

#1. Error Establishing a Database Connection

When you move your blog from one web hosting to another, this is the most common WordPress error you will see.

It’s because the database credentials aren’t the same in the wp-config.php file. Do you know how to edit the wp-config.php file?

This error appears because the connection to the database was not made. To fix this, you can easily find the wp-config.php file where you will see the database name, database username, hostname, etc.

Fill the same credentials as you have for the database of your website.

Sometimes this error occurs when the MySQL server of your web hosting is down or under maintenance.

#2. Getting 404 Error on the Different Pages

It’s not really an error you should be worried about. You can easily check the number of pages showing a 404 error from your Google Search Console account.

It’s basically an error when you change the permalink of the posts. You can change the title of the post anytime you want, but if you change the URL, you will get the 404 error.

You can fix this error by setting the proper permalinks or redirecting your old post to a new one.

#3. Getting the White Screen of Death

This is a kind of uncertain situation because you only see a white screen with no error message.

The main reason for this error is memory exhaustion. Every web hosting has set a PHP script memory limit which can get exhausted due to any plugin or something else.

There is no specific place to see this white screen. You may see it only on the homepage of your website or any other part.

#4. Internal Server Error

solve wordpress errors

This can be simply an internal server error or 500 internal server error. This error occurs primarily due to any wrong setting.

As its name suggests, it is related to the server. So if the configuration is unknown and the server doesn’t recognize it, you get this error.

You should know about the exact settings. Only then you can come to know about the common WordPress errors and their solutions.

#5. Showing the Syntax Error in WordPress

This error appears when you try to copy and paste any code in any of the files of your WordPress theme.

Basically, you would need to edit the functions.php file. Before you even do that, you should know the proper way to add custom code to WordPress.

If you miss even a small bracket or the comma, you will see the parse error. In the error shows, you can easily see the line at which your code is conflicting.

#6. Locked out of the WordPress admin panel

This can be a tricky one. How would you react when you wouldn’t be even able to login to your wp-admin panel?

It can happen due to any plugin or a wrong username or password. And when you can’t be able to change the password from the login page, you would need something else to figure this out.

Well, to fix this error, you have to use the cPanel of your web hosting account.

#7. The login page keeps refreshing again and again

Apart from locked out, this is also an error which can annoy you to death. Whenever you try to log in, you get redirected to the same page.

It happens basically due to the wrong URL. There are different places from which you can fix it. Either you use the WordPress dashboard or the database.

#8. The Sidebar Shifting Error

This is an error that occurs due to the design markup. Maybe any plugin adds any extra padding or margin which forces the sidebar to shift down.

And if you’re using an older WordPress theme, then it can be the reason. That’s why it’s always recommended to know about the things before changing your WordPress theme.

Did you come to know about a few common WordPress errors and their solution yet?

#9. How to Fix HTTP Error

HTTP error can be seen in your media library. When you upload an image and don’t able to finish it.

It’s because the file permissions you have set are wrong. It’s possible that your web hosting has updated their server configuration.

To fix this issue, either you correct the permissions or ask your web hosting customer support.

Sometimes your web hosting handles the script and only they can maintain the permissions.

#10. You’re Getting the Broken Image Links

wordpress error solutions

This happens when you move your blog from one place to another. It can be from one host to another or from one folder to another.

It’s not necessary that you find the broken links for all the images. Maybe for a few posts. To fix this, you have to update the link.

#11. Memory Exhausted Error

When any plugin exhausts the default WordPress memory, then you see a fatal error.

This is because every WordPress website has a default memory limit in which all the process occur. But when any more significant process or the poorly coded keeps refreshing, it crosses the limit, and the memory gets exhausted.

You can manually increase this limit.

#12. You’re Getting 403 Forbidden Error

As its name signifies, you can’t have access to the particular file or folder you try to access. It’s because of the wrong file permissions, or any plugin is conflicting.

The folder permissions should be 755, and file permissions should be 644.

It can be fixed by check the permissions or deactivating all WordPress plugins.

#13. Upload: Failed to Write File to Disk Error

When you upload anything new to your WordPress website, you get this error because you don’t have the permissions to edit any folder.

To fix this error, either you check the file and folder permissions your own or ask your web hosting. It’s imperative to know about such common WordPress errors and their solutions.

#14. Fatal Error: Maximum Execution Time Exceeded

WordPress is primarily coded in the PHP language, and so do its plugins. When any plugin takes more time in the execution than the default limit, this error appears.

For most of the web hostings, it is 30 or 60 seconds. You can increase it by adding a code in the .htaccess file.

#15. This site ahead contains harmful programs error

This can be one of the most terrifying errors because no one would able to see the content of your website. They will only see a red screen.

It’s because whether your website has been hacked or you’re running any low-quality advertisement. It can also happen if you’re using any poor quality website to redirect your readers.

#16. Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail Problem

most common wordpress errors

When you share your posts on Facebook and don’t see the image along with your post. This can annoy your Facebook followers.

It happens because of the wrong thumbnail size or maybe any other reason which can be found using the Facebook debugger.

#17. WordPress Keeps Logging Me Out

Just like page refreshing and locked out from the WordPress admin panel, you can keep logging out after a particular interval of the time.

It happens because of the wrong site URL and the WordPress URL. If both the URLs are different, then WordPress will keep logging out.

#18. Cannot Modify Header Information Error

Such type of error may appear when you publish a post, activate or deactivate a plugin, install a theme, etc.

It will show the line with the proper path at which this error is occurring. But the concept is a kind of more complicated than it seems.

To find a cause, you should deactivate all the plugins, and a few more things are yet to be done.

#19. My Website Got De-indexed Problem

Wouldn’t you want to know about such common WordPress errors and their solutions which can ruin your hard work?

It was a scary situation when your website got de-indexed from the search engine. If it happens because of the wrong Search Engine Visibility setting, then it can be solved within a minute, but if there is any other reason, then you have to work a little bit.

It’s possible that your website got penalised.

#20. 503 Service Temporary Unavailable Error

This is basically a server-side HTTP error. It can appear on any website whether it’s running on WordPress or any other CMS.

But you should know about it and what are the reasons so that you can contact your web hosting customer support.

#21. Could not Write You Maybe Over Quota: Bad File Descriptor Error

The main reason for this error is the bandwidth consumption of your web hosting account. The solution is to upgrade your web hosting plan.

Your file permissions may be the reasons.

#22. RSS Feed Error In WordPress

common wordpress errors and their solutions

Most of the WordPress users aren’t aware of the RSS feeds and how to use it. You can see an error on the RSS feeds of your WordPress blog.

To fix this, you have to check the coding files of your WordPress themes. It either happens because of the wrong PHP starting or ending tags.

#23. Missed Schedule Post Error

In the previous WordPress version, you may have seen an error when any scheduled post didn’t get published at the time.

Many people keep their presence by scheduling the posts. But any of you get this error, you should know how to fix it.

There may be a few more WordPress errors, but still, this list will give you an idea about all the most common WordPress errors and their solutions.

I Hope Now You Got An Idea About The Common WordPress Errors And Their Solutions

It’s really overwhelming when you try to build a fantastic WordPress blog, and such type of errors keep coming again and again.

Well, it’s the part of your blogging journey. Most of the people hire any technical person who takes care of everything

But what if you don’t find any at the right time? It’s always recommended that you should have the proper knowledge about the most common WordPress errors and their solutions.

Is there any other WordPress error you have noticed? Feel free to drop your thoughts.

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by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hi Ravi,

    Wow such a great post for people who are using WordPress. While we all would like to believe that our blogs will work without any effort from us, unfortunately, things do happen.

    We either have to fix our own WordPress problems or outsource it. It’s always nice to know that people like you are willing to share your WordPress expertise with us, so we can tackle our own problems.

    While I’ve been fortunate enough not to have to deal with any of these issues for my own site. I had a client several months ago, who kept getting logged out of their WordPress blog.

    It sure would’ve been nice to have this resource when I was helping him. Now I know where to look if I ever need help fixing WordPress issues, thanks for sharing.

    Have a great day 🙂


    1. Hey Susan,

      It’s common to see such errors. One of your plugins can be the culprit most of the time. People don’t test before installing any plugin or theme.

      This list of errors can help many. For each error, I have written a separate post so that people can know the exact reason and the solution.
      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      Have a great week ahead.

  2. WordPress one of the best online Blogging/website platforum but sometime people face some issue with WordPress 404 Error, Internal Server Error & some another but each issue has solution.

    Well I have also HTTP Error & I fixed it after reading this article. I just contact to web hosting customer & they have fixed the issue. So every issue has solutions.

  3. Hey Ravi!

    I love your solutions! I think every one of us runs into a “situation” that needs addressing yet we don’t know how to fix it immediately. With you continuing to write these fabulous “how to” posts, we’ll all become experts. 🙂

    Great read!


    1. Hi Bren,

      It’s common when you run a WordPress blog to get some errors. But when you know the solutions, you don’t need to fret about anything.
      Just follow the guide and you will learn the best of WordPress. I am glad that you could learn something.

      Thanks for your support.
      Have a great day.

  4. Ravi, this is one of the best and most comprehensive lists for fixing errors that I have ever seen!


    As someone who is not technically adept, I usually hire someone to fix these errors for me. However, I have learned to do a few thing myself. 😉

    Thanks so much for putting this together!

    1. Hey Lorraine,

      It’s not only you, most of the people look for someone techie when any error occurs. WordPress can be glitchy sometimes.
      That’s why I always tell people to learn about these basic things.

      I hope, you can learn something about WordPress errors and their solutions.
      Thanks for taking the time to share.

  5. Hi,

    I am new in the wordpress world and so as the blogging world. Well, I am not really familiar with the whole WordPress yet. It is a good thing I saw you on linkedin then dropped by on your site. Right now, I am looking for tutorials from WordPress Professionals and long time bloggers so that I can get an idea on how to make my blog site even nicer. Recently, I just moved to a new domain and placed my wordpress site down. I wanted to share with you my blog site but I am not confident yet since I am doing a lot of changes. This article you shared will be a great help.

    1. Hey Ivy,

      Welcome to BloggingLove.:)

      It’s really important to learn about WordPress and what kind of possible problems you can face in the upcoming time. Handling a WordPress blog can be a mess for many.

      But if you learn about this platform, you can easily run a successful blog. I am glad you could find it on LinkedIn. If you need any help, feel free to drop a message there or you can use the contact us page from here.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      1. Sure! I will message you on linkedin whenever I have questions about WordPress and Blogging. I will also be reading your posts here too, this will also be a help for me 🙂

        Thanks for the reply! 🙂

  6. Great list, I faced almost all of them in my blogging life as a WordPress Developer I do understand most of them and have solution for almost all of them. Keep posting such a wonderful ideas and keep in touch

    1. Hey Rakesh,

      All comes with the experience. In the past few years, I have gathered this list just to make people know that the solution is possible to every WordPress error.
      It’s good to know that you have passed this phase. Good for you.
      Keep going and growing.

  7. Hi Ravi,

    This is such a gold mine! Thanks for putting this together for us. I’m definitely hanging on to this one and no doubt passing it on!

    Have a great week!


  8. Hi Ravi,

    This is an incredible list of WordPress errors that can make a new WordPress user feel frustrating. I actually haven’t experienced any of these errors but it is amazing to learn about them from the experts themselves.

    However, I recently was uploading images for my recent article but along the way the images would not upload. Instead I was notified that the image didn’t upload because I have a low memory.

    I refreshed and tried again and this time it worked and the images were uploaded.

    But yesterday I had same problem, I refreshed but it didn’t work, the problem was not resolved. I deleted some Images refresh my site, it still didn’t work. I reboot and try again this time it worked.

    What could be the problem?

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  9. Ravi, this is a great one for WordPress users. I’ve come across most of these over the years. I do have one thing that has me stumped – I used to be able to log in via my mobile device but it’s not letting me anymore. I have the correct username and password. Any thoughts? Thank you!

    1. Hey Lisa,

      You should try asking your web hosting provider if they have blacklisted your mobile internet IP address. You can also try using WordPress mobile app. It’s all about permissions.
      Hope this helps. 🙂

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