Do You Know How To Change The DNS Server For Your Website?

how to change the dns server

After buying a domain name for your website and the web host, you have to know how to change the DNS server for your website? Apart from your long lasting thoughts about writing and making your website famous, you should know about DNS server of your website.

DNS stands for Domain Name System. It’s like the medium for the user and the website you own to display on the user’s web browser.

What Is A DNS Server And Name Server?

In most of the cases, people buy the domain name from the web hosting company only. But what if you buy it from another source and want to set DNS server for your website. In such situation, you should fill the nameserver of your web hosting company to the website from which you have bought your domain name.

First of all, let me have you an idea about DNS server and the name server. When a user sends the request to open your website then the DNS server is the one which will show the place of your website as where it is placed on the web. By checking the nameservers a Domain Name System picks up the data of your website and point to the user.

If we talk about nameservers then you must know that for every web hosting company there are different nameservers. Basically, two nameservers are provided to fill. But some companies provide more than two. The first nameserver is signified as the primary server. The another one is the secondary server.

The DNS server points the domain name to the name server filled in the required section. If the first nameserver doesn’t respond then it tries to connect with the secondary nameserver.

How To Set DNS server For Your Website?

Now is the turn to know how to change DNS server for your domain.

Step 1:- The first thing to do is finding the nameservers for the web hosting company at which your website is hosted. The nameservers often look like :

Copy these nameservers and go to the next step.

Step 2:- Now login to your website from where you have bought your domain name. If you have purchased it from the same web hosting company then just go to the DNS server zone.

But if you have bought it from another website then go to your account.

Step 3:- Select the domain name for which you want to change DNS server. After selecting the domain name, you have to find the DNS zone option. It’s not possible to show you through screenshots because every company provides the updating option at different places.

So you have to find the set DNS for your website option or just the simple change DNS server. At most of the websites, it’s DNS zone where you can find all the related settings for your domain.

Step 4:- Here is the final step to take. The nameservers you have copied from your web hosting company, you have to fill those nameservers in the required DNS server boxes. After filling just click on save option and your domain name will successfully redirect and come live on the World Wide Web.

Have You Ever Set DNS Server For Your Website?

Have you done this before or the professionals you hire to build your website do that? This is the most important step to take if you want to provide the life to your website. It’s not possible to set up a website if you don’t set DNS server for your website.

If you add another website to your web host or change the web hosting company then don’t forget to change DNS server. It would be the biggest mistake if you forget. If you change the web hosting company then you have to change DNS server for your domain name. It is because the new web host has the new nameservers.

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