How To Fix “Failed To Write File To Disk” Error In WordPress

Failed to write file to disk error in WordPress

Have you ever encountered with “failed to write file to disk” error while uploading an image or installation a plugin? While handling a WordPress website, such types of errors are common which may freak you out. For beginners, it can be a matter of worrying. It happens due to the wrong file and folder Read More

How To Move WordPress To Another Domain Name Without Losing SEO

move wordpress to another domain name

Moving your WordPress site from one domain to another domain can be really risky. People get afraid because of the SEO data. There is always a debate going on as if how to move WordPress to another domain name without losing SEO. In this tutorial, you will have the best possible guide. Though you can […] Read More

How to Backup and Restore Your WordPress Website Safely

backup and restore your WordPress website

Having a WordPress website isn’t enough, you should know how to backup and restore your WordPress website. Backing up is always recommended whereas restoring the backup is required in case your website gets hacked. You would also need this if you change your domain name or shifting from one web hosting to another. These are […] Read More

23 Common WordPress Errors And Their Solutions You Should Know

Common WordPress errors and their solutions

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How To Connect To FileZilla Server With The FTP Server

how to connect FileZilla

Have you heard about Filezilla? This is the tool which can help you to handle your WordPress site. Do you know how to use Filezilla to connect to FTP server? To upload any file or folder, you can use the FTP server. Have you created an FTP account in your cPanel? In this post, I will […] Read More

20 FAQ Asked By Beginners After Reading About The WordPress Platform

FAQ asked by beginners

For beginners, WordPress is a platform with unknown qualities and features. They try to learn more and more. Are you a beginner in this blogosphere who is willing to start a blog using the WordPress platform? There are many WordPress FAQs which crosse the mind of every newbie who is confused why do people adore […] Read More