How To Connect To FileZilla Server With The FTP Server

how to connect FileZilla

Have you heard about Filezilla? This is the tool which can help you to handle your WordPress site. Do you know how to use Filezilla to connect to FTP server? To upload any file or folder, you can use the FTP server. Have you created an FTP account in your cPanel? In this post, I will […] Read More

20 FAQ Asked By Beginners After Reading About The WordPress Platform

FAQ asked by beginners

For beginners, WordPress is a platform with unknown qualities and features. They try to learn more and more. Are you a beginner in this blogosphere who is willing to start a blog using the WordPress platform? There are many WordPress FAQs which crosse the mind of every newbie who is confused why do people adore […] Read More

The Types of Important Plugins For WordPress Website

Important plugins for WordPress

There are many plugins which can be used on your WordPress website. But can you decide the most useful WordPress plugins? Most of the bloggers get confused when they start their blog. It’s because there are many plugins and it’s hard to decide the best plugins for the website. In this post, I am going to […] Read More

151 WordPress Hacks: Learn WordPress from the Scratch

WordPress Hacks

I remember when I started learning WordPress many years ago. I didn’t know any WordPress hacks to start a brand new website. Whether you have just started or practiced for a while, you always need to learn more and more. WordPress is an interesting CMS but most of the people fret about it. Read More

12 Best Free FAQ WordPress Plugins for 2018 You Should Know

Best free FAQ WordPress plugins

There is no doubt that if you’re running a forum or any company website, you require an FAQ page. There are many best free FAQ WordPress plugins which can be used. In the last couple of years, people have gone too far to create a better user experience. And creating a special page dedicated totally […] Read More

The Biggest WordPress Mistake Made by Most of the People

biggest WordPress mistake

WordPress is considered as one of the most effective content management systems right now. And people are making the biggest WordPress mistake. In the last couple of years, people have learned a lot about this platform and everyone is shifting. Being a LinkedIn Influencer, I analyse many users. We are humans and mistakes are the […] Read More