10 Best Free WordPress Membership Plugins You Would Like

Best Free WordPress Membership Plugins

There was a time when WordPress was considered as a CMS only to start a blog but now it broadens its wings.  People search for best free WordPress membership plugins to create a membership website. Haven’t you seen the website showing a notification for the content which is restricted only to the members only? In […] Read More

10 Top WordPress Plugins You Should Never Stop Using

Top WordPress Plugins

With the presence of thousands of plugins in the WordPress repository, it’s hard to recognize the top WordPress plugins. You can find many plugins for the same functionality but what’s the best for your website which doesn’t affect the page loading time. It’s kind of challenging sometimes. And especially for the beginners, they get confused […] Read More

How to Add a Google Form in WordPress Posts and Pages

add a Google form in WordPress

No doubt that people are using Google forms on the regular basis. It’s really easy to share the data through Google forms. Do you seek to know how to add a Google form in WordPress? You may have also used it to collect the data for any survey or any blog post. Google forms are […] Read More

How to Properly Upload and Embed PDF Files in WordPress

upload and embed PDF files in WordPress

Just a few day ago, someone asked how to upload and embed PDF files in WordPress. The question was asked in the FB group of BloggingLove. There are many people who create their e-books in the form of the PDF files and they provide it to their readers. Are you thinking about any creative idea to […] Read More

How to Enable the Multisite feature in WordPress Properly

Enable multisite feature in WordPress

Running a Multisite installation is a kind of complicated for many. There are many plugins to do so but before that, you should know how to enable the multisite feature in WordPress. Most of the people have the confusion between creating the multisite using one WordPress installation. To do so, it’s necessary to allow WordPress to […] Read More

Do Inactive Plugins Slow Down Your WordPress Website

Inactive Plugins Slow Down Your WordPress Website

People read that it’s not recommended to keep the inactive plugins in their WordPress plugins’ list. But what’s the reason? Do inactive plugins slow down your WordPress website? Just a few days ago, someone asked me what’s the demerit of keeping the deactivated plugins and why everyone is worried about those. Have you ever thought […] Read More