How To Move A Website From One Host To Another ? Make Your Blog Alive

how to move a website from one host to another

When bloggers don’t get satisfaction from one web host then they approach to another. After finding any better web host the question arises how to move a website from one host to another? This is the main problem I have also faced when I have changed my web host. There are many good web hosting which […] Read More

Reseller Hosting : What Is Reseller Hosting ?

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting : It is a kind of web hosting which is managed by a third party. When any company or a firm have web hosting and distribute to other companies then it is called reseller hosting. The particular company which has bought or pay rent for any web hosting and share its hard disk […] Read More

What Is VPS Hosting? How Is It Beneficial?

vps hosting

Again we are talking about newbies in the field of blogging and what they need to know for their website set up. As you all know to place a blog you need to have space to place your blog on the internet. For this, there are many web hosting which provides a space on their […] Read More

What Is Web hosting ?

Web hosting

When someone enters in the field of blogging then the blogger need to set up a blog for which he/she needs to has knowledge about Domain Name, What Is Web hosting, SEO etc. Domain Name is the name or address of your website by which users can find it on the internet. SEO ( Search Engine […] Read More