Merge Two WordPress Sites Into One Without Losing SEO And Content

Merge two WordPress websites into one

Are you looking to merge two WordPress sites into one? Just a few days ago, someone asked about it because she ended up migrating one website to another host. Most of the WordPress users are confused between migrating the full website and only the content. Let me clear it. Migration of a WordPress website is […] Read More

Import and Export WordPress Content from One Blog to Another

Import and export WordPress content

Moving the data from one blog to another can be tricky to many. Many people want to import and export WordPress content from one blog to another with the selective posts and pages. The complete migration is a totally different concept. If you want to move your posts from your new blog to build the […] Read More

How to Completely Remove Comments from a WordPress Website

Remove comments from WordPress posts and pages

To get rid of the spam comments, you can completely remove comments from a WordPress website. You can also disable comments for WordPress posts and pages. But it’s not the permanent solution. You can remove the comment form from the WordPress theme you’re using. You may have seen many websites which don’t have any commenting […] Read More

Free vs Paid WordPress Themes : Which Are Better For Your Blog

Free vs paid WordPress themes

Most of the WordPress users get confused with free vs paid WordPress themes. Are you also thinking about installing a WordPress theme to your new or existing blog? Well, this is a kind of complicated situation to many. There are thousands of WordPress themes available in the market. Which is perfect for you and why […] Read More

How To Directly Install WordPress Plugins And Themes From GitHub

Install WordPress plugins and themes from GitHub

There are thousands of plugins in the WordPress repository but many WordPress developers have submitted their plugins in the GitHub directory and you can install WordPress plugins and themes from GitHub. First, let me tell you a little bit about GitHib. It’s a free platform where web developers host their projects. If you’re a web […] Read More