Add Random Header Images to Your WordPress Website Without Coding

add random header images to your WordPress website

Do you want to add random header images to your WordPress website? You may have seen at many websites having different header images whenever you visit a new page or post. It’s because most of the WordPress themes have a built-in feature to add a header image. But most of the WordPress users don’t know […] Read More

Step By Step Guide To Move Your Blog From Wix To WordPress

Move your blog from Wix to WordPress

Wix is an amazing platform for starting your small business. It makes easier to build a website using the drag and drop functionality. But every platform has some limitations. To build a professional business website/blog, you can’t rely on Wix. It wouldn’t stand for long. The speed, open source freedom, and many other aspects should […] Read More

How to Add a Maintenance Page Using the .htaccess File In WordPress

Add a maintenance page using the .htaccess file

You may think about changing your web hosting or doing an overhaul of your website. At such point, you should know how to add a maintenance page using the .htaccess file. It’s because you wouldn’t want your readers to see the changes you would be making. It shouldn’t be accessed by anyone else except you […] Read More

When and How to Password Protect Your Entire WordPress Website

Password protect your entire WordPress website

Do you want to password protect your entire WordPress website? Do you even know what does that even mean? It’s quite similar to password protecting your admin directory but not the same. One of our readers asked whether it’s possible to add another barrier by adding a username and the password to a complete website. […] Read More

Free Website : 40 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Even Think About It

No free website

Free things always tempt people and it’s no new that many beginners have experienced it. What do you really mean by a free website? In this era of internet, WordPress is the most preferable content management system which requires a web hosting and the domain name. Instead of using that, people go for the free […] Read More