Move Your WordPress Blog From One Host To Another Without Any Loss

move your WordPress blog from one host to another

The biggest problem occurs when your web hosting ditches you and you decide to move your WordPress blog from one host to another. Most of the people freak out because of the fear to lose the content or facing the downtime. You would be happy to know that you can easily migrate your blog without […] Read More

11 Things To Do When You Inherit A WordPress Website

things to do when you inherit a wordpress website

Have you ever thought to inherit a website? It’s like taking over a running website whose owner is not in the situation to run that website. During such situation, there are many things you should take care of. Have you ever bought a website? This is just like that. There are many things to do […] Read More

How to Start Your Online Store Using WordPress in 2018

Start your online store using WordPress

No doubt that people are more into selling things these days. Everyone is fond of online shopping. Have you ever thought to start your online store using WordPress? Yes, WordPress is the platform you can use to build your new brand where you can sell your digital products or anything you like. Most of the […] Read More

How to Create a Web Directory Using WordPress With No Coding Skills

Create a Web Directory Using WordPress

You may have seen many websites where you can submit your job vacancy, freelance work and much more. You can also create a web directory using WordPress within no time. Everyone likes to build a business which can be worth millions and a small idea can change everything. If you Google about the business directories, […] Read More

How to Create a Product Review Website Using WordPress

Create a Product Review Wesite using WordPress

In this era of web development, everything is possible with the WordPress CMS. Just a few days ago, someone asked if it’s possible to create a product review website using WordPress. Well, if you know how to start a WordPress blog, you can make an amazing website of any kind. You can also start your […] Read More

How to Properly Enable SSL Certificate on Your WordPress Website

enable SSL certificate on your WordPress website

After the official announcement by Google, it’s mandatory to enable SSL certificate on your WordPress website. It’s because, after the launch of the new Google Chrome in October, it will start showing you a warning for the non-SSL websites. If you aren’t aware then let me let you that SSL is the security layer and […] Read More