The Most Common Things To Repair Broken WordPress Site

repair broken wordpress site

If you are a WordPress user then you must know how to repair broken WordPress site. It’s because there are some common issues which can be caused because of a few things. There are many plugins, themes present in the WordPress directory and it is possible that you choose the wrong one which can break […] Read More

How To Add Social Media Icons In WordPress Without A Plugin?

add social media icons

Most of the people use the plugins to add social media icons on their website. Are you also one of them? Are you using any plugin and increasing the plugin number? Are you seeking how to add social media icons in WordPress without a plugin? Well, this can be done using a simple HTML code. […] Read More

How To Remove WordPress Smiley Face From The Footer Area?

remove wordpress smiley face

Are you getting the WordPress smiley face in the footer area of your website? It is because the WordPress plugin “Jetpack from” is showing that little smiley face in the left corner of the footer. To remove WordPress Smiley Face, a little bit of code is needed. When you try to build a better […] Read More

BloggingLove Theme – A New Era For BloggingLove And Its Readers.

blogginglove theme

Here I am with the BloggingLove Theme to provide a new era of theme development and designing. I have been working on this WordPress for a long time. Finally, I got the success and you all are the reason. I always believed that think about the readers and take every possible action to make them […] Read More

WordPress Guide : How To Change Excerpt Length In WordPress

how to set excerpt length in wordpress

You may have been adding the read more link using the WordPress editor or your theme is having the inbuilt feature. But what would you do when you want to set¬†WordPress custom excerpt length? Do you know¬†how to set excerpt length in WordPress? When you add the read more button then WordPress would pick up […] Read More

How To Display Excerpt In WordPress Theme In Place Of Content?

display excerpt in wordpress

In the previous post, I have mentioned how to add excerpt in WordPress from the admin area. There are many people who want to show the excerpt in place of the full content in their WordPress theme. You can do that by editing the theme file. WordPress is an amazing platform and you can play […] Read More