Different Ways To Add Custom Fonts In WordPress Theme

Ways to add custom fonts in WordPress

Are you thinking about revamping your website design? Well adding custom fonts can let you give a totally new look to your website. Nowadays most of the WordPress themes come with the built-in custom fonts which make them look premium. There are many ways to add custom fonts in WordPress. You can use Google fonts, […] Read More

How To Copy A Live WordPress Site To Localhost Manually

copy a live wordpress site to localhost

There are many people who have a copy of their website on their localhost to test the plugins and themes. It’s another step towards the WordPress security. Before you use any new plugin, you can test it on your localhost with the same data of your website present on the online server. In this tutorial, […] Read More

Update WordPress Theme Manually Without Losing Customization

update wordpress theme manually

Have you customized your WordPress theme and a new update gets released? You can update WordPress theme manually using the FTP. Most of the web designers try their best to customize a theme for their blog and then a new update comes on the market. During such situation, they need to update WordPress theme manually […] Read More

How To Move JavaScript To The Footer of Your WordPress Site

Move JavaScript to the Footer

JavaScript is a scripting language which works when the user opens the website. It’s a client-side language. To build a website, you may in need to use it. In every WordPress theme, there are a few JavaScript files. Most of the files are added in the header of the website. What would you do to […] Read More

A Complete Guide To Move Your Blog From Squarespace To WordPress

Move Your Blog From Squarespace To WordPress

There are different kinds of platforms to build your website and Squarespace is one of the famous platforms. But every platform has some limitations and many Squarespace usersĀ are trying to find any other CMS. As you all know, WordPress is one of the hottest topics in this new era of blogging. But most of the […] Read More

Different Ways To Backup Your WordPress Database Manually

Different ways to backup your WordPress database

Having the backup of your website and the database is the first thing you should focus on. Whether you install a new plugin or try something else, it’s always recommended to backup your WordPress website. As you all know the database gets updated every time you publish any post, install a plugin, delete a plugin, […] Read More