The Most Important Factors To Consider When Designing A Website.

In the world of online business, the web development and designing has evolved to a great extent. People are heading towards the web designing companies. There are many important factors to consider when designing a website. It doesn’t matter whether the website is on WordPress or any other platforms. For a web designer, it’s important […] Read More

How Can You Design Search Box Which Is Added To Your Website?

design search box

In the previous tutorial, I have provided the guide to add search box in WordPress theme. But people fret when they see the default output of the search box. They try to match the appearance of the search box with their website. The color combination and the proper look of the input field and the submit […] Read More

How To Design Drop Down Menu of A WordPress Theme?

design drop down menu

As we all know that the drop down menu is one of the hardest parts of the WordPress theme to design. It would require expertise to design drop down menu for WordPress website. You can create navigation menu and drop down menu using the WordPress CMS. But what would you do if your theme doesn’t […] Read More

How To Design Navigation Bar Using CSS For Your Website?

design navigation bar using css

Are you seeking for the method to design navigation bar using CSS? You may have noticed that every website has the different navigation menu. Do you have something in your mind about the design of the navigation menu of your website? Before that, you should know that when you use the WordPress navigation function then […] Read More

How To Create Horizontal Form Using CSS Within A Minute?

There are many bloggers, web designers and developers seeking for the right code to display form fields horizontally. When you build a website and want to show the form input fields inline then it is necessary to have a little bit of knowledge about the CSS. There are many methods which can help you to do […] Read More

How To Add HTML In WordPress Page And Blog Post?

insert html in wordpress page

When you try to craft your blog post or the page for your blog then you may be in need to add HTML to WordPress post. Many times, bloggers try to show the content according to their perspective, not the theme then they add HTML in WordPress page. Do you know how to add HTML in […] Read More