11 Worst Web Design Mistakes Which Are Sending Your Readers Away.

worst web design mistakes

In this shining era of web development and designing, people are trying hard to design the best-looking website. But there are many things which can annoy your readers. Whether you’re a blogger or a developer, you should always take care of users’ experience. Whenever you hire a web designer, make sure that you know about […] Read More

How To Display Round Gravatar On Your WordPress Website?

display round gravatar

A couple of days ago, someone asked a question in the WordPress forum how to display round gravatar on his website? There are many websites which are showing the circular author image in the author box below each post. Do you know how? In a few WordPress themes, there is an inbuilt code for that. […] Read More

Proven Website Layout Tips To Build A Professional Website

website layout tips

There are millions of websites running on the World Wide Wide with amazing designs. But if you want the best, it’s necessary to know the website layout tips which can help you to build a professional website. Are you thinking about redesigning your website? Do you work on a project for your clients? Well, for […] Read More

How To Center Align A Website Using HTML And CSS?

center align a website

There are many people who want to center align a website because of the full header and footer. The layout of every website is different. If you take an action to design a full-width header and footer but keep the content of the website in the center then you have to use the HTML and […] Read More

How To Customize WordPress Sidebar To Match Your Theme Design?

customize wordpress sidebar

There are millions of WordPress websites from which, many websites have the sidebar. The development of the sidebar is dependent on the theme you use. To customize WordPress sidebar, you should understand its structure. You can add new sidebar in WordPress theme and control it from the widgets area. But what would you do to […] Read More

How Can You Design Comment Box of Your Website Using CSS?

design comment box

Have you ever thought to design comment box of your website? In a WordPress theme, you would find the comment box under every single post or may be under the pages too. Before that, you should how to add comment box in WordPress theme? But if already have a theme with the comment box and […] Read More