How To Customize WordPress Login Page Background Without Plugin

customize wordpress login page background

Just a couple of days ago, we have published an article to change WordPress login page logo and someone asked to change the background color. If you want to use any plugin then you can fully customize WordPress login page without HTML/CSS. You may have visited many websites which allow their users to create an […] Read More

Adding Custom Fonts In WordPress Using @Font-Face CSS Rule

Adding custom fonts in WordPress using font face CSS rule

For every WordPress website, to give a better look, most of the web designers add custom fonts. There are many ways but this tutorial is about adding custom fonts in WordPress using font face CSS rule. There are many free and premium fonts which can be found on the website like Typekit. In every WordPress […] Read More

Things To Keep In Your Mind When You Hire A Web Designer.

Hire a web designer

No one can’t even count the number of websites running on this world wide web. And the web designers who have designed those websites are even more in number. When it comes to redesigning or starting your new website, you would find yourself in a difficult situation. You may want to hire a web designer […] Read More

How To Add CSS Animation In WordPress Without Coding

Add css animation in wordpress without coding

You may have seen at many websites where the content keeps bouncing. The heading or even the images show an animated effect when you scroll down. It’s the CSS animated effect which can help you increase the user experience. Without the use of videos, you can put an attractive effect. Do you know how to […] Read More